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FIFA 16 PS4 – Serie A Midseason Review (Season 3)

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We have reached the midway point in season three of the FIFA16 Serie A league. For the most part, there are a lot of familiar names at the top of the table. However, this season has seen its fair share of surprises as well. After finishing 5th last season, Fadda (Manchester United) has led wire to wire at the top as he searches for his first hardware. Right on his heels are Dom (Chelsea), Bathingape (Real Madrid), and DRich (Borussia Dortmund). All three of these teams finished in the top four last season, and all are vying to steal the crown in a wide open Serie A.


The reason Serie A is wide open this season is because of the downfall of two-time defending champion Mayz. After landing the #1 overall pick in each of the first two seasons and playing with a top team, Mayz got cocky this season, opting for the last pick of the draft and getting stuck with Lyon. Despite being second in the league with 26 goals scored, Mayz has just two wins in eight contests, finding himself in 11th place at the midway point with some work to do just to qualify for the Champions League (and avoid relegation).


Speaking of the Champions League, which is made up of the top 8 finishers from Serie A, we have a few new faces battling for their spot this season. Infamous (Roma), one of the newcomers from Serie B, finds himself in 7th place, while two other newcomers, Wole (Manchester City) and Moonwalk (Barcelona) are still in the mix as well. Matej (PSG) could also make his first appearance in the Champions League, as he finds himself in the 8th spot.


The rest of the teams seem to be fighting to avoid relegation. Since no teams have dropped out thus far, this will likely be the first season in which four teams get relegated from Serie A at season’s end. One team almost surely on his way out is Sleddrin (Atletico Madrid). Fresh off a promotion from Serie B, Sleddrin has struggled mightily against the tougher competition, managing just two points through eight games. Henn (AC Milan) and Jabbo (Bayer Leverkusen) are in big trouble as well, accumulating just 10 points between the two of them thus far.


Here is the full table (updated through Match Day 8):


Serie A Table


Here is the race for the Golden Boot:


T1. A. Lacazette (Lyon) 11
T1. G. Bale (Real Madrid) 11
T3. P. Aubameyang (BVB) 8
T3. C. Ronaldo (Real Madrid) 8
T3. L. Suarez (Barcelona) 8
T6. C. Benteke (Liverpool) 7
T6. Z. Ibrahimovic (PSG) 7
T6. S. Aguero (Man City) 7
T9. Roberto Firmino (Liverpool) 6
T9. R. Lewandowski (Bayern) 6


Here is the race for the Ballon d’Or (2 points per goal, 1 point per assist):


1. A. Lacazette (Lyon) 27 points
2. G. Bale (Real Madrid) 22 points
T3. P. Aubameyang (BVB) 18 points
T3. C. Ronaldo (Real Madrid) 18 points
T5. L. Suarez (Barcelona) 17 points
T5. C. Benteke (Liverpool) 17 points
7. Z. Ibrahimovic (PSG) 15 points
T8. S. Aguero (Manchester City) 14 points
T8. Roberto Firmino (Liverpool) 14 points
T8. R. Lewandowski (Bayern) 14 points

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