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WGW League Rules

WGW League Rules

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WGW Will have one show a week for 4 weeks and one PPV event a month.

The show will be run By @ShaggyBlack on the Xbox One. 

  • Shows will consist of 6-8 matches. Any matches can be twitched, but only 3 (Main Event) matches are required to be twitched. Your matches can be played at anytime before your scheduled show advances.
  • Brand/Faction History Information And Initial Fed/League Storyline Information Can Be Located via Wegotleagues.com
  • Any member can either choose to create their own wrestler (CAWs) or they can choose to be a current superstar in the game.

Superstar Rules:


-Superstar Stats Can Not Be Changed Unless Approved By One Of The Administrators. There May Be Circumstances In Which We Will Allow A Superstar Overall Be Increased. If You Believe That Your Superstar Overall Should Be Increased Then Ask One Of The Administrators.

Sign Up Template:


  • 3 Preferred Wrestlers if you choose not create a CAW:


Tag Team/Alliance List:

  • If You Are Interested Being Apart Of The Tag Team Division, Sign Up Below And We Will Add You To The Tag Team List.

**Remember Even If You Sign Up As A Tag Team, You Will Still Be Eligible To Compete For The Singles Championships. This Is Done So No One Is Discouraged From Signing Up As A Tag Team. However If You Would Like To Focus Only On Your Tag Team, That Is Fine As Well. Just Make Sure To Let Either GM Know.**

Tag Team Sign Up Rules:

  • There Will Be One Set Of Tag Team Championships That Will Be Defended Across Both Brands.
  • Each Member Of WGLW May Have One Or All Of Their Superstars In An Alliance/Stable, But Only One Of Their Superstars May Compete In The Tag Team Division.

**For Tag Team Fed Match Rules, Check The Match Rules Section**

Match Rules:

General Match Rules:

1.) No Spamming Of Moves. (ESPECIALLY Run grapples/Run attacks).

2.) You Must Execute At Least One Finisher Before Attempting To Win By Submission. However If Your Superstar Has A Submission Finisher, Then You May Attempt To Win By Submission Using This Without Executing A Finisher Beforehand Since This Is Considered To Be A Finisher.

(Finishers Include Regular Finishers, Catching Finishers, & Spectacular (OMG) Moments Since These All Require A Finisher To Execute)

3.) You Must Execute At Least One Finisher Before Attempting To Win By Pin Fall.

(Finishers Include Regular Finishers, Catching Finishers, & Spectacular (OMG) Moments Since These All Require A Finisher To Execute)

4.) You May Not Use The Ring Out Ability If Your Opponent Has Just Executed A Finisher On You. However, You May Use The Ring Out Ability After Your Opponent Has Executed A Signature (Or Any Other Move) On You.

(We Want To Keep Things Realistic And Rolling Out Of The Ring Right After A Finisher Is Not Very Realistic)

5.) If You Lose A Championship, You Are Entitled To A Rematch That Must Be Used Prior To The Next Pay Per View Event unless it’s a storyline.

(We Want To Keep Things Fresh And Not Have The Same Superstars Competing For Championships At Every Pay Per Views)

Tag Team Match Rules:

1.) General Match Rules Apply During A Tag Team Match.

2.) The Illegal Superstar (The Superstar On The Apron) May Only Enter The Ring, And Interfere, If Their Partner Is Being Pinned Or Is In A Submission. If Their Partner Is Performing The Pin Or Submission (So That They May Keep The Other Team’s Illegal Superstar From Interfering), Or If They Are Physically Provoked By The Opposing Team’s Legal Superstar (The Opposing Team’s Superstar That Is Currently In The Ring).

For Example: The Opposing Team’s Legal Superstar Knocks The Illegal Superstar Off Of The Apron, Or Suplexes Them Into The Ring, Etc. However, The Interference Must Be Kept To A Minimum And With In Reason. Once The Illegal Superstar Is Back On The Apron, That Superstar May Not Interfere Anymore Until The Above Situation Arises Again. If You Are The Illegal Superstar And Your Partner Is Taking A Beating (Like The Match Is Becoming One Sided) And Needs Assistance, Or You Accidentally Interfere In A Match Without The Above Situation Occurring, We Will Allow The Illegal Interference Up To Two Times. After That It Will Become An Issue And A Rematch May Possibly Be Issued.

3.) The Illegal Superstar May Perform As Many Illegal Superstar Moves As They Want During A Match.

For Example: Pulling The Rope Down So That The Opposing Team’s Legal Superstar Falls Out Of The Ring While They Are Running The Ropes, Hitting Or Grappling Opposing Team’s Legal Superstar Should They Get To Close To The Illegal Superstar, Etc.

4.) The Illegal Superstars Of Both Teams May Only Fight With One Another Outside Of The Ring If One Or Both Of The Legal Superstars Are Outside Of The Ring. The Illegal Superstars May Also Attack The Opposing Team’s Legal Superstar If They Are Outside Of The Ring. Otherwise They Must Be On The Apron.

5.) Remember The Goal Is To Keep These Tag Team Matches As Realistic And Fair As Possible.

**Remember These Rules Are Subject To Change Depending On Situations That May Arise**


CAW Rules

So you’re interested in becoming the next WGW superstar and want to Create A Wrestler. Well,  before you go and max all your stats or try to recreate the incredible Hulk, make sure you follow the guidelines below. All the guidelines are made to keep the action in the squared squared circle fair and balanced. All CAW rules must be followed or you will be forced to fix them before being scheduled on a show.

Ability guidelines:

Must have 6 abilities. 2 lv1, 2 lv2, and 2 lv3.

One of your lv3 abilities must be Resiliency, this is done in the interest of fairness. Read the description and you’ll see why


You need to have 18 skills in total, 4 of them need to be the “basic” skills. You can see these skills right when you open up the skills page add

Ratings and Overalls:

Your overall rating needs to be no more than 93. When dealing with your rating nothing should be lower than 65 or higher than 95. It’d be wise to customize your character to your ability. For instance, if your more of a grappler (Brock Lesnar), your aerial attack shouldn’t be a 95.

Signatures and Finishing moves:

You should have two signatures and two finishers. You can not have a known finisher as a regular move or signature (Like the Stone Cold Stunner). If you are unsure what is cool to use, do not be afraid to ask. This is the case where it’s better to ask for permission than forgiveness. Everyone should upload their moveset so we can see what you have to keep interest fair.

No known finisher should be used as a signature under any circumstance. If you are unsure about the move, ask @Shaggyblack or your GM. If you get caught once, it’s a warning, get caught again after your warning and you will be “future endeavored”.

-Movesets & Abilities Must Be Realistic. Meaning No Super Heavy Weights Doing Springboard Attacks, Etc.


-Movesets & Abilities Must Be Approved By One Of The League/Fed Administrators. To Do This, Please Upload The Moveset To Community Creations & Inform Us Where To Find It. Or You Can Post Any Moveset/Ability Changes In the GroupMe chats via DM


Make sure your wrestler is a realistic human. No weird skin colors like green or red.

**Keep Stats Realistic And Fair. For Example, Do Not Make Your Tag Team Stat Really Low Just So That You Can Increase All Your Other Stats And Keep Your Overall Within The Rules. We Don’t Want To Have To Micro Manage Everyone’s CAW Stats. So Please Do Not Force Us To Do So.**

Well there you have it. Now go out there and start your journey to become the next WGW Champion!



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