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WrestleMania 31 Preview and Predictions

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You woke up today feeling happy that it’s sunday, you might go to church, you might go out to brunch, or you might simply moan all day because tomorrow is monday. Fear not though because today is no ordinary sunday. Today is a sunday that only comes around once a year. Is this sunday bigger than Superbowl Sunday? Thats debatable depending on who you’re asking (Superbowl has a slight advantage…..SIKE), But today is treated just like Superbowl Sunday. You have plans? Get everything done NOW. Wake up early make a list of things you need to do and make sure the slate is clean, laundry is washed and dried, grocery shopping is complete, dinner is prepared and cooked (or just order wings), call your friends over for the party and throw back some brews because……..


So with that rush of excitement out of the way WWE-WGL Affiliates SlyStilla and Duggus came up with 12 questions to perfectly present their wrestleMania preview and predictions. Enjoy!

Its WrestleMania everyone! Okay so here is the final and official card the showcase of the Immortals

Fatal 4 way tag team title match. (The Uso’s Vs. The New Day Vs. Los Matadores Vs. Tyson Kidd & Cesaro)

Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal

The Bella Twins Vs. AJ Lee and Paige

Randy Orton Vs. Seth Rollins

Intercontinental Championship Ladder Match (Bad News Barrett Vs. Dean Ambrose Vs. Dolph Ziggler Vs. Luke Harper Vs. Stardust Vs. R-Truth Vs. Daniel Bryan)

Bray Wyatt Vs. The Undertaker

Sting Vs. Triple H

Rusev Vs. John Cena for the United States Championship

Brock Lesnar Vs. Roman Reigns for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

Roll out the the questions!

1. Is this the worst mania buildup that you can remember?

Duggus: I went many years of staying behind the curtain in regards to watching wrestling just to once in a while stick my head out and see what’s happening. I came back to returning full time once rock came back in 2011. And I remember how much I didn’t care for mania aside from rock being there. Granted this mania buildup has not done well and that can be sold by the simple fact that tickets are sold out for SummerSlam in August but not mania this Sunday. But WrestleMania 27 was absolutely horrific. I will forever wonder what caused Miz to not only close mania but also beat John Cena. Why was that not CM Punks slot? Heck. Why was that even the main event? Any way. This isn’t the worst buildup to me. Has it been great? Not really, but I also don’t think it was that far away from being nuts. All we needed was one or two Brock vs Reigns fisticuffs and we are all satisfied. Because when has tug of war ever worked.

SlyStilla: In the last two decades, yes. Mania XXX wasn’t exactly the best build either, but this build has been particularly horrible on a count of a lack of attention on all but two matches. I’m all for a part-time champion the way Brock has been booked, but not when it comes to WrestleMania season, and to this point, no physicality or in-ring face-to-face action.

2. How excited and why are you excited for this years mania?
Duggus: Ummmmmmm…how do I go about saying this?
Wyatt vs taker is a dream match of mine
Oh yeah. STING
SlyStilla: On a scale of 1-10, maybe a 6. I am unsure of what route they take in the main event itself, and Heyman can maximize interest in anything. The IC Title clusterfu… ladder match is being built well. Cena/Rusev has a strong build. Bray/Taker has been outstanding. But outside of that, I’m unsure how I feel about the rest of the show, which is a complete shame.
3. Your predictions for each match?
Duggus: Bella’s win
Orton over Rollins
D Bryan wins the ladder
Brass rings club keeps the title
Sting over HHH
Lesnar  over Reigns………


Orton punts Rollins to put him on the shelf until MITB.
Daniel Bryan wins the IC title and gets attacked by Sheamus following the match
Someone from NXT wins the Battle Royal (Neville or Corbin)
No clue with Divas but I’ll go with AJ and Paige because duh
Sting gets a victory over Triple H that does absolutely nothing storyline wise following Mania because WWE doesn’t know how to book long-term
Bray wins via mind games
Rusev wins clean
Brock wins
4. How do you think the main event goes down?
Duggus: Lesnar tries to kill Reigns similar to Cena at SummerSlam, but Reigns fights back and might damn near kill Lesnar. Lesnar fights back and ends up winning……
BUT *Gong* the lights go out and seconds later a tired and worn out Lesnar has to rise up and see a deadman with his eyes set on him because last year did happen after all. Taker chokeslams and then tombstones Lesnar then walks off then Rollins runs out cashes in on an out cold Lesnar and becomes WWE champion.
SlyStilla: Even though I just said Brock wins in my predictions, part of me still think Heyman turns on Brock and makes Roman the next Paul Heyman Guy.
5. If you were planning this what would you change about the card?
Duggus: I’d put more meaningful people in the battle royal. Give Dolph and Daniel Bryan a solid 30 minute mania classic and make sure Seth successfully cashes in his money in the bank
SlyStilla: I would have made Dean vs. Wade a 1-on-1 Ladder Match for the IC Title, and given the world Dolph vs. Bryan in a 45-minute WRESTLING match. 
6. Whats the one thing you DON’T want to see happen but feel that you will see it?
Duggus: Cena wins…….
SlyStilla:  MITB cash-in
7. Whats the one thing you DO want to see happen but feel you wont?
Duggus: Seth cashing in and succeeding
SlyStilla: Undertaker passing the torch respectfully to Bray as the New Face of Fear.
8. If you had to pick one match here to use to gain interest for someone who doesn’t watch wrestling which match would it be?
Duggus: Orton vs Rollins
SlyStilla: Orton vs. Rollins
9.If you could find the one picture or gif to describe the perfect moment for this years WrestleMania what would it be?
 Because to hell with Vince
Because to HELL with Vince.
10. What surprises do you expect to see?
Duggus: Somehow taker and sting face off
SlyStilla: An NXT superstar getting the call up
11. How do you think this crowd will be?
Duggus: Hopefully excited and ready to mark out. A lot of ppl are seeing things they might never see again so I expect a very live crowd.
SlyStilla: Probably live for most of the card but likely to be hostile.
12. Will this turnout to be another ppv that doesn’t have the best buildup but will definitely be worth everything and then some?
Duggus: You can only hope. You can think of money in the bank last year. Along with battle ground and extreme rules. WrestleMania has all the makings and the writing on the wall for “man this was GREAT” even with a somewhat close to shitty buildup.
SlyStilla: We should all hope so, but based on the current trend since last year’s Mania, WWE will fumble yet again.
Don’t forget pre-show is two hours and starts at 5pm eastern and the show starts at 7pm eastern. Watch on the WWE Network, or pay for it on pay per view, or stream it from those sites we don’t speak of. However you may choose ENJOY WRESTLEMANIA.
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