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Any Given Sunday Leagues Madden

Any Given Sunday Year 3 Midseason Power Rankings

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With the season in the final 4 weeks left, lets look at the Power Rankings for the Any Given Sunday PS4 League.

  1. Pun (Jags, 11-1) : Pun is powering through the league with his 11-1 record. Will he be able to keep this up? His No.3 offense will make sure of that.
  2. Tripp (Chiefs , 11-1) : Tripp and his no.1 ranked defense could make a play for being 1B. Undefeated at home he looks to get to the SB this year
  3. Henn (Seahawks , 9-2): Henn is on cruise control again this year but will he be able to show up in the playoffs this year?
  4. Rah (Vikings, 9-3) : Taking a 3 game lead in his division, Rah is looking to make the playoffs for the first time with this Vikings squad and his team of speed.
  5. Jabbo (Dolphins, 9-3) : With the No.1 Scoring offense in the league, Jabbo is hungry after not repeating as SB champion last year.
  6. Brannin (Cowboys, 9-3) : 9-1 without the sim gods giving him 2 losses , Brannin has claimed a repeat SB this year and his No.2 defense is here to make that a reality.
  7. Pass (Browns, 9-3): A perennial playoff contender, Pass has put a 2 game lead against the vaunted AFC North. Can he take Money Manziel to the promise land?
  8. Justino (Texans 9-3): Sir Cheese A Lot has taken some big losses this year . The No. 2 offense in the league is looking to make it back to another SB appearance.
  9. Jmag (Eagles 9-3): Trading for Aaron Rodgers has defeinitely helped the Eagles offense but can they stop the Cowboys from winning the division?
  10. Buddee (Barons 8-4) : With the No.2 defense in the league keeping their opponents out of the end zone, Brett Hundley and the lethargic offense needs to step it up if they want to be a contender.
  11. Nick (Bucs 8-4)
  12. Jmsjabroni (Falcons 8-4)
  13. Quan (Ravens 7-5)
  14. Chino (Steelers (7-5)
  15. Mayfield (Lions 7-5)
  16. Tori (49ers 6-6)
  17. MBreezy (Saints 6-6)
  18. Jeo (Chargers 6-6)
  19. Khaze ( Broncos 5-7)
  20. Jthreat (Raiders 5-7)


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