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Madden season is upon us fellas! But before we get started, let’s check out some of the biggest rivalries of the upcoming season. I interviewed numerous users and I realized one main theme, everyone plans to win a superbowl year 1. This should make things interesting as many different users have the same goal, and that’s to lift the trophy as soon as possible. Let’s see who feels they will be the top user and how they plan to get there.

AFC North

BH (Ravens): BH is a no-nonsense user so I got straight to the point. How do you feel you will do against the rest of the division. And of course, I got a no-nonsense answer, “It’s my division”. BH made it known that he would be his own biggest obstacle as his goal is superbowl or bust. It appears that he plans to get there behind the right arm of Matt Stafford. Now that we know the goal, I asked him who he would want to play in the Superbowl. His response, “It doesn’t matter because they are going to lose”. Expectations are high and straight to the point. His advice for the rest of PPL, “Pray”.

Slick (Steelers): The Steelers are planning to challenge for the division title year one. He feels that although he will win the division, he respects the rest of the competition. However, he seemed confident that he is extremely tough to beat and that the goal from day one is to come out and set the tone! Slick is slated to rely on his running game and timely passes from Roethlisberger. Antonio Brown and Martavis Bryant should be a nightmare for opposing defenses. On the other side of the ball, plan to see Shazier making plays everywhere!

AFC West:

Jefe (Broncos): Jefe expressed no respect for the rest of the division. He started off by identifying that Phillip Rivers would not be able to run the college style offense that Donny runs. Followed up by an attack on Munch, predicting that rookie QB Patrick Mahomes would lead the leauge in interceptions. As for Steve, Jefe feels that the Raiders are a complete team from top to bottom, but that there will be numerous trades for “unknown Cowboys and Scandrick old bum ass”. The plan for year 1, Superbowl. Jefe feels that his biggest obstacle is his mindset. He is placing a lot of weight on the young signal caller, Paxton Lynch. He plans to build around Lynch, leading to a title in Denver.

Munch (Chiefs): Munch was able to express respect for the other teams in the division, stating that each team presents a different challenge. However, his biggest challenge was identified as Jefe and the Broncos. He stated, “Jefe is a choke artist, but that doesn’t change the fact that he is a consistent user in the regular season”. His plan to not only challenge the Broncos for the division crown, but to win it. He appeared to be extremely focused, so his dream may come to reality very soon.

AFC East:

Xavl (Patriots): The expectations in New England seem to be lower than ever for the upcoming season. Xav had expressed that his goal is to be above .500. That seems odd for a Patriots team with all of its past success, By setting the bar low, there’s a chance for them to have a successful season. Xav showed a lot of respect for Daryle as he feels that he is the division favorite in Miami. In order to beat him, Xav didn’t give the obvious answer as to who will get the job done. He is planning for Donta Hightower to be the leader.

Daryle (Dolphins): Daryle had one response, “No Comment”. He seemed as focused as ever.

AFC South

Dot (Titans): Dot wasn’t able to identify a rival, as he feels that he is the underdog on paper. Dot plans to use his GM skills to build a team that will compete year one. He expressed a lot of excitement for the rookie CB Adoree Jackson. He feels that he fits the scheme well and at the end of the day, “He’s an SC Trojan”. When asked about his goal for year one, it became hostile. “I’m a goddamn champion. What do you think my goal is”? Dot ended the interview immediately prior to kicking me out of the facility.

Buck (Jaguars):  According to Buck, the division “will be a cakewalk”. He did not name a rival and chose not to go into detail as he felt that he is “the best to ever do it”. His feelings towards the other teams were straight to the point. “Dre stinks, Dot is not good without a good team and MT has a 2-3 year project…CAKEWALK!” Buck is planning for the rookie Leonard Fournette to be the workhorse in a 16-0 regular season, leading to a Superbowl title.

NFC East

Jela (Cowboys): Jela feels that he is done winning awards and coming up short in the playoffs. He feels that he finally has the pieces to win a Superbowl. When asked about his rival, he expressed that Florida (Giants) would be his main obstacle. But it would only be a minor obstacle. “I’ve elevated every year while Florida has been declining”. Tough talk from a team with a point to prove.

Florida (Giants): Florida was told of the interview with Jela. His response, “He is given way too much credit for only reaching one conference championship in his career”. Florida plans to utilize “Dancing Odell” to win the divison and then the Superbowl in year one. When asked about his confidence, his response, “I brag different” before putting on his shades and sipping Voss water. He also added a minor detail to his Superbowl dream, “I’d like to see Jefe in the big game, but he wouldn’t be any competition”. Shots fired!

Carter (Redskins): WIth all of the hostility reported between Jela and Florida, throwing Carter into the mix should make things interesting. When asked what makes him better than the other teams in the division, he responded “Jela got his game from me but he don’t really know how to win yet, that takes time. As for Florida, I’ve always been better than him, it’s that simple.” Carter plans to stroll through the NFC East with no worries. His goal for year one is to win the Superbowl with rookie QB Deshaun Watson. He had one more comment for the rest of the league…”WE GOT WEAPONS!”

NFC South

Tezzo (Panthers): The rest of the division has remained silent to the media this offseason, besides for Tezzo. He stepped up to the podium and expressed that he respects the rest of the division including the Falcons and the Saints. But he still plans to win the division year one . Asked about his leader this season, Tezzo stated, “the real Superman, Arod” after seeing Cam Newton leave town.

NFC North

Rob (Bears): Rob acknowledged that his team is not as complete as he has hoped for it to be. But he plans to be competitive and to challenge Tunez for a shot at the division title. He feels that he is the only competition and that he will win the rest of his division games. Rob has been active this preseason and is planning to utilize his GM skills to make the necessary trades to improve his roster. But he has identified his leader, breakout RB Jordan Howard. He wants to pound the rock and keep things simple for the rookie QB, Mitch Trubisky.

Tunez (Vikings): Although he feels that he needs to fill holes on the offensive line and bring in a proven QB, Tunez feels that his ceiling year one will be a conference title game appearance. He has named Bridgewater as the week one started. But, he told us not to write off Sam Bradford as he will have a chance if Bridgewater gets off to a slow start. Regardless of the play of either, it appears that the Vikings are looking ahead at bring in a QB due to both Bridgewater and Bradford being in their final years of their current deals.

NFC West:

Kwam (Cardinals): Kwam sees Yancey and the Niners as the biggest rival in his division. He plans to rely on the David Johnson to lead him to the division title year one. When asked about his expectations for Johnson, he stated “he will lead the league in rushing.”

Trell (Seahawks): This may have been the most off-the-wall interview of the preseason. Trell started off by expressing that the first thing he plans to do is to repair the relationship between Future and Russell Wilson. He has sent out invitations for Future to attend games, “so that they can share Ciara since both of them have had the ho anyways”. Now, as for on the field, he sees each of his division foes as a challenge. He is aware that Yancey will be rebuilding the Niners and that it won’t happen overnight. As for Cee and the Rams, he feels that he will be the wildcard of the division due to the lack of knowledge he has towards his game. He identified Kwam and the Cardinals as his biggest challenge. He feels strongly that this division could have three playoff teams year one. However, he plans to be the won holding the division crown. He will lean on his defense led by Richard Sherman. He went on to state that he expects his team to bully their opponents around and to protest every game by taking a knee during the national anthem.


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