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FIFA 16 PS4 – Serie B Season 5 Wrap-up

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Season five of the FIFA 16 Serie B league on PS4 is in the books. Congrats to Satin (PSG) for winning the league and making his return to Serie A. Satin capitalized on a couple of bad losses late in the season by Nick (Bayer Leverkusen), who finished as the runner-up and will also be returning to Serie A next season. Our other two top four finishers, Trini (AC Milan) and DBrasc (Barcelona) will be playing in Serie A for the first time next season. Congrats to them as well. Jeezy (Bayern Munich), Pope (Manchester United), Bahanag (Inter Milan), and Crack (Chelsea) round out the top eight. Each player will be taking part in the Europa League.


ChefBoy (Borussia Dortmund), Danny (Juventus), and Pom (Manchester City) all narrowly missed out on making it to Europa League. Each of these three players finished in the bottom half of the table despite having a very good team at their disposal. The commish has once again embarrassed himself in the league, losing multiple games in which he attempted at least three times as many shots as his opponent. A Europa league spot was within his fingertips heading into the final game of the season, but he hit the woodwork four times and came up short against Jeezy in a fitting end to his campaign.


Bringing up the rear in Serie B are Keith (Spurs), Mel (Ajax), and Spazz (Leicester City). None of these three players were competitive this season, with only three wins produced by the trio combined. Spazz did not pick up a victory in any of his 15 games. These three players all have something in common. Each one was apparently wasted on draft night, picking teams that do not stack up to what the rest of the league had to offer. Although to be fair to Mel, he joined the league late and was stuck with the mistakes of his predecessor. All three players will hope to right this season’s wrongs and be a factor in the draft and on the sticks next season. In other news, Wabs (Real Madrid) and Chino (Arsenal) have been booted due to inactivity and are no longer part of this league.


Here is the final table:

Serie B Season 5 Table


Here is the final tally for the Golden Boot:

Serie B Season 5 Goals


Here is the final tally for the Ballon d’Or (2 points per goal, 1 point per assist):

Serie B Season 5 Points

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