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FIFA 16 PS4 – SERIE B Season 3 Wrap-Up

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Season three of the FIFA 16 Serie B league on PS4 has reached its conclusion. Congrats to Eddie (Barcelona) for winning the league in his first season playing, doing so in runaway fashion by 10 points. That means he will be playing in Serie A next season, along with the three others who finished in the top four: Skyfall (Roma), Jeezy (PSG), and Commish Danny (Chelsea). Skyfall made his debut this season as well, so it was a solid showing for the rookie. In all honesty, it was a surprise to see Jeezy toward the top of the table, a sight that has not been seen in FIFA for two years. PSG was a good fit for him, and now he will get an opportunity to play with the big boys next season. Also getting that opportunity is the Commish, finally through to Serie A after three long and hard seasons with Chelsea in Serie B. He did everything possible to throw away a promotion bid (again), but a 2-1 loss to Chino (Zenit) on the final day of competition was enough to hold off his adversary on goal differential.

Speaking of Chino, he was trying to battle back from the embarrassment of being one and done in Serie A last season. He was looking to prove a point this season and get a second chance in the spotlight heading into season four. However, he left himself too big of a hole to climb out of and ultimately came up just two goals short of being promoted. He will be a participant in the Europa league though, along with the rest of our top eight, including Crack (Juventus), Dodgerbub (Borussia Dortmund), and Dr. Inception (Real Madrid).

The lower half of the table in Serie B is basically an afterthought. There is not a whole lot to talk about with them; no promotion, no Europa League campaign to look forward to, but also no relegation. These eight teams are basically locked into being bad. However, season four will bring about a fresh start, none more so than for Swanson (Liverpool). He took over this team late in the season and very nearly brought them back from 14th to the Europa League. In fact, he would have done so had he not messed up and snoozed on scheduling his last game. He will have his sights trained on a league title next season. Following Swanson are Dbrasc (Bayern Munich), Pierre (Arsenal), and Shady (Atletico Madrid). Shady was in Serie A last season, but he is sinking fast, now among the minnows in the lower division. As for our bottom four in Serie B, Trini (Napoli), Pom (Lyon), Key (Manchester City), and Bahanag (Inter Milan), they better be practicing on the sticks and praying that the draft goes their way if they hope to avoid a repeat of this season’s debacle.


Here is the final table:

Serie B final table


Here is the final tally for the Golden Boot:


T1. J. Martinez (Atletico) 15
T1. P. Pogba (Juventus) 15
3. P. Aubameyang (Borussia Dortmund) 14
4. Z. Ibrahimovic (PSG) 11
5. A. Dzyuba (Zenit) 10
6. G. Higuain (Napoli) 9
T7. Neymar (Barcelona 8
T7. M. Mandzukic (Juventus) 8
T7. A. Lacazette (Lyon) 8
T7. F. Totti (Roma) 8


Here is the final tally for the Ballon d’Or (2 points per goal, 1 point per assist):


Note: Paul Pogba and Jackson Martinez finished tied for first based on points. Since Juventus finished higher than Atletico Madrid in the table, the award goes to Pogba.


1. P. Pogba (Juventus) 30 points (won via tiebreaker)
2. J. Martinez (Atletico Madrid) 30 points
3. P. Aubameyang (Borussia Dortmund) 28 points
4. Z. Ibrahimovic (PSG) 25 points
T5. A. Dzyuba (Zenit) 20 points
T5. G. Higuain (Napoli) 20 points
7. E. Hazard (Chelsea) 19 points
8. Neymar (Barcelona) 18 points
9. B. Matuidi (PSG) 17 points
T10. Four players tied 16 points

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