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3 & Out Madden

3 & Out Power Rankings Week 6

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6 weeks into the season here in 3 & Out and there’s been a lot going on. Injuries all over the place, blowouts and close games. Season off to a great start for most (not Kyran) *cough cough* cap penalty 71 million. Check out the rankings!!
1. Cowboys (5-1) League still trying to get a grasp on Tone. Couple wins but also some sim wins. It’s still early but Tone is pretty much back.
2. Raiders- (5-1) Big win over a loaded division rival KC. Oakland is making statement and statement every week. Big game vs Jax next week.
3. Patriots (4-1). Since the week 1 shalacking in AZ NE has found a groove and is steamrolling the opposition. Mar claims the AFC is his to lose
4. Panthers (5-1) Another new user. Panthers cursed?
5. Steelers (5-1) Last couple of games have been nail biters. Barely escaping at home against KC & NYJ. Stef is looking to find his offense again and keep games from being close
6. Cardinals (4-2) Two tough losses the last two games. AZ started off hot but losing Carson Palmer and MVP candidate OBJ may be too much to overcome. He needs a win against Seattle next week to hold strong till they return.
7. Ravens (4-2). Big convincing win against Oakland 2 weeks ago. Then blows a 10 point lead in the 4th against Kyran to lose. He’ll look to win next week in East Rutherford
8. Broncos (4-2). After losing to shard and the chat turning on him, Nap has outscored the last two opponents 67-10. Defense playing lights out. Texans next up for Denver.
9. Seahawks (4-2) Coming off a bye and a loss the previous week to the jets, Seattle is looking to get a win next week when they head to AZ for a showdown.
10. Chiefs (3-2) Started off 3-0 dropping the last 2 to AFC opponents. Blowing leads in both games. That chief team is loaded and it’s win now, early.
11. Texans (4-2) Started off slow and has been cruising ever since. That offense has a lot of weapons in it. AFC south is a close one.
12. Lions (4-2) Started off slow and hasn’t looked back. Winning the last 3 of 4 ATM got the lions looking like what we expected.
13. Jags (3-2) Serius Chef Jones coming off an L after calling out Jefe. Jags have a big game next against the raiders, can he takedown the top dog
14. Bengals (3-3) Up & down season so far. Letting games get away from him at times. AJ leads the league in everything. He’ll look to continue is run.
15. Rams (3-3) Tryna stay a float in the wild Wild West. Already 2 early division losses. Goff will have to help shoulder the load with Gurley.
16. Packers 3-3
17. Skins 3-3
18. Falcons 3-3
19. Titans 3-3
20. Vikings 2-3
21. Colts 2-4
22. Jets 2-4
23. Bills 2-4
24. Chargers 2-4
25. Eagles 1-5
26. 49ers 1-5
27. Bears 1-5
28. Dolphins 1-5
29. Giants 2-4
30. Buccaneers 1-4
31. Browns 1-5
32. Saints 0-6

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