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Step To The Podium : 3 & Out MidSeason User Q&A

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We are halfway through 3 & Out Season 1! I had a chance to ask some users some questions regarding their thoughts so far for season 1.

1. Who are your surprise teams so far in the league? 

TIM : Surprise reams so far are the Steelers & Raiders. Both are new users I believe. Both are really good users as well. They make adjustments to what’s going on in the game which I can really respect.

VIP : Mar and Tim. They both started out strong making noise in there conference.

NAP : If I got asked this 3 weeks ago, I probably woulda said PJ. But honestly this would have to be ATM & the Lions. To be at 6-2 with that roster, salute to that guy.

STEFAN : Surprise team is PJ

BRUCE  : Surprise teams ..  Steelers and PJ even though he is becoming humbled

JOKER : No one so far. Everyone seems they should be where they are. If I had to pick ravens user.

SID. : Broncos and Cheifs

DOT : Surprise teams for me this season are the Raiders and Chiefs

MAR : Surprise teams – Myself(very slept on) Stef , PJ  (until like a couple hours ago)

2. What about teams you think are an upset so far? 

TIM : I didn’t know Kyran was gonna be this … disappointing. He talked a big game and made one of the worst trades ever in 3&O history if not WGL altogther. Also, I thought Wayne would have a better record but I know he’s still getting used to the game also.

VIP : Wayne and Kyran. Thought they’d start off well but both with rough starts.

NAP :  Feathers may be ruffled but BH and Wayne. Both were talking big before the season started and both been pretty mediocre so far.

STEFAN : Upset team is browns thought he would be able to turn that team around. Keeps losing games in 4th quarter.

SID : Thought Trap getting his favorite team would help lmfao.

DOT : Upset team has to be the Vikings. Popped a lot before madden dropped and he looking shaky now.

MAR : VIP, Brannin, Jefe(because he talks like he’s good)

3. As far as your team goes, what are some of the things you are satisfied what they’ve done so far and what can be fixed?

TIM : As far as K.C. goes, I love my acquisition of Le’Veon Bell. He’s really added a power running element that we didn’t have before. I’m a user who likes to control the clock and limit possessions. Having a strong running game really helps my cause. I’m also satisfied withy defense especially my safeties Ron Parker & E. Berry. We haven’t allowed anything over the top this season and they are the reason. We definitely need to work on the turnovers. Alex Smith has 9 TOs in the last 3 games. That’s not Chiefs football.

ViP : I love how the secondary us playing even though they are not the most talented secondary out there. Very young guys that I’m looking forward to develop. My offensive line has been disappointing. Giving up a lot of sacks and costed me a few games. Got to fix that core this offseason.

NAP: My team goes as far as this defense can carry us and we’re allowing the least amount of points in the league. Clean up the OL mistakes and this team will be scary.

STEFAN : The only thing I’m unsatisfied with my team is the injuries really have plagued me in games and my ability to stop the run.

BRUCE : As far as my team goes I’m not satisfied with my cb core but that will be fixed soon.

JOKER : Satisfied with my defense it’s almost good expect one game. Fixed my line is trash, better decisions with the football.

SID : Still able to run the ball & play defense how I want. Pass protection can better.

DOT : My team is real outside of some bad injuries. Offense was on fire then Carson and Odell go down. Once their back it’ll be fixed.

MAR : Satisfied with my offense . Wish I could improve on defending users that just throw it up to elite wideouts

4. If there is one team that can climb out of a hole, who would that be?

TIM : If there is anyone who can climb out of a hole, I’d think it’s Brannin. His young Jets are beginning to make plays, even in the losses. Once he gets Cardale together, it’s gonna get real in the AFC East.

VIP : I’d say Brannin. He’s getting his team together and working towards their strengths. Eliminate the turnovers and he will be fine.

NAP : I have a hard time counting Brannin out with those Jets. Started out 1-4 but now he’s .500. Mar better be careful.

STEFAN : I think the Jets can probably climb out the hole.

BRUCE : One team to come out the hole will be Trap.

JOKER : If he wanna, Wayne, other then that rest of the ppl in holes trash.

SID : Don’t even know half of the teams, probably Ravens

Dot didn’t answer this question but he took time to talk about someone else…..

DOT :  That team in Seattle sucks. Dang shame they have to suffer another year of no playoffs. He should sell the team. Started off hot, I never got excited. I knew he wasn’t gonna stay up there.

5. Who has made the worst trades so far in the league? 

TIM : It’s unanimous. Kyran made the worst trade. Period.


VIP : I’ll just say Kyran won’t be able to pay anybody the veteran minimum for the next 4-6 years.

NAP : His cap penalty is at 72 M’s. That’s all I have to say about that.

STEFAN : Giants have made the worst trades so far.

BRUCE : Who made the worst trades?  Hands down the Apple Man

JOKER : Lmao is this even a question man it’s obviously Marcus glichist for tony Jefferson smfh dirty ass DOT.


DOT : IDK why you asked that lmao



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