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3 & Out Year 4 Midseason Rankings

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Year 4 is half way done! Here are the rankings for 3 & Out. Some surprises here. Enjoy fellas! Special thanks to our  Dot for the help on the rankings .

  1. Dot(Texans) 7-0 A red hot Texans team looking to make great run this year. Leading the league averaging 41.4 PPG. It’s going to be tough slowing down this Texans offense lead by Philip Rivers. Making folks like BH retire into oblivion puts Dot number 1 in the rankings.
  2. VIP (49ers) 6-0 so far on the season with a good game against Tone coming up in week 8. Offense rolling averaging 34ppg. VIP is looking to get back to being the big dog in the NFC once again.
  3. Schwick (Giants) 7-0 off to a hot start. Not the toughest schedule to begin with but the Giants are showing their dominance off in good fashion. We expect another playoff run from them.
  4. Pun (Panthers)  6-1 and in control of the NFC south. Pun has a stacked panthers team looking to get to the SB. Dab Newton is looking like an MVP candidate this year. Let’s see how the 2nd half of the season plays out.
  5. ATM (Saints) 4-2 on the year so far. ATM is battling in that tough NFC south. They beat up on each other every year. Last years SB loss has the saints and Brandon cooks hungry. We expect them back.
  6. Chef (VKNGS). 5-3 No “I” in VKNGS this year. Looks like chef is playing again. Leading the north with an explosive offense and ball hawking defense, we expect chef to be around come January. He just whooped traps ass. Nh
  7. Raiders (Tone) 4-2 Said he was tanking but we all know tone. Rookie running back leading the league in rushing early. He looks to capture another afc west title.
  8. Sid (crying on the mic, Falcons) 4-2. Started off slow 1-2 after one of the leagues wildest trades in the offseason when Julio jones was dealt for magic city entrance passes. Atlanta has won 3 straight and is looking to lock up a spot in the post season.
  9. Trap (Lions) Scum of the earth. 4-3 and we’ll leave it at that.
  10. Steelers (Detroit) 4-2 newcomer who talked a lot of trash then backed it up with a big blowout win over Monday early in the season. With the Browns out, it looks like the north has a new sheriff in town. Can he keep it going?
  11. Bills (Wayne) 4-2. Hasn’t really been challenged in the East for 3 seasons now. Wayne has the bills geared up to win another division title. But can he finally get over the hump and win a playoff game.
  12. Jags (Selfmade) 4-3 Starting off better than last year. In a difficult afc south, jags tryna keep pace with Houston and claim their first division title. We’ll see what happens.
  13. Jets (JT) 4-3. In the hunt to win the division. JT has shown a lot of upside this season. Big challenge for him next week when he plays Dot in Houston. Lets see if he’s real or another guy just talking. (What up BH)
  14. Broncos (BH) 4-3 Once upon a time he was 4-1. Lost 2 straight and coming off an ugly loss in Houston which caused him to evacuate the chat. Big game this week against Brannin and the Browns. Lets see if he can get back on track with Logan Thomas.
  15. Ravens (Monday) 5-3. Battling for the north title with Pitt. Monday can’t wait for that rematch. Hopefully no fades are called out this time. Perriman will be ready.
  16. Packers (Joker) 4-3 in the middle of the NFC north battle. Second half of the season will be a battle to secure a playoff spot.
  17. Titans (Isiah) 3-4 One of the top users dropped a bit low on the rankings. Don’t be shocked if he catches fire 2nd half of the year.
  18. Monarchs (Jarrett) 3-4 a tough competitor. Still a young team that is growing. People in London still questioning the benching of Johnny Manzel.
  19. Bears (Tunez) 3-3 new user already making an impact his first 2 games. He is looking to turning this franchise around.
  20. Buccaneers (Tim) 2-5 a great competitor in the NFC South. He’s going to have to have a strong 2nd half to get this team going.
  21. Patriots (Jefe) 4-3 we haven’t got a good read on Jefe but he has one game under his belt and it was a solid win. Should see some more positive things from this team.
  22. Eagles (Jason) 3-4 Another new user that we haven’t really seen play. Let’s see what he can do vs the Cowboys week 8.
  23. Seahawks (PJ) 2-5 PJ has made some huge trades this season getting rid of Sherman and Earl Thomas. Let’s see if this will improve his play this 2nd half of the year.
  24. Chiefs (Will) 2-5 A statement division win vs BH. That’s all that needs to be said.
  25. Colts (Nap) 2-5 he’s on vacation but he’s back now. Took a step back but let’s see if Nap can make another late playoff run.
  26. Browns (Brannin) 1-5 Let’s not get fooled by the record. Brannin’s Xbox is currently having heart surgery. He’s going to start running his games at Tim’s house but you gotta believe the reigning super bowl champ will make an incredible bounce back.
  27. Rams (Charles) 1-5 rough start for Charles. Only W vs PJ.
  28. Dolphins (Slim) 1-6 Slim at the bottom of the division. Looks tough for him with the rest of the teams in the division are over .500
  29. Redskins (Fredo) 1-6 tied with Cowboys in last place in the NFC East. New user fredo needs to find a way to make life tough for Schwick since he is rolling over everybody.
  30. Cowboys (BG) 1-6 Still struggling since the start of the league. Jerry Jones just rotting
  31. Bengals (Patric) 1-6 Another struggling user. Let’s see what management will do after this season.
  32. Cardinals (Bruce) My god what has happened to Bruce. A super bowl contender the 1st year in 3 & Out to the bottom of the rankings in year 4. Bruce hasn’t fed his James Harden dog face any biscuits this year. Hopefully him seeing this will have him motivated.

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