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PPL Year 1 Predictions

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This division could be a very interesting division based on the users, and even more interesting based on the teams selected by each user. Slick was able to snag the Steelers surprisingly late in team selection as they fell all the way to 12. Perennial Steelers user Jwil decided that he wanted to also join the division and selected the Browns in an attempt to show they can win with anybody. Adding to this rivalry, will be BH as he waited patiently for the Ravens to fall into his lap at 32. He has a shot to compete in this division, but it may not come in year one. Rounding out the AFC North is Zach with the Bengals. If he can figure out a way to utilize the fastest WR on the game in John Ross, he can play a role in this division.


Slick – Steelers

Jwil – Browns

BH – Ravens

Zach – Bengals


With the 3rd overall pick in tea selection, Trell decided to roll with the Patriots in the hopes of bringing back his mojo from previous madden years. However, it won’t be an easy task with Daryle and the Dolphins who are expecting to control the division out of the gate in year one. This could be an interesting Atlanta-based rivalry in the upcoming seasons. Both users are known to slack off at times, but if they lock in and take it serious, it could be an interesting division rivalry. Deejay and the Bills are not rolling over lightly. They also want to compete in the division with a team that could be fun to watch based on their youth. Finally, the J-E-T-S ran by Spanish Savage. This team has a lot of holes with a lot of youth. They will look to play spoiler in year one and build towards the future.


Daryle – Dolphins

Trell – Patriots

Deejay – Bills

Spanish Savage – Jets


Hands down, the toughest division in PPL. The talent of users flocked to the AFC South during team selection, beginning with Buck selecting his hometown favorite Leonard Fournette and the Jaguars. This team is loaded with talent and will be fun to watch for many years. Next up in the Hell division, Carter found a way to move up the list and select the Texans where he plans to make it the Watson show from day one. This rivalry will be interesting to watch, based on which user takes the regular season more seriously. Both are perennial playoff users and will be battling for a home playoff game versus the wild card route. To make things even more interesting, Dot also joined this division as he did not shy away from top competition. With the Titans, Dot plans to make the AFC South a three team race. Then there’s MT, who is also a solid user. He can be the pivotal piece in this division if he can win the divisional games, making this division an even tighter race for each team.


Buck – Jaguars

Carter – Texans

Dot – Titans

MT – Colts


With the 7th pick during the team selection, Munch took the Chiefs in an attempt to take control of an empty division and make it his own. From there, he went on to demand certain users also join “his” division in an attempt to water it down. He may have brought some unwanted attention as Jefe traded is way up the list and selected the Broncos. It appears that there will be a solid rivalry between these two teams in the following years. But, don’t count out the Raiders, lead by Steve. This is a very promising team on paper and will win some games in the AFC West. Then there’s the Chargers. A team full of talented youth attempting to also compete in year one. This division will be as fun on the field as it should be off of the field.


Jefe – Broncos

Munch – Chiefs

Steve – Raiders

Donny – Chargers


Falling to pick 13, Mainez was able to select the Packers in the hopes of winning games with an explosive offense that will try to mask a defense with holes in the secondary. It will be a tough task against a perennial super bowl contender in Tunez with a scary Vikings roster. To add to that, it will be interesting to see if Tunez will have any true competition against the other users in the division with Rob selecting a Bears team with numerous needs and Cee selecting his hometown favorite, Lions. Look for this division to be locked up by Thanksgiving.


Tunez – Vikings

Rob – Bears

Mainez – Packers

Cee – Lions


With the fourth pick in the PPL team selection, Jela decided to take the Dallas Cowboys. With his play style and success in the previous years as well as a team loaded with talent, he expects to be a contender from day one. But it won’t be easy as Fla also joined this division with a Giants team that could cause him problems with what could be the best WR core in the game. This division rivalry could lead to some high scoring affairs that will be just as entertaining as the trash talk off of the field. A team to watch for in this division will also be Dre with his Redskins. He may not be poised to win the division, but he will attempt to make a name for himself, or at least avoid a last place finish. Finally, Shaggy will have a challenge on his plate with the Eagles in a division that he may struggle to compete in. This division appears to be a two team race for the crown.


Jela – Cowboys

Fla – Giants

Dre – Redskins

Shaggy – Eagles


There has been a lot of speculation about what may be the final results in the NFC South. With the top pick in the PPL team selection, Prophet decided to roll with offensive juggernaut, the Atlanta Falcons. He plans to score early and often and feels that he can be the division leader when it’s all said and done. There is also talk that he may not even finish second in this division. Picking right behind him in the team selection was Drew selecting the Buccaneers, followed later by Tezz taking the Panthers and Qcobb also joining as the Saints. This could be a four team race in a tight division with no room for error.


Qcobb – Saints

Drew – Buccaneers

Prophet – Falcons

Tezz – Panthers


This may be the most wildcard divisions of them all. It was quiet during team selection and doesn’t appear to have any strong rivalries as of now. Kwam opened up the division by selecting the Cardinals, followed by Xav who was fortunate to have the Seahawks fall to pick #15. It appears that Kwam is the division leader, but Xav will attempt to steal the spot in a new rivalry to look for. Yancey selected the Niners earlier than expected, but it may be due to him seeing a promising future with a young team. He will look to build on this roster from day one. Another young team out West are the Rams led by Bo. Bo can win games but he needs to find a way to lock in and to avoid becoming frustrated with a team that may not be ready to compete yet. He will also be looking to build towards the future but play spoiler out West.


Kwam – Cardinals

Xav – Seahawks

Yancey – 49ers

Bo – Rams


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