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E3 Predictions with @ThatDope

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With E3 just around the corner, all of us video game fanatics have a whole host of predictions about what we think we will see. And yours truly is no exception.


While I’m super excited for more news on Fallout 4, I also expect to see some other great things during Bethesda’s first E3 showcase! For instance, DOOM. The people have been asking and whispers of Doom have been floating across the Internet but nothing solid has been revealed. While I’m sure Bethesda will focus on Doom, I think we might get a glimpse of something Doom related. And of course I’m totally prepared to faint if they give us anything Half Life 3 related, because it’s time. This is the perfect opportunity to at least give us hope.


I’m also expecting to hear more about Mass Effect 4. Last year at E3 we got a tiny, tiny glimpse at the N7 (or something close to it) from Bioware. There was a poll asking what we wanted from MS4 and I think this year they will give us something a bit more concrete to drool over. At the very least we get an announcement that they are working on it with a possible year and season to expect it.

We should also see alot more games being announced with cross-platform game play. We already know cross-platform in is happening but I think we are going to see alot of new games with the feature coming soon. Microsoft is really pushing it and I’m excited to see just what games it will be available on.


Needless to say that E3 will be full of exciting news but these are just a few of the things I’m hoping for. 

Don’t forget to check We Got Leagues for all your E3 news!



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