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3 & Out Madden

3 & Out Power Rankings Week 13

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A lot has happened since our last update of the 3 &Out Power Rankings. Teams have risen and a bunch of guys fell hard. Playoff race is tight and every game is big. Here we go:
1. Tone (Cowboys). Still holds the leagues best record at 10-1. Tryna lock up home field. Defeated Washington 17-6 last week.
2. Lang (Panthers). At 9-2 Lang is in a close division race with ATL. Cam & Kelvin are reaching havoc.
3. ATM (Lions) 8-2. Tuh, who knew ATM would turn the lions in to contenders so early. Winner of 7 straight. Detroit is ROLLIN
4. ‘Dot (Cardinals). 8-3. Cruising along but is finally getting his offense healthy with the return of Odell & Carson. Big win over Atlanta last week.
5.  Tim (Chiefs). 8-3 After winning his first 3 then losing 2 straight, Tim has the chiefs looking good. Sitting at 8-3. Big division win over Nap last week. Chiefs are stacked and ready for the offs.
6. Trench (Falcons) 8-3. Julio is putting up incredible numbers so far. Close battle in the south between ATL & Carolina. This stretch will be crucial.
7. Jason (Raiders) 7-4 leading the AFC West. A lot expected him to fold but he’s making it known that he’s here to play this year. It ain’t sweet in Oakland.
8. Brannin (Jets). 7-4 Well damn, 6 straight wins to come back and take the division from LeMar. Them young boys are growing up and growing up fast. This was a rebuild year then Brannin said nah.
9. Monday (Bengals) 7-4. Staying afloat in the crowded AFC. Division title is still up for grabs in the north. Just defeated Baltimore
10. LeMar (Pats). 7-4 Looked to be the favorite in the AFC at one point. Now looks shaky in the streets. Lost 2 straight after winning against PJ, now it seems PJ has cursed him. Better wake up because Brannin is here.
11. Stephen (Jags) 6-5. Leading his division late in the season. Chef and the jags are gearing up for a playoff run.
12. BH (Redskins) 6-5. Won 3 in a row then took a division lost to DAL. Redskins back in the hunt for a playoff spot. Tough game next week against Dot. Let’s see how WSH will perform or will madden be out to get him again.
13. Nap (Broncos) 6-5. 3 straight losses for Denver late in the season can’t be good. AFC is very tight, nap has to shake back soon. Still says he’ll win the division this season. Time to lock in
14. Bruce (Ravens) 6-5. Tough loss to Monday last week. Bruce feels he’s the best in the AFC despite those teams above him.
15. Stef (Steelers) 6-5. Lost 4 out of the last 5 games. Steelers are in panic mode. AFC is too tough to lose anymore games. He keeps saying he’ll be fine. We don’t know about that.
16. Sid (Rams)
17. Huey (Titans)
18. Richie (Packers)
19. Joker (Texans)
20. Wayne (Colts)
21. BG (Seahawks)
22. VIP (Niners)
23. Jefe (Bears)
24. Selfmade (Bills)
25. JB (Eagles)
26. Trap (Saints)
27. Will (Chargers)
28. Diddy (Vikings)
29. Charles (Dolphins)
30. Shard (Bucs)
31. Kyran (Giants)
32. Schwick (Browns)

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