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A Brooklyn guy who wakes up wishing there was a Chick-Fil-A in his neighborhood. I truly wish I could be as good as my created players in NBA 2K and Madden.The one Red Sox fan in the entire city. The Knicks were so bad growing up I became a Laker fan, and now god is punishing me. Active WWE Network Subscriber.

WGW Rankings Guidelines

WGL WWE2k16 League: Power Rankings Title eligibility in WGL will be determined by Power Rankings, which will…

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NBA 2K16 Trailer

WINNING.   NBA 2K released their latest full length trailer titled “Winning”. The trailer features cover starts…

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WWE 2K16 Reveal Week 3

*Glass Shatters* ROSTER REVEAL! ROSTER REVEAL! ROSTER REVEAL! It’s Monday so you know what the deal is.…

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WWE 2K16 Roster Reveal

WELCOME TO MONDAY NIGHT REVEAL! (I know…I changed the name)   As stated last week, every monday…

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Kobe or The Field

Looks like Mamba wants in. According to an ESPN report posted last night, Team USA Basketball Chairman…

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