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WGW WrestleMania Preview

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Greetings, WGW Universe! The time has finally arrived…we have reached the Grandest Stage of Them All, the Showcase of Immortals, the biggest WGW event in history: it’s time for WRESTLEMANIA!




After successfully defending his World Championship at the Royal Rumble, The Pharaoh was met with a rude awakening: Russ Snow would invoke his rematch clause the following night on RAW and become an unprecedented THREE time champ! The stage was set for Snow to defend at WrestleMania against “Hollywood” Aiden McMahon, the winner of the Royal Rumble. Unfortunately an injury sidelined Aiden and he was replaced by Buck Nasty–the reigning Intercontinental Champion and the last man eliminated at the Rumble. Pharaoh, taking exception to his rematch seemingly being snubbed, lobbied to insert himself into the Main Event and earned a seat at the table by actually defeating Buck in singles competition. Now, The Boss stands alone as he squares off against not only his former comrade in Buck Nasty, but also the crafty, conniving Pharaoh. Who will emerge victorious and set WGW on its first steps into a new era?




Rivalries are typically a natural occurrence in the sport of pro wrestling. Wins and losses pile up, streaks and slumps happen, and sometimes words and emotions can take the tension and evolve it into…something more. Vertigo and Ricardo Ramon have been having increasingly heated exchanges with one another over the past few months, stemming from the fact that they are nearly evenly matched in the ring. This led to an Ironman Match on a recent episode of Smackdown, where the two competitors fought to a draw. Now, this fierce rivalry can end in only one way: a Last Man Standing match! To sweeten the pot, the powers that be have stated that the winner of this match will be the first entrant into the upcoming NextGen Ladder Match at WGW Ascension…but what will become of the loser?




After a controversial win at WGW Rising Sun in Japan–which saw their match restarted after a blatant disqualification by The Nightmare Connection–Team 5-Star (Jordan “JT Money” Todd & “The Prodigy” Joe West) has enjoyed international notoriety and taken up the mantle of bringing prestige to the tag division at WGW. Alex Perez and Landon Kelly beg to differ, however, saying they were cheated out of a title win. These four men have since been embroiled in increasingly violent altercations, leading to General Manager Black Tunney making a mandate that in exchange for a title match at WrestleMania, the two teams could not lay a hand on one another. As far as what KIND of match this would be, exactly…The Nightmare Connection excels in death matches. Team 5-Star has prospered in ladder matches. The GM decided to combine the two for the first ever Tag Team TLC match! This should be one for the ages!




Perhaps the only things more volatile than the rivalries here in WGW are the tenuous alliances that form in the locker room. One such alliance was The Riot Squad, where Real Deal Ricky teamed with Luthor King & Wallace to shake up the very foundation of WGW. However, when King earned himself a shot at the World Title while RDR failed in his own quest for gold it was apparent that jealousy was beginning to read it’s ugly head: Ricky, for not being a world title contender…and Luthor, for seemingly being an afterthought compared to his Nike-emblazoned stablemate. The bad blood has reached its boiling point, and the CEO has determined that WGW isn’t big enough for both of these massive egos–so the loser of this match has to LEAVE WGW!




Since defeating “The Anarchist” Alex Perez for the Pure Title, Slade has been on fire-fueled path of destruction. He’s put down all challengers since then, but one man in particular has gotten under his skin: Vega Ortiz, the Golden Army’s First Lieutenant. However….Slade isn’t the only one that wants to silence The Pharaoh’s second-in-command. “The Timb God” Jay Omega AND his partner Dallas Love–returning from injury–both have a bone to pick after Ortiz tried to “recruit” them into the Golden Army, and Slade is putting his title on the line against ALL THREE men!



While the self-proclaimed “X-Factor” of WGW Ian Jacobs’ prowess as a superstar has been….debatable at best, one thing he is unanimously skilled at is running his mouth. And ever since Kevin Youngblood suffered career-threatening injuries in his title loss to Russ Snow, Jacobs has wasted no opportunity taunting the Lionheart. Finally fed up, KYB has decided to come out of semi-retirement for one night only, to silence Ian Jacobs once and for all!



Savannah Jack has shown tons of promise in recent weeks. Now he gets an opportunity to test his mettle against a surprise return: the Royal Rumble Winner, “Hollywood” Aiden McMahon! Can Jack pull off a statement victory at WrestleMania, or will Aiden simply use him to knock off the “ring rust?”


Stay tuned to @WGW_WGL on Twitter for the latest updates, results and links to matches on Twitch!


Written By: Chris L.

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