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Introducing WeGotLeaguesTV

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The video tells it all. Best Leagues. Best Players. Great Competition. But this year we are turning it up a notch. Presenting WeGotLeagues TV (or WGL TV for the abbreviation lovers) our take at a fully immersed Leagues channel!! Madden, FIFA, 2K,WWE and even NHL will all have a league that will be commentated on twitch every night of the week. League games will also be hosted on our twitch channel during other times of the day. If there is a league game being played you will be able to watch it on our Twitch! We will also be using the Discord app to allow league members to join in via voice chat on the commentated games. You will now get to see how the trash talk goes further than just what you see on Twitter. All offseasons and drafts will be twitched so that you can watch the leagues transpire just like its on ESPN. There will also be a weekly Around The Leagues and Top 10 Plays of the Week videos to keep you up to date with everything going on with WGL TV.

We are also proud to announce that our Titan Fall and COD leagues will be making a return this year so get your squads ready!!! Along with that we will be bringing specialized game days each weekend across a variety of games. From MUT to the latest fighting games from our WGL Fight Club champions to Lets Play single player games days. We will have it all for you !!

So your probably thinking , how do i join in on the fun? Well here are the three things you need to do:

  1. The Discord App. Download the Discord app for iOS / Android or Windows. This is used across all the leagues.
  2. Be willing to Twitch all of your leagues and archive them.
  3. Sign Up Here for our Madden,FIFA and NBA 2K leagues. (Signups for WWE, TitanFall and COD will come at a later date). After signing up you will receive a email welcoming you to each league you are signed up for (or telling you that you are on the wait list) and link to each leagues perspective Discord chat.

As of right now, all leagues will be on Xbox One , BUT PS4 users feel free to sign up. If the demand is enought to fill leagues on the PS4 side we will have TV leagues there as well!!

Get ready for WeGotLeaguesTV!!!

Best Players. Best Leagues. Greatest Competition In the World

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