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FIFA 17 PS4 Interview: Calvin

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With the reload of the PS4 FIFA league for season three, a new segment has been introduced: player interviews. Every few advances, our site will interview a different user from the league, and there will likely be three different interviews per season.

To start off, we chatted with Calvin, who has been with the league throughout the years and is one of the original players from day one. Here is how the interview went (Calvin’s answers are in bold font):

  1. You have been part of the league since the beginning. How did you initially find out about the WGL FIFA league?

I found out about WGL from One my friend Tripp.

  1. You find yourself in Serie B for the first time ever. How did this happen, and does the mentality change when playing in B instead of A?

I find myself in B due to a lack of game time recently and strong opposition. Granted I only lost one game in the tournament, it’s a pretty tough pill to swallow knowing I’m better than the majority of the league. But I’ve always had an itch to be in B just to see how I would fare and to see if there is a real competition difference. It should play out interestingly since there are others like me in the same position. Mentally it doesn’t affect me because I know I’m better than the Serie B scum I have to deal with.

  1. How do you see yourself finishing this season?

Realistically, I would like to win but there’s some tough competition with Sleddro and Ape dwelling in B. Anything less than promotion is a failure.

  1. Who do you see as the early favorites to win the league, both in Serie A and Serie B?

Early favorites for A are going to come down to Brian and Mark. Brian is a sleeper (not anymore) and Mark seems to dominate many of his games. B is going to come down to me, Ape, and Sleddro.

  1. Who is your favorite team to use on the game?

My favorite team to use by far is BVB (Borussia Dortmund). The additions of Schurrle and Gotze make that team great, especially with having Aubameyang’s pace up front. They have a solid defense as well and a strong keeper.

  1. Are you satisfied with the team you are currently using in the league, and how do they compare with the team you would normally use?

No complaints with Real Madrid. They are strong everywhere. I’m sure there will be rough patches because I never play with them but hopefully I can still grab all three points every time.

  1. Who is your #1 rival? In other words, the player you get the most satisfaction winning against?

It’s hard to say but Fadda or Ape. Both of them at some point hit me with a six god. So being able to avenge those kind of losses is satisfying.

  1. What is one thing you enjoy about the league?

The number one thing I enjoy about the league is the banter. Banter brings out the best in people. When the lights come on and the banter was on fire pre-match, expect a good game.

  1. What is one recommendation for improvement on how the league is run?

If I had to make a recommendation, it would be maybe the inclusion of like a game of the week broadcast where one match is singled out, whether it would be because of banter reasons or due to league position. That would help bring everyone in to the league and get chatted up.

  1. Were you aware of WeGotLeagues, both in terms of content and our other leagues available (Madden, 2K, MLB, etc.)?

Yes. I’m currently in the Madden league even though I’m absolutely garbage and have no clue what I’m doing. All of my best players actually hit free agency because I was too busy messing with FIFA. It’s still fun though just to compete.

I’m a native of Virginia Beach who recently graduated as the top business scholar at Old Dominion University. I’m also a fan of all things sports, except for hockey. I used to run my own sports blog. Now I just bowl a lot and interact with famous people on Twitter.

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