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FIFA 16 PS4 – Serie A Season 7 Wrap-up

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Season seven in the FIFA 16 Serie A PS4 league is in the books. And much like in season six, it was Ape (Bayern Munich) who coasted to the title, successfully defending his crown and earning himself top pick in the draft (again) for next season. He was only beaten one time, and with goal differentials of +31 and goals scored of 60, there was nobody else even in the same stratosphere. Also at the top of the table were two of our Serie A newcomers, Hovito (Napoli) and KJ (Atletico Madrid), who finished 2nd and 4th, respectively. Congrats to both of them. These two players bookended Kimbomma (Spurs), who finished in 3rd. I can fully relate to the trash squad that he was stuck with this season, so a top three finish is an incredible achievement for him. DRich (PSG), Trini (Real Madrid), Calvin (Arsenal), and Seifzam (Manchester City) round out the top eight. DRich also emerged victorious in the Europa League and SuperCup, so he has secured a top two pick. All of these teams listed above will be taking part in the Champions League next season.


After those eight teams, we get into the mediocrity of what basically amounts to Serie A wannabes who belong with me in Serie B. Finishing in 9th was Mayz (Liverpool), although to be fair to him, he is one of our top players, but was distracted this season due to an upcoming wedding. As a result, he will not be returning next season, but has plans to be back for FIFA 17. Salute sir, and congrats in advance from all of the WGL family! In 10th place was Satin (Barcelona). How he only managed 10th with such a strong team, I have no idea. I guess it proves a good team can only take you so far. 11th and 12th were occupied by a couple of former champions: Fadda (Juventus) and Sleddro (Borussia Dortmund). It’s pretty embarrassing to say that both players were sweating out relegation up until the final day of the season.


And now to the dreaded bottom four. You know what that means: relegation. Wole (Chelsea) finished in 13th place, but he can breathe a huge sigh of relief. He is the beneficiary of Mayz leaving the league, as that means only the bottom three are going down. So Wole will be back in Serie A next season. The next three teams were not as fortunate: Moon (Wolfsburg), Skyfall (Roma), and Pope (Manchester United). This will be Moon’s first trip down to Serie B, so it will be worth seeing how he reacts. Will he rise to the occasion and make it a short stay? Will he get discouraged and toil around down there for multiple seasons? Or will he quit like Swanson? Only time will tell. This will be Skyfall’s first trip to Serie B since way back in season three, but as a result of winning the Champions League, he will be rewarded with the #1 pick. Pope will be back in familiar territory after a one and done season in the top division.


Here is the final table:

Serie A Table (Season 7)


Here is the final tally for the Golden Boot:

Serie A Golden Boot (Season 7)


Here is the final tally for the Ballon d’Or (2 points per goal, 1 point per assist):

Serie A Ballon d'Or (Season 7)

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