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Who Do YOU Want To See In Street Fighter V?

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With new characters starting to be announced for the upcoming greatest fighter of all time (yes, I said it), it got me wondering who would be returning to the Street Fighter roster? the possibilities are endless (ok, not ENDLESS but you get it). So with that being said, here are the top 5 characters I personally want to see return

1. Karin (Street Fighter Alpha 3)


If Sakura is the female Ryu, Karin is the female Ken. However, unlike Ryu and Ken, Sakura and Karin have completely different fighting styles.


2. Sean (Street Fighter III)



The only Black Shoto clone, Sean was Ken’s pupil and the only one without a normal projectile smh. I mean damn, even Dan had Gadouken


3. Poison (Street Fighter x Tekken, Ultra Street Fighter IV)


Originally an enemy in the Final Fight series, she made her debut into the Street Fighter universe in 2012’s Street Fighter x Tekken and eventually becoming DLC in Street Fighter IV in 2014


4. Evil Ryu (Street Fighter Alpha 3, Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition)


Ryu after giving into the Dark Hadou/Satsui no Hadou/Murderous Intent or whatever else you wanna call it. Basically Ryu with Akuma’s moves, aka REAL AS HELL


5. Ibuki (Street Fighter III, Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition)


The extremely quick, extremely annoying to fight against ninja. She made her return to the series in Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition and I hope she’s here to stay




Any characters you want to see return? Let me know in the comments below! and whi;le we’re waiting for Street Fighter V, don’t forget Ultra Street Fighter IV will be coming to PS4 on May 26th, and our first official TOURNAMENT will be Saturday, May 30th! Sign up HERE!!



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