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FIFA 16 PS4 – SERIE A Season 3 Wrap-Up

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Season three in the FIFA 16 Serie A PS4 league has come to an end. After leading wire to wire, I would like to congratulate Fadda (Manchester United) for clinching his first league title. He was able to hold off the two-time defending champion, Mayz (Lyon), who finished a distant 5th. However, Mayz was at least able to rally back from a precarious position at the midway point to nab a Champions League spot. Aside from Fadda and Mayz, also taking part in the Champions League will be DRich (Borussia Dortmund), Dom (Chelsea), Bathingape (Real Madrid), Matej (PSG), Kimbomma (Bayern Munich), and Satin (Arsenal). Congratulations to Dom for winning the Champions League this season. He will look to defend his title in that competition.

Just below those top eight, we find Moonwalk (Barcelona). Always one to talk a big game, Moonwalk was unable to back that up, finishing in the bottom half of the table despite having the best team on the game. He still nearly salvaged a Champions League spot, but was unable to schedule his final game, missing out by one point as a result. Our Europa League champion, Wole (Manchester City) finished 10th in his first season in Serie A, with Infamous (Roma) and Calvin (Liverpool) right behind. Calvin was very nearly (and probably should have been) relegated, but he found a way to upset Dom in the final match to save his season. Calvin is another guy who can run his mouth with the best of them, but in a highly competitive Serie A, he will need to let his game do the talking in order to avoid the bottom four next season.

Speaking of bottom four, the teams that are now destined to rot away in Serie B are Sleddrin (Atletico Madrid), Nick (Juventus), Jabbo (Bayer Leverkusen) and Henn (AC Milan). Sleddrin went on a furious charge late in the season, but Calvin’s win on Match Day 15 sealed Sleddrin’s fate. This will not be his first rodeo in Serie B, so perhaps it will be a short stay for him down there. Nick finally cracked after three seasons in Serie A, winning just three games despite being #4 in the league with 35 goals scored. Jabbo and Henn will also be making their first appearance in Serie B next season. These two friends seem destined to remain together in whichever league they play in. They were bottom two in the table from start to finish, but at least they will have each other’s company and can feed off of each other’s mediocrity next season.


Here is the final table:

Serie A final table


Here is the final tally for the Golden Boot:


1. A. Lacazette (Lyon) 18
2. G. Bale (Real Madrid) 14
3. C. Ronaldo (Real Madrid) 13
4. R. Lewandowski (Bayern Munich) 12
T5. N. Fekir (Lyon) 11
T5. P. Aubameyang (Borussia Dortmund) 11
T5. L. Suarez (Barcelona) 11
T8. C. Benteke (Liverpool) 10
T8. A. Sanchez (Arsenal) 10
T8. S. Aguero (Manchester City) 10


Here is the final tally for the Ballon d’Or (2 points per goal, 1 point per assist):


1. A. Lacazette (Lyon) 45 points
2. N. Fekir (Lyon) 32 points
T3. G. Bale (Real Madrid) 29 points
T3. R. Lewandowski (Bayern Munich) 29 points
5. C. Ronaldo (Real Madrid) 28 points
T6. P. Aubameyang (Borussia Dortmund) 25 points
T6. C. Benteke (Liverpool) 25 points
8. L. Suarez (Barcelona) 23 points
T9. A. Sanchez (Arsenal) 20 points
T9. S. Aguero (Manchester City) 20 points

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