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DeathRow Madden

Introducing @DeathRowMadden

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The Row, DeathRow! With the return of madden we’d like to formally introduce you to the newest and hottest league around, DeathRow. This league will be a freestyle league with some of the best users around the WGL community. We hope you enjoy what we will bring to you this season!

We’ve already randomized names for teams selection and picked teams as well so let’s get an in-depth look at what we should expect from each division.

NFC East: This division boasts two former champions, Jai & Tunez. An up and comer who wants you to know he’s here to win, Josh. Also we have the fresh faced kid Taco.

Jai- Jai comes in as the favorite to win this division with his track record in the leagues and having the best team, Cowboys. Question is can he ever beat Tunez?

Tunez- Tunez, champion every year in madden and this year looks to be no different. Grabbing the Eagles late with all that talent will surely equal success, not to mention he owns Jai.

Josh- Looking to make a name for himself besides just talking and losing in dedicated last year to the more elite users. Redskins are his team of choice. Does he have enough in those stick skills to prove he belongs among he elite?

Taco- No clue why he was named Taco but I’m sure it’ll be free tacos for entire stadium if he scores a touchdown in any game. Giants and OBJ will be at his disposal, but a team won’t get you out the dungeon of the division

Jai 12-4
Tunez 11-5
Josh 8-8
Taco 2-14

NFC West: Interesting division, nah not really. This is Rob division to lose. To round out he division we have Huey who is a stat chaser, Daryle just doesn’t care enough, Sid ………

Rob- Cardinals and DBU, he’s ecstatic! Fully expect him to be in the mix come playoffs. He has the mental edge over the other contender in this division, Huey.

Huey- Stat Chasing Huey! Not to be confused with Money making Mitch. After taking Hawks expect lots of moves for Huey, he’s gonna buy some players and trade for some. See him as nothing more than a regular season guy as usual.

Daryle- If he cares, he’s a tough out. But it’ll be an uphill climb with those Niners. Close losses weekly, will that break his spirits?

Sidney- Decent madden player though and I’m sure he’ll try to turn those Rams around. Sleeper for a Wild Card? Not so fast, maybe in year 3-4 but not anytime soon. Purple zones are fixed so I’m sure his down lineman will be in one day 1.

Rob 11-5
Huey 10-6
Sidney 6-10
Daryle 5-11

NFC South: Here we go! Shay vs Mar is what the people want to see. Donte and Prophet round out the division. This is one of the weaker divisions in most opinions. One year of success for a couple and none for others.

Shay- Balanced attack on madden no matter the team. He went with Bucs and they mullion threats on the outside. Will his “having a seizure” with the MLB translate to success on madden 18? I think so

Mar- Spunk, the kid has it. He will go down fighting until he can find an excuse I’ll tell u that. Falcons are his team of choice, if he can find a groove with his usual 5-6 plays he’ll be deadly.

Donte- Panthers, life without OBJ and the Giants. Can he put together a defense to compete in this division is the big question. The pieces are there on offense so he can accidentally win games even if the defense isn’t great.

Prophet- “Prophet played MUT all year he’s gotten better” -Buck <<== You Big Dummy, this is the king of losing & bad trades how has he gotten better? Saints and Brees will put him in position to win a few but not many.

Mar 10-6
Shay 8-8
Donte 5-11
Prophet 3-13

NFC North: Jefe, Donny, BH & Slick. Can’t ask for better entertainment than this. Slick should be the fav but not so sure after taking his lowly Bears. User skills will be in play this entire division race, and separate the real from fake

Jefe- Mr. Wait til Madden Drop! Vikings, sure he took them just to trade their future away. Trading > Bowls to this guy. Tough playing him even still though. Ready to see those trades translate into a Bowl.

Donny- Packers yes his beloved Packers. Don’t think Aaron Rodgers will have a playoff appearance during his tenure. He will shock a few elites, but he will lose to his fellow stinkies.

Slick- Bad News Bears are back, don’t expect a bowl first year but man u won’t wanna see him in the playoffs no mater the squad. He should finish no less than 4-2 in a weak division.

BH- Elite team, no. Elite stars, no. How will he survive with the Lions? He’s making guarantees and promises about his division already. We’ve seen this b4, he never delivers

Jefe 10-6
Slick 10-6
Bh 7-9
Donny 6-10

AFC East: The kid, the has been, the washed up and the grateful to be here. You can decide who’s who but this is what it is in this division. Q, Jela, Carter & Fla.

Q- Bills, this is going to be another decent year for Q. Solid team, solid user but just not quite ready for the elite table. Not sure if he can take that leap forward. Being solid in this edition won’t avoid u the slander, elite or nothing.

Jela- Breakout year last year, looking for this one to be the one he breaks through and sits at champions table. Patriots and Tom Brady def will help that cause, but expect the same gimmick player that goes to the well once too many times. He’s not ready.

Carter- J E T S Jets Jets Jets! Crowd won’t be saying that much this year. Coming off his worst madden year and picking arguably the least talented team in the game, yep get ready to top last year.

Fla- Dolphins, beautiful weather, great women. That’s where the nice things stop. Let’s face it this guy has been on a downward spiral. Adjusting to the young guns game last year was a learning curve and he suffered, expect the same this year.

Jela 10-6
Fla 9-7
Q 6-10
Carter 5-11

AFC West: Kwam, Bosse, Snappa, MT are the participants in this one folks. Heavy favorite Bosse and a couple mid level guys in Kwam and MT. Snappa is looking to make a name for himself this madden.

Kwam- Raiders, loaded squad. Mid level guy from New League. The question around all these guys with exception of maybe 3, can they win in other lgs b4 the gimmicks come out that the entire NL will be running?

Bosse- He’s better than most and he knows it and will let you know it in the most annoying way possible. Chargers, team of choice here. The beautician is looking to add to his legacy.

MT- Broncos. The tools are there to win early but we’ve never seen a deep playoff run from him. Will this be his year or will he continue to be content with just getting by?

Snappa- Chiefs and an extremely talented core. What are your bets that Snappa picks top 5? Odds are 3:1 get your bets in before week 1 please.

Bosse 12-4
Kwam 9-7
MT 9-7
Snappa 2-14

AFC South: The Last Dragon was a dope movie. Bruce Leroy caught a bullet with his teeth. Ahhhh AFC South, I was taught not to say anything if there isn’t anything nice to say.

Pun- Clear but favorite here. He has his favorite team, Jags. Probably the most skilled user in this division by a mile. Playoffs is where he’ll be tested.

Shard- Perennial loser for years, but coming off a successful year. For him that is. Titans not very good so they won’t be able to hide what he lacks, ability to win consistently.

Crews- We’ll respected around the leagues. Not for madden though. Texans and Watson hoping to not be in purgatory all year. Maybe he turns a new leaf this year or maybe not.

Munch- Jab, jab, hook. Yes he’s a punching bag folks. He has Colts so expect Luck to be traded for a pick by preseason. Stinks and will continue to stink.

Pun 8-8
Shard 7-9
Crews 5-11
Munch 5-11

AFC North: Dot, Lang, Buck, Nap. Division is rounded out pretty nice. Good résumés from all. Not sure why the past matters but hey whatever works.

Dot- Steelers! Another elite team for Dot but can he win or will it be disappointment after disappointment. “Dot stinks and everyone knows it” –Jai. Let’s see how this pans out.

Lang- I remember him being good in Madden…. 15! Stop his deep passing attack and you’ll stop these Ravens. Nothing much more to it.

Buck- Could argue that he’s a better user than Slick but that’s TBD. Browns, they not ready to win year one so will he be able to suffer through a daunting season? Maybe he watches more YouTube videos and steals the show, who knows.

Nap- Talk about a true stinky that caught lighting in a bottle. Madden 17 let the WRs have an uneven advantage and he took advantage being the poor user he is. He’s hoping that same advantage is back picked Bengals with the speedster John Ross, haha idiot.

Dot 12-4
Buck 9-7
Lang 8-8
Nap 3-13

It’s been nice talking to you all. Deathrow is looking like it’ll be around as one of the top CFM leagues!
Tariq St. Patrick

Best Players. Best Leagues. Greatest Competition In the World

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