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MLB the Show 15 First Impressions

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After roughly 10 straight hours with MLB 15: The Show, I am confident in calling it the greatest sports title of all time. As a long time fan of the franchise who annually purchases the game on release day, so many of the small nuances have been addressed that I have long awaited. It’s incredible that SCEA is able to take a step or two forward year after year while continuing to provide gameplay & visuals that are second to none. Our team at WGL spent a good amount of time with the game on release day and here are a few of our initial reactions.

Year-to-year saves is an absolute game changer. From the first announcement of this feature you knew that all sports games were going to take this route if implemented properly and boy did SCEA do a wonderful job. After playing the intro game & learning about the new features (although I had to play twice due to a possible install issue so be aware of that) I was able to load up an MLB 14: The Show RTTS file in no more than 30 seconds & get right back into the action. Not only did my character & stats transfer right over into the beautiful new RTTS interface, my personal gameplay settings AND sliders transferred over as well, which is something I was not expecting from the year-to-year transfer. A wonderful addition in my opinion.

Licensed equipment is absolutely beautiful and adds another element of realism to the game. Seeing Brandon Phillips and Clayton Kershaw in their Under Armour® cleats truly made me giddy. Along with the various bat and glove models. Just make a visually stunning game even that more beautiful. The attribute bonus that various models of equipment give you is a wonderful incentive to play RTTS this year and gives an MVP 07: NCAA Baseball nostalgic feel to the game for anybody who is a long time fan of video game baseball.

The new and improved franchise system has one of our own WGL content writers playing with the Houston Astros despite being a die-hard Red Sox fan. The GM goals add another element and I love the opportunity to truly build an organization that more closely resembles the way a true MLB organization is ran in the front office. The revamped trade and progression system is music to my ears as a prospect hoarder & MLB The Show draft expert. It’s nice to know that I won’t be able to flip 31 year old fringe starting pitchers for a 3 B level prospects from now on. Also the trade finder system will open a new wave of deals that may have not been possible before with 90 man organizations.

Those are just a few of the wonderful improvements our team at WGL enjoyed during the first 24 hours of MLB 15: The Show. Make sure to check back Friday for my full review of the game.

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