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Madden League Rules

Madden League Rules

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Custom Playbooks Are Only Allowed In Freestyle Leagues


Simulation Leagues :


Penalties for breaking play-calling rules:

1st infraction = warning

2nd infraction = Giving up possession (Punt)

3rd infraction = AP (Get put on auto-pilot)

Penalty for breaking the 4th down rules = Automatic AP

“You break any of these sets of rules in 3 different games, you will be booted from the league. FOLLOW THE RULES. Don’t try to walk the line of the rules to get over. WGL is all about having fun and providing fair competition”

Penalty for breaking the 4th down rules :

1st infraction = Giving up possession at spot of infraction (Punt)

  1. If you go for it on 4th and 6 at the 45yd line you must punt the ball to your opponent and let him get the ball to the 45yd line before play can continue

2nd Infraction = AP (Get put on auto-pilot)

General Rules:

  1. No Customs (If found using custom you will be subjected to at least 8 game suspension or possible removal from the lg)
  2. If you quit out of a game for any reason it will result in removal from the league.
  3. No Madden Community Glitches!!! (EX. Fumble Review Glitch)
    1. If you want to make a complaint about any opponent breaking a rule you must follow these steps:
      1. Message a Commissioner about an infraction (Please try to keep arguments and complaints out of the main chat)
      2. Please have video proof of a rule being broken (EX. picture, twitch, Xbox Record)
      3. No Proof=No Penalty. We can not make a ruling on a penalty without video proof. There are too many ways to show proof of an infraction, please use these methods.


1)You can only run the same play once every 6 plays.

  • For example, if on 1st down you run Pistol Trips Strong Power you can run You CAN NOT run Pistol Trips Strong Power in the next 5 plays.
  • Flipping a run/pass play you ran still counts as the same play.
  • Excessive use of the same play from different formations is frowned upon and will result in penalty (EX. SB Ace 01 Trap, SB Doubles 01 Trap, Gun Tight Offset 01 Trap etc in the same drive)

2) No motioning WR’s inside the offensive line and snapping the ball.( A 185 Lb WR is not going to motion inside his RG yo help block a DT)

4) No 2pt conversions unless:

  • you need to settle the score or make the score even on the scoreboard. (i.e. to go up 3 instead of 2 or 7 instead of 6)
  • At the end of the game you choose to go for 2 for the win instead of playing for OT.

5)No going for it on 4th down unless:

  • 1st Half: 4th and 3 or less and from your opponents 40 yard line or closer 
  • 2nd Half: 4th and 4 or less and from your opponents 50 yard line or closer 
  • You are down 19+ points at any point in the game you can go for it anywhere on the field
  • If at any point you are down by 9+ in the 4th quarter you can go for it anywhere on the field
  • In the last 2 min of the game and you are down or tied you can go for it anywhere on the field

6) No onside or squib kicks in the first half at all.

  • You can onside kick in 2nd half down by 11 or more.
  • You can onside in 4th quarter down by a possession or more.

7)No Huddle offense is allowed under these constrictions:

  • If it is outside the 2 minute warning, you must wait until there are 25 seconds left on the play clock.
  • If inside of 2 minute warning of either half you can no huddle and snap the ball at any point

8)No goal line offense outside the opponents 10 yard line (1st and Goal) EXCEPT when its 4th and 1 and qualifies for 4th down situation in Rule No. 5.

9) No WR at TE/FB (hand in the ground)

10) No Running backwards with your QB. Shouldn’t be getting sacked or throwing the ball 30 yards behind the line of scrimmage.

11.)No milking the clock ( running the playclock down ; chew clock feature) unless its 2 minutes left in the 2nd and 4th quarter.



1) No Nano Blitzing

2) No bringing DE off the line of scrimmage PRE-SNAP

3)Cannot drop 10+players in coverage. 3 defenders must always rush. (i.e. curl to flat zones, hook zones or man coverage are not allowed for defensive lineman with hand on the ground. QB contains are allowed.)

  • QB spy does not count as a rusher
  • QB Contain does count as a rusher

4)No manually stacking lineman on one another. This creates AI glitches in the offensive line.

5) You must mix up playcalling on defense (Running 2 Man Under or Cover 4 the entire game is not allowed)


Freestyle Leagues  :

1) No milking the clock ( running the playclock down ; chew clock feature) unless its 2 minutes left in the 2nd and 4th quarter.

2) No Madden Community Glitches!!!


CFM Rules(All Leagues):


Difficulty – All Madden

6 Min Quarters

Advance Time –  We advance every 48 Hours

Game Scheduling – Contact your opponent and schedule a game time within 24 Hours Of Advance

  • Failure to schedule can result in the game being simmed



  • If you release a player during the season he has to sit in FA for 24 hours before you can sign him again.
  • When playoffs start DO NOT RELEASE PLAYERS until after the SB(Both result in a auto boot)


  • Any player that ends up in FA is fair game to sign unless
    • A new user takes over the team
    • A Glitch causing a player to not be able to sign (like early in Madden 16)

“I do not have any funds/I cant make the resign period” or any other reason is not an valid excuse to save a player from hitting FA.


WR TO TE: WR must be 6’3 or taller and 225+ lbs

WR to RB:  WR must be 6’0 or shorter and 93 spd or slower


5) It is against League policy to go on AP because you are eliminated from making the playoffs. Each game counts, and affects the playoff scenario/draft spots for the league, we want all playoff berths to be earned and fought for. (If caught user will be subject to penalty)


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