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All Or Nothing Post Season Interview wit Musik by @Jayme_Fuentes – PS4 – All or Nothing

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Our first season in All or Nothing is coming to a close and the playoffs are near, so we wanted to catch up with one of our users who just hasn’t had things go his way this season and ask him a few questions. That user is Musik, who has the Dolphins and the only question with his team going into the season was, Could Musik take the talent on the roster and make some noise in his first season? Well, there wasn’t high expectations on Musik this season, but he still managed to disappoint as he put together the worst record in the league this season.


Where are you from?


Musik – “Im originally from NY, but I relocated to VA. Much better lmao”


Did your season go as expected?


Musik – “My season was TRASH, if I had high hopes or Super Bowl aspirations I’d have rage quit by now. Partly cause I haven’t mastered reads and understanding coverages. Also I don’t have a good run game.”


What was the Highlight of your Season? Why?


Musik – “The highlight of my season eeeeeehhh… does FA count as the season? In all honesty I play for fun of the game. I cant recall a particular moment that stands out in the season. If i could win consistently it would be better.”


What you looking forward to the remainder of the season and going forward?


Musik – “Im mostly looking forward to establishing a run game. Gotta stop throwing the ball so much and learn to take what the defense gives me.”


After the season you had, will there be any changes to your coaching staff?


Musik – “Im gonna stay put with the coaching staff at the moment. Don’t really have any plans to change coaching staff.”


Do you still plan on keeping the team in Miami? Why?


Musik – “I haven’t really given any though about moving the team or anything. I might depending on where I can move to and if that market will help me. So currently we’re staying in Miami.”


How was it facing Justino(Patriots) and Nick(Jets) twice this season?


Musik – “Facing Nick twice a year is definitely a headache as Chris Ivory cannot be tackled. Justino……Justino……Justino….. I don’t know…..man LISTEN, I gotta dedicate my offseason to figuring out the proper adjustments for THAT play.”


Have you established a rivalry with anyone? Why?


Musik – “To have a rivalry you gotta win games first lol. So nah I don’t have a rival in the league.”


What has been the most entertaining part for you in the chat so far this season?


Musik – “Theres always something going on in the chat. The constant shit talking in there is always good to read.. Especially when Rah gets bored.”


Who do you have winning it all this season? Why?


Musik – “Prolly Mole(Seahawks) because of the undefeated season.”



Well, there you have it, Musik will continue to run with the Dolphins and stay in Miami for the time being. As he will not be in the playoffs, his offseason is here early and he will have time to get a game plan put together for his divisional opponents (Justino and Nick) and determine who his first round pick will be. We would like to wish Musik and the Dolphins the best of luck this offseason and going forward.

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