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Madden Primetime Players League

Primetime Players League: The Race to the Finish

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We are down to the money weeks in Primetime Players League and only three divisions have been secured. Here’s a quick preview of the division/playoff races:


NFC East: Division has been locked up by Giants(Tunez) who is seeking a first rd bye. Dallas(TreDeuce) has a shot at the playoffs with a 7-7 record.

NFC North: Vikings(Schwick) maintain a 2 game lead and can wrap the division up with a win vs the Miners. The Packers(DonP) has found life in the 2nd half but could be too little too late. Kudos to the Lions(prophet) for a solid turnaround season.

NFC South: Carolina(Buck Thornton) holds a 2 game lead at 9-4 over Atlanta(ATM) and the improved Saints(SpanishSavage) who are 7-6. HUGE Game with Atlanta and New Orleans could determine a playoff spot in the NFC.

NFC West: Seattle(Fla) is playing dominating football at 13-1 and has pretty much secured that the NFC will have go through the Pacific Northwest. Major shoutout to the Rams(Slick) on the turnaround with the Rams who will be playoff bound with a current 11-3 record. After a 3-5 start, the Cardinals(Jef) have won 6 in a row and primed for the playoffs.


AFC North: Ravens(Carter) have been playing good football all year, sit at 12-1 and look to be Super Bowl ready as they have the division, homefield advantage and first round bye in order. The Gunners(Goose) has not run many games this season but remains a threat.

AFC South: Division is up for grabs as every team is alive. The Jaguars(Weav) have a one game lead currently but the Texans(JWil), Titans(Brannin), and Colts(Hodge) are all within striking distance if the Jags slip up.

AFC East: 3 teams are playoff possibilities here and the division is undecided. The Miners(MT) are holding a half game lead on perennial favorite New England(Bosse), while not lurking far behind at 7-6 and winners of 3 in a row are the Jets(Munch). All games matter for these three down the stretch.

AFC West: The pride of Oakland(Q) holds a 1.5 game lead on the 7-7 Chiefs(Kwam) with no head to head games remaining. Barring any upsets, the Raiders have the division locked up with the Chiefs needing to win out and help to reach the playoffs


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