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Madden Primetime Players League

Primetime Players League Power Rankings 1st Edition

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We are at the tail end of the month of September which means we are locked all the way in on the lovely sport of Football. As the NFL kicks in and College Football being as exciting as ever, don’t forget to add Madden Leagues into that.

That’s right, the best sim league of the earth, Primetime Players League is back and better than ever! We are already heading into week 6 with several games already played and some big ones to come that could change things going forward. Without further adieu, we bring to you the first Primetime Players League Power Rankings.

1. Ravens(aymrcarter631)-The Ravens look like they are on a mission to do what they said they would do and win the first Madden 17 ring. An opportunistic defense led by Marcus Gilchirst and big plays from Breshad Perriman and Larry Fitzgerald lead the way.

2. Falcons(SiDonTrip)-A surprise to everyone except the user, it may be time to pay attention to the upstarts out of Georgia. Tevin Coleman averages nearly 7 yards a game, while Julio Jones is a big play waiting to happen.

3. Cards(jefe2416)-Arguably the most talented team in PPL, the Cardinals have been nothing short of explosive averaging 34ppg which is 3rd in the league using a solid balanced offense to do so.

4. Pats(Greatest xx)-After a week one setback to the Cardinals, the Patriots have been rollin’. They rolled the dice going with rookie QB Jacoby Brisset, but its paying off as he leads the league with 17 total TDs. Virtual unknown Alonzo Russell is proving to be a gem of a WR with 162.5 yards a game.

5. Cowboys(KTunezTV)-The very balanced Cowboys come in with one loss on there sheet. Tony Romo is doing an admirable job spreading the ball around but Marvin Jones seems to be his favorite target. Shady McCoy will keep you honest with his 6 yards per carry.

6. Packers(mrrodgers1)-The Packers could easily be 2-2 but somehow were able to squeak those wins out. While the offense is a work in progress to say the least, the defense has been holding down the fort for the pack.

7. Eagles(Adam Michael)-The last of the unbeaten teams, the Eagles bring the possibly the best front 4 to the table. They shut down run lanes and chase the QB like no other.

8. Steelers(JWil412)-The Steelers remain a fordimabke opponent with an explosive passing offense. This team loves to get vertical as they have 4 catching options averaging nearly 15 yards a catch. Antonio Brown is the clear lead dog here averaging 18 a catch with 29 catches and 7 of those going for touchdowns.

9. Seahawks(livinglegend106)-Another insanely talented team that is a threat every time they take the field. Deandre Hopkins is a big play waiting to happen as he alone is averaging 37 yards a catch! Wow!

10. Chiefs(ProphetGold)-If not for the upstart Falcons, the AFC West leading Chiefs would easily be the surprise of PPL. Jamaal Charles is in the early running for MVP, while Eric Berry is doing the same on defense. We’ve seen this user get off to hot starts before, but the question is can they maintain when the lights are bright?

11. 49ers(Weavus Christ)-Don’t look now but one of the teams repping the Bay Area are holding there own in the toughest division. Damiere Byrd has been quite the find for the Niners, but he will need much more help if he’s going to remain competitive against the likes of the Cardinals and the Seahawks.

12. Saints(AlfieTrell)-The Saints are about two possessions from being undefeated and looked primed to compete for a playoff spot. Spearheaded by David Johnson and a wealth of speed at WR, New Orleans will be a tough out.

13. Broncos(Spanish Savage)-A surprisingly potent offense led by rookie Paxton Lynch, the Bronco have the look of a serious threat to scoop up a Wild Card spot. Virgil Green has been quite a surprise.

14. Titans(LarryLegend1989)-The book is still out on the Titans. Yes they are division leaders, but two of those wins were free wins. Let’s see how they stack up as the season goes on.

15. Lions(onlysteveee)-An interestingly built team that has a ton of turnovers but somehow is gaining traction in the NFC North and will be in the thick of the Wild Card race.

16. Bills(DonP757)-The Bills are right at the middle of the pack because they are an enigma. If you look at the stats, Jennings is running well, Robert Woods is proving to be capable at WR, but they can’t seem to get out of there own way when it comes to turnovers. Let’s see if they can put it altogether going forward.

17. Jets(MunchFlair)-Another team that is plagued by turnovers, the Jets will need to calm those down in order to make a run. WR Robby Anderson is having a Pro Bowl type year.

18. Bengals(spottieottiedop)-The Bengals spread the ball around well on offense with Doug Baldwin and AJ Green leading the charge, but are struggling to score TDs when it counts. They will need to correct that in order to challenge the potent Steelers.

19. Raiders(SlickGotDaJuic3)-The Raiders came in with high expectations but have sputtered out of the gate. Latavius Murray is running very well, but it hasn’t been enough to get them out of the funk just yet. They will get going at some point for sure.

20. Rams(sonofsolomon25)-The Rams have the talent on paper to compete with probably the toughest division in PPL, it will be interesting to see over the next few weeks if the offensive line can mesh in time for the Rams to put together some wins.

21. Chargers(Rich Homie Kwam)-Turnovers are a theme that continues to show up and the Chargers are too victim to it. The Chargers rely on the big play so Philip Rivers will need to take better care of the football in order for this promising team to make a run.

22. Colts(TreDuece)-Not much is known about the Colts, but one thing is for sure that Phillip Dorsett is one to watch. 134 yards per game leads the way on this offense. They still have a chance as he division is off too a slow start.

23. Giants(JeLaSoul)-The Giants have top 3 talent but do not have the wins to show for it. There’s a ton of big names on the roster that is yet to mesh and make winning plays. There’s still time but it’s running short as the Eagles and Cowboys are hot!

24. Washington(DreDay2603)-A ferocious front 7 was assembled in Washington but it has not translated to wins. The offense has to begin to produce in order to give the defense a rest.

25. Buccaneers(Shaggy Black)-The Bucs owner has been through a lot in there personal life so they have been struggling at the start. It was very nice to see them get there first win.

26. Vikings(Boski3297)-The FSU Vikings are struggling and it’s mainly on the defensive side of the ball. If the defense doesn’t get it together, all the speed in the world won’t matter on offense.

27. Browns(AyeMoeKill24)-The Browns have to protect themselves and run the football more in order to find the offense that they want. It will be very interesting to see if they do so.

28. Jaguars(FlaState0fMind)-Easily the biggest shocker of the season thus far, the Jags are simply disappointing. Luckily they are in a division where nobody seems to be running away with the division so there’s time to turn it around. But they better start quickly.

29. Bears(Big Deejay)-A team that is a work in progress is looking for a QB to lead this franchise in the right direction. The owner is frankly sick of Jay Cutler.

30. Panthers(DruDizz)-Rumblings are that Panthers scouts have been at every SEC game looking for a RB to draft and cure there anemic rushing attack.

31. Texans(QCobb)-Somewhat of a shocker as well that the Texans have not been able to reel off any wins yet. There were rumors that the Texans completely missed the offseason, so that may be a reason why.

32. Dolphins(chodgecashedout)-The Dolphins are excited and looking forward to the draft.



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