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Madden Primetime Players League

The Classics: A PPL Preview by @Munch0_0

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This year I used a few of your favorite albums as a metaphor for the preview of each team. Some previews were loose some weren’t just sit back and enjoy!!




Browns (JWill)- The Art of War

I mean when you’re one of the most consistent users every single year, always make deep runs in the playoffs you have no choice but to compare Jai to the place where BTNH was at after East 1999. Same way that Album produced multiple hits , Jai has constant success no matter the league. he’s also blind the Uncle Charles as well so the comparison is uncanny.

Bengals (Zach)- Man on the Moon

Zach isn’t a bad madden player he just gets high and make dumb mistakes (like throwing 6 picks a game) while Being high. Let’s be frank it’s been about 7 years in these leagues and it’s kind of time for Zach to break out from the stinky pack to being at least AT LEAST ok. for so long u can be the punching bag in the leagues. Good news is he’s drug free, Dres not here to fleece him outta picks and players anymore (never forget #ForBrowner) and he’s confident so let’s see if Zach can get a good season going.

Steelers (Slick)-Rolling Papers

Yes im lazy I made the Wiz and Steelers reference I mean why not ? He made a song about the damn team (Black and yellow, black and yellow, black and yellow , black and yellow!!) song still fire Btw anywho slick has a ton of pieces to work with having two of the best skill players in the league to use or trade. Him being a consistently good user it’s going to be very interesting to see how the AFC north turns out .


Ravens (BH) – Hell Hath No Fury

Hell hath no fury for the slander Bh will take if he don’t win a super bowl this or any season. A Great user in his own right BH is coming off a Great madden year most notably where he ran the table with the Vikings. BH Will win, he’ll talk a lot of trash and if he loses he’ll troll and react and it’ll be glorious per usual . And God help us if he wins another Super Bowl.



Jaguars (Buck)- God Forgives and I Don’t

Fresh off the Heels of his best season in madden Buck is back at it with high expectations to live up to the same expectations Rick Ross had to live up to coming off his most successful album Teflon Don. A few things you can count on from Buck is a stout defense , Trolling (Hell run someone out the league), Trash talk ( Ahhh man boy you lucky I hit b by accident “) and the uncanny ability to always end up with some fools top pick season after season after season. By far one of the best and most entertaining users Buck will be in the conversation whether it’s for a super bowl of sometype of controversy in the chat.

Texans (Dre)-

the dark horse of the Division ( Wesley snipes dark) Dre must prove himself to not just be a pushover in a division full of killas. Having solid seasons in PPL the potential is certainly there!

Titans (Dot)- Riding High

After a Great Year in madden 17 the loc Returns with the Titans with his eyes set on another Ppl SB. Without a doubt a top 5 user in PPL he’ll be one of the favorites to win the AFC this season but it’ll be a dog fight between him buck and Jwill for the crown, we’ll see if he can crip walk his way to another super bowl.

Colts (MT)- Last of a Dying Breed

Scarface isn’t from Indiana but he’s the south and the colts are in the AFC south so I’m allowing it! Plus if I used Gibbs ppl would’ve been annoying so I saved myself that stress. Always a good user the grizzled vet is back for another season of our complains (“COMMISH”) and solid madden seasons. The AFC south is gonna be a dogfight with him, Dot and buck, if there’s anyone that can pull of the upset and win the division it’s MT.


Patriots (Spanish)- The Benzino Project

Like benzino the Spanish one paid good money to put himself in position to be successful. One of the most improved users No longer a punching bag he put himself in a good position to win the AFC east by buying the power house Patriots. We’ll see if the money was worth it.

Jets (Xav)- N*gga Please

N*gga please sums up everything you need to know about Xav with the New York Jets. winning the AFC east? nigga please! Playoff run? nigga please! One Thing we do know is Spanish Savage Gotcha money , don’t you worry so let’s hope that cash was worth the hell hes facing with that team. Kudos to him if he can turn this team around cause the Talent is scarce and for god sakes let’s pray he doesn’t get fleeced out of Jamall Adams. To his credit if he can translate his great football mind to user skills he’ll be a surprise user this year.

Dolphins (Daryle)- Major Key

The AFC east is WIDE open for Daryle to return back to being an elite madden user like he was in madden 15. Major Key for him will be his motivation and if he applies himself.

Bills ( DeeJay)-Views

With an up and down history of being in PPL Deejay views will be interesting .. views from the top of the AFC east or views looking up in the projects. With solid pieces to work with he should be decent this year with those bills .


Chiefs (Munch)- War and Peace Vol. 1

from consistent playoff appearances to consistent 7-9, 8-8, 9-7 seasons There’s no ways to put it other than Munch fell off… all the way off and he let a Dude with a jerri curl be the biggest catalyst in that. So now he’s back looking to redeem himself the same way Cube wanted to redeem that stinky album Lethal Injection. This division will be tough we’ll see what happens

Broncos (Jefe)-Damn

15-1 season, one and done playoff exit: DAMN! Stacked Super Team, Robberies left and right with no super bowl to show for it?: DAMN! Another year of empty promises, threats, and Declaration without a Ring?: DAMN. Jefe pound for pound is a top user in these leagues no question. Rarely misses playoffs, is a guaranteed 11-13 wins every season. Everything comes down to Jef’s mentality and ability to overcome adversity when he faces it to get over the hump and finally win a ring. Will his Lust for greatness pay off ? Will his loyalty to YouTube and stealing plays payoff? Or will this be another Humble season?

Raiders (Steve)-My Ghetto Report Card

An OG just like 40 Steve is back with the raiders let’s hope he’s not ghost riding the whip and actually runs games this season . It’ll be interesting to see what he does with these raiders, somehow he’ll end up with Marquese Goodwin.

Chargers (Donny)- Cold Summer

Much like DJ mustard he knows his formula and win lose or draw he’s gonna stick
To it no matter what (Run the ball, blitz a lot) sometimes he tlks himself into checks his ass can’t cash but more than anything he’s a solid user that’ll make the Division fun. First user ever to Win a division in a preseason game btw .



Giants (Fla) – Stillmatic

In 2001 Nas was Written off as an MC. After not being able to live up to the hype of Illmatic with “It was Written” combined with the disappointment of “I am” and Jay Z coming at his neck you can say Nas’ back was against the wall at the time of Stillmatic and how does that relate to Fla? Well once apon a time FLA was regarded as probably the best user in madden after multiple SB wins in 15 it went down to 1 in 16 then to zero for 17 so now as 18 approaches like Nas some have question if the great Fla has fallen off? This year we will see how he responds with his back against the Wall. Will we see the same type of Greatness Nas showed with the classic “Stillmatic” when he fought back against the perception of his demise?  or Will Fla prove those right saying he’s not one of the Big dogs any more ?

Redskins (Carter) – Ambition

Motivation is everything it’ll lead you to great heights or it will lead you to being mediocre. Carter is a dog in madden, with his pedigree, user skills and knowledge  there’s no reason why he shouldn’t have multiple SBs every year in madden which leads us to where we are now. How ambitious is carter ? Is he ok with winning one SB then bullshitting or does he want to lay his claim as being one of the best?

Eagles ( shaggy ) – Wins and Losses

Let’s be honest here Shaggy is still trying to shake the stigma of being the laughing stock of PPL same way Meek was still battling his way back after The ass Kicking from drake. While shaggy still had seasons where he wasn’t horrible perception is everything and everyone still remembers the 0-16 season ,the fleecing of his picks , leaving teams in terrible condition after mismanagement. The same stench meek was trying to shake off after the Drake beef. Will his season be More Wins than Losses?

Cowboys ( Jela) – Dirty Money

Two Keys in life is how you respond to failure and how your respond to success and last year was Jela’s most successful year from being a punching bag to a consistent playoff contender with Multiple conference championship games under his belt jela is easily the most improved user and finds himself on the brink of maybe cracking the Elite kind of similar to where UGK was when they dropped Dirty money. While already considered great they was on the Brink of superstardom after the mega hit big pimpin. So does jela take the step into the elite? Does he plateau or does he fall off?


Vikings (Tunez)- Graduation

Well there’s no damn rapper from Minnesota and Tunez is from Chicago so of course I’m going to use the Chicago reference when I say he’s at the spot where Kanye West is when he dropped graduation. Two years back to back of greatness , multiple rings always in the thick of things is quite similar to Yeezy after dropping Graduation (classic)
, Late Registration (Classic). So here we are can he make it a trifecta with another season of Multiple rings? Hard not to see it after all the consistency.

Bears (Rob) – Food and Liquor

The hype couldn’t be higher for Rob no different than the hype was for lupe fiasco after successful guest appearances and mixtapes. Rob is here to prove that his SBs in the chitlin circuit can translate over to the “big leagues”. He going against a dog in Tunez so he’ll certainly earn it here.

Lions (Bo) – Hall of Fame

The Sultan of scum is back!! Will he stack up on FSU players?? Will he keep running the same plays? Will he stop trading picks and actually draft “one of those fake players” ??find out soon in the NFC NORTH PPL!!  

Packers (Mainez)-Rock City

Like Royce his debut was shaky at best but he’s back for another year problem is he’s in a division with 2 juggernauts in Tunez and Rob. If he makes any playoff runs that’ll be a pleasant surprise.


Rams (Cee)- Chronic 2001

After a long hiatus Cee is back for a full year of madden. ( we not gonna count last year) known as a solid user in last Gen, Cee is looking to return to find his previous forum where he was a consistent playoff user and he has a good shot in the wide open NFC West.

Seahawks (Trell)- The Last Meal

There was a time when Trell was known as one of the top Users to not have a SB win since then he’s been up and down the same way Snoop was after his classic album Doggystyle (pause ) Trell still posses the skills to be good I mean he let jefe off the hook in a playoff thriller last year so he’s still capable it’s just about if he can make the Seahawks sorry OLINE work long enough in his favor. This division is def winnable and right now he’s an early fav so we’ll see what happens.

Cardinals (Kwam)- My Krazy Life

A lot like YGs debut album a lot wasn’t expected from it and it turned out being a pleasant surprise much like Kwams year in madden. Turning in solid seasons he has a great chance to expand on that in a wide open NFC west.

49ers (Yancey)- Too Legit to Quit

Yancey is dangerously close to being in the stink pack with Zach , prophet and others. I’ve seen him turn in solid seasons before so I know he’s capable but good god that 9ers team stinks. MC hammers back up dancers won’t save him from the shit show he’s in. Check back in 2 seasons.

Saints (Q)-Big Money Heavyweight

One thing is guaranteed with Q is he’s gonna have them Big money heavyweights on his front line . Always known to have a loaded DLINE the saints have enough weapons for his offense to match his defensive output. Right now def the favorite to win the south.

Falcons (prophet)- AttenCHUN!

He looks like Bonecrusher and he’s certainly angry like him! This man is tired of every single one of y’all shenanigans. Whether it’s gettin his head kicked in season in and out or starting off HOT then gassing towards the back end of the season like his last name is Mcgregor or if he’s being heckled for getting robbed and ruining teams prophet is infamous around these parts. besides him being traumatized from being used and abused he’s actually not a bad user .. he does a few things good and can realistically win this division. Hopefully somebody can give him a hug so he can stop being pissed off or maybe just maybe all them master degrees will win him a division this season.

Bucs (Dru Diz)-
I’m not comparing him to no rap albums I just want dude to stop trading picks to buck every season… PLEASE

Panthers (Tezzo)-
Just don’t shoot anyone Tezzo that’s all I ask. Other than that another solid user with a good roster to work with in Carolina. He’ll be competing with Q for the title.


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