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WWE WrestleMania 32 Preview

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ITS THE MOST WONDERFUL SUNDAY OF THE YEAR. Happy WrestleMania Sunday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This year the preview is a bit different. I was able to grab two members in the WGW community to give their opinions on the tonight’s festivites. Enjoy!!!!!!!


United States Championship: Kalisto Vs Ryback 

Quincy: This match itself I have no strong feelings positively or negatively about. Kalisto has this odd position of being the new kid friendly lucha that will sell masks and wow fans and Ryback is… Ryback. The build of this match is very dull, but with Kalisto I believe he will make this match as memorable as can be. A good, predictable match to start off WrestleMania with Kalisto retaining in my prediction.

Chris L.I think WWE missed a great opportunity to tell a David vs Goliath story here, but they just haven’t fleshed this match out much. Be that as it may, I’m picking Kalisto to go over The Big Guy in a feel-good moment for the pre-show.

Duggus:In a match that’s being built as typical as David Vs Goliath, Ryback’s message all along to Kalisto has been that he’s too small for this business. At the end of the day the bigger guys always win. In a sense he’s coming off as a complete douchebag. If this is a way to push Kalisto even more, then he has to get a win. I do expect something amazing to happen though. Something like Kalisto getting a Ryback up for a powerslam to get the crowd excited for what will otherwise be seen as a bathroom break match. I got Kalisto winning.


Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal

Q:  Battle Royals are always a fun little trip, and this particular battle royal will be interesting off the strength of so many injuries that the roster has suffered through this year. It’s quite interesting, because I fully expect to see some dark horses such as the Wyatts or some NXT wrestlers in this match. As far as who is taking the trophy this year, I honestly don’t know. This is one we will have to sit and see who is gonna be the standout in this one.

C: This match has been used a springboard for a mid-carder to be pushed as “unstoppable” for a few months. Rumors are pointing towards Braun Stroman to win it this year, and I’d say that’s a safe bet.

D: The annual way of getting a lot of the roster onto the show is in its third year of existence. The first year produced the moment of Cesaro single handily tossing Big Show over the top rope to win. Last year we saw Damien Sandow get his moment when he turned on the Miz only to lose to the Big Show. This year is pretty up in the air, but there will be a special moment. The winner will most certainly be someone they can potentially push after that. Maybe a Giant? But for my own fanboy self I’m going with someone who I hope gets a push following Sunday night. I’m picking Tyler Breeze.


Divas 10 Woman Tag Team Match : The Total Divas (Paige, Natalya, Eva Marie, Alicia Foxx, Brie Bella) vs B.A.D & Blondes ( Emma, Summer Rae, Lana, Naomi, Tamina)

Q:The typical divas match that happens every WrestlemMania; The big diva’s tag match that. This isn’t the diva’s match that you gonna want to keep an eye out for, and before Monday i would have easily predicted Total Divas taking this match with a quickness… but the reaction that Eva Marie got Monday (which was really bad) makes me think that it won’t be as simple as a 5 minute popcorn break of a match.

C: Total Divas win because, well…WWE has a TV show to promote.

D: Similar to the battle royal, this is WWE’s way of getting the Divas’ roster on the show. Putting the cast of Total Divas reality show against essentially a team of divas whom were either never on the show or are former cast members. This all started when Lana wondered how Brie Bella was handling her loss to Charlotte at Fastlane ontop of Daniel Bryan retiring and her sister Nikki Bella dealing with a career ending injury. Since then we’ve gotten glimpses of Lana doing spinning kicks (really good ones I might add,) so expect Lana to get some ring time. If the rumors are true that this is Brie’s final match before retiring then expect her to get a proper send off. Hopefully this gets some decent time so everyone can show off their skills, but I have the total divas winning.


The Usos vs The Dudley Boyz 

Q: This match was unfortunately pushed back to the pre show, which is a shame because it has a solid story behind it. The Dudleys refusing to be the old legends team is just what the Uso’s need to solidify their place as a solid team. We all know the Dudley’s pedigree, so seeing Rikishi’s boys face this team will be a great ride. I predict the baby face win, or one of the Dudleys going through a table… if not both.

C: As much as I’d like to see the Dudleys go over at WrestleMania, I think the Usos get revenge on behalf of Cousin Roman and grab a win here.

D: This is one of your many old school versus new school types of matches you will see throughout the night. This all started while each team was feuding with The New Day over the tag team titles. It all took a turn for the worst during an episode of raw in which these 4 were all in the same team for a tag match. Following the match as The Dudleys were helping up the Usos the next moment took a turn for the worst when Bubba Ray and Devon attack their “partners” and put them through tables. Over the next few weeks the rivalry intensified with the Dudleys out to prove to not only the Usos but also the WWE Universe that they were no washed up tag team who were here to cash a check. They wanted to be taken seriously. This tag match has no gimmicks involved so don’t expect anything from it. It seems set up for a good guys triumph over the bad guys. Go Usos


The New Day vs The League of Nations

Q: Originally, this was gonna be for the tag titles but it wouldn’t have made much sense considering they beat the full team of 4 members in 2 shows back to back. The New Day is arguably the most interesting act in WWE right now and I think that something is going to happen to launch them higher with the fans than they already are. There are some heavy rumors about some electric force helping them, but I’ll just leave that for my imagination. As far as winners go, I don’t see any reason for New Day to lose this match because USA and bald eagles.

C: The New Day has completed the most organic face turn since DX and I’m not mad one bit. I don’t think they overcome the League of Booty here, though…the blow-off match for the Tag Titles happens later.

D: There’s no denying the absolute pure happiness I get when I see the New day. The story of this group comprised of Big E, Kofi Kingston, and Xavier Woods is incredible when you dive deeper into the creation of this team and how what they were written out to be. How they flipped that script entirely became the most fan favorite act even when they were slated to be booed. Their entrance undoubtedly has the most pressure in terms of who will produce the most memorable entrance. The grandest stage of them all always calls for certain superstars to have some pretty epic entrances. For three guys who hop around with unicorns and a trombone the possibilities of what they will come up with are potentially endless. Their counterparts The League of Nations is a group that was at first seen as just a way to throw some guys together,  but has slowly become something worthwhile. The team of Sheamus, Wade Barrett, Rusev, and Alberto Del Rio have come together but unsuccessfully attempted to dethrone The New Day as tag champs. After two failed attempts with all four members getting shots. They resulted in a post match beat down to truly send a message. Now while you may think The League should obviously win due to outnumbering the new day four members to three. They haven’t truly been successful with the advantage. Expect sparks. Expect magic… and if it’s meant to be, expect a unicorn. New Day wins.


Intercontinental Championship Ladder Match: Kevin Owens(c) vs. Sami Zayn vs. Dolph Ziggler vs. Sin Cara vs. The Miz vs. Stardust vs. Zack Ryder

Q: Now this is the potential match of the night candidate here. Ladder matches for some reason are become the go to Mania match, but very rarely do they disappoint. The wild card in this match is Long Island’s very own Zack Ryder; whom is a surprising entrant in this match. We also will see the blood feud between Zayn and Owens in some form or fashion play out, and if you are a fan of ROH, be sure to keep an eye out for some spots they used for the Ladder War match they had then. I actually predict Owens losing this match and the IC title either going to either Ziggler, Miz or Zayn.

Oh and Sin Cara is in the match too. I totally forgot.

C: This will be a great match, and since so much stuff has been moved to the pre-show it looks like they’ll give the main card matches more time to tell stories. I think we’ll see the Rise of Sami Zayn tonight, and get a glimpse of the battles he and Kevin Owens have had in the past–but I’m banking on KO to win this one. Hopefully it sets up a rematch between him and JUST Sami down the road.

D: Last year’s matchup provided a great way to kick off the show featuring high intense spots and the happy triumph of Daniel Bryan Capturing the title. Expect much of the same with the primary focus being on Sami Zayn vs Kevin Owens. They will probably be the last men standing trying to grab the belt, but we’ve been looking forward to #KOMania for weeks now and it’s going to end gloriously tonight.


AJ Styles vs Chris Jericho 

Q: Personally, this is the match I’m most excited for. AJ Styles has been in the WWE for roughly 3 months now and has been in quite the feud with Chris Jericho. While they’ve wrestled with and against each other, I think both of them have been saving the best of their abilities for this match not only is AJ Styles very good in the ring, but Jericho has been giving some of his best heel work in years. We know Jericho is a company man, so I’m almost certain we are gonna see an AJ Styles win. What I’m hoping we will see however is the break-neck (waka waka) Styles Clash or the rarer-than-a-bigfoot-sighting move Spiral Tap. This is gonna be the match that will define AJ Styles as a player in the ‘E going forward.

C: This match will be good, but we’ve already seen it three times before. AJ’s entrance will be Phenomenal, and we know Jericho is always good for spectacle. AJ wins the match, and hopefully this feud is over.

D: This will be AJ Styles’ first ever WrestleMania, which is something many wrestling fans never thought would be possible words to sputter out (or in my case, type up). So here’s to him making a very important first Mania impression. AJ wins.


Triple Threat Divas Championship Match: Becky Lynch vs Sasha Banks vs Charlotte(c)

Q: These 3 women may have started a new revolution in women’s wrestling in NXT, and now they have an opportunity to show the world what they are capable of doing. Charlotte, Becky Lynch and Sasha have once before had a triple threat in NXT that was amazing. The bright lights of WrestleMania I think will enhance that already amazing match that they had previously. Honestly, I’m hoping Becky Lynch comes out of this as the winner. She has been very close to the title and deserves the W.

C: This also has potential to be an amazing match, if their similar matches in NXT are to be an indicator. I think The Boss gets her Mania Moment here, with Uncle Snoop playing her down the aisle. Becky turns heel sometime between WM and The RAW After, and feuds with a debuting Bayley. Bank on that.

DThis is my pick for the match that will steal the show. WrestleMania is where stars truly can ascend to new heights, and these three women have the chance to truly show, not only what they’re about, but what women’s wrestling is all about. It’s a match that has been brewing for months. For fans alike maybe even years since their days at NXT. Here’s to a great match with a much needed bossy ending.


No Holds Barred Street Fight: Brock Lesnar vs Dean Ambrose

Q:  Let’s just get this out the way: Lesnar is going to win this match. I would be genuinely shocked if he lost. However, this W won’t come easy. I would be surmise to say that Dean Ambrose might kick his ass. The last street fight Brock was involved in was the Beast vs. Best match with some UFC fighter named CM Punk, which impressed. However, Dean Ambrose has moxy and a violent skill set that someone needs to hurt Brock. I hope, more-so, expect to see blood.

C: WWE is in a precarious position with Ambrose here. You’ve got arguably your top babyface star, in a match against the OTHER big babyface star, against whom no one believes Dean can possibly win. So…if Dean wins, he has to win like a heel. But a heel Dean Ambrose won’t work because if he turns on Roman (which seems inevitable at this point), he’s the new savior of the company. I think Brock wins here, while Dean looks like a gladiator in the process.

D: Of the three marquee matches, this is clearly the most freshly providing match on the card. It’s a big time match with two combatants you never thought would have not only a one on one match, but a one on one match at WrestleMania. The street fight gives these guys free reign to wreak havoc. With Dean getting the legendary praises of some prestigious hardcore legends over the last few weeks, you can expect blood to be shed and weapons of all types to be introduced. The mystique of Brock Lesnar will continue to glow. I appreciate Brock going from taking on vets to young guys deserving of the spot. It has the makings of a classic affair and while Ambrose won’t get slaughtered, I still see the beast doing what he does best: Killing. Lesnar wins


Hell in the Cell: Shane McMahon vs The Undertaker

Q:  Shane McMahon; the mythical, high risk taking son of Vince vs. The Demon of Death Valley The Undertaker. If you would have told me 6 months ago this was gonna be a Mania match I wouldn’t have believed you, but here we are. Shane was all but a specter of WWE’s past, so to see him back and in a wrestling match no less is a welcomed surprised. While the build up isn’t the best, and Meltzer won’t give this 5 stars it’s going to do what it is supposed to do; build a story. This match is probably the hardest on the card to predict because of the stakes being so high. Either Shane wins ownership of Raw or Undertaker will “never perform at WrestleMania again”. My mind is conflicted, but I’m going with Shane McMahon via shenanigans.

C: This is my pick for Match of the Night. Shane-o Mac seems to be ready for this match and the carnage that comes with it. I expect shenanigans from Vince McMahon, and possibly a returning John Cena (probably in Red, White and Blue gear) as an equalizer. Ultimately, I think Taker takes the fall for “the greater good” here.

D: I had interest in the match when It was first announced. Then the next few weeks were very dull to keep me interested. Vince McMahon even saying that if Taker loses then this will be his last WrestleMania wasn’t enough to keep me going. Then last Monday happened and the confrontation sold me. I’m sold on this match and you should be too. While the buildup has been lackluster, you know each competitor is trying hard for this. If that black eye Undertaker received last Monday is a way of letting us know shit will get real, then by all means WWE, go out there and show us. Oh and yeah, Shane wins.


World Heavyweight Championship Match: Triple H(c) vs Roman Reigns

Q: The main event of the night that honestly no one wants to see, all with good reason. Listen, I’m a fan of Roman Reigns. I don’t think the man is the absolute worst in the world and he clearly can go when he gets the right opponent. The issue is that Triple H is not that guy. After months of beating each other senseless, Triple H and Roman Reigns square up in an almost guaranteed sea of boos and dastardly wishes. There’s no MiTB winner that could cash in, there’s no triple threat… Either Roman is going to win or HHH. Predictably, Reigns is going to go home with the title, but a little known fact; HHH was actually the first bad guy to leave out of Wrestlemania champion so that’s a very real possibility. There’s also the instance of The Rock, who happens to be related to Roman Reigns (in real life) and hates HHH (in wrestling life).

Reigns is winning this one I think. Belleeeee dat.

C: Sigh.


This match will be a spectacle, for all the wrong reasons. 100,000 people in AT&T Stadium chanting “Let’s Go, Roman!” “ROMAN SUCKS!” Nothing WWE has done has made Roman into the universal fan favorite they long for him to be, because everything they’ve done to accomplish that goal has been half-baked and uninspired. Back at TLC, Roman had a flashback to his days as The Juggernaut of The Shield as he decimated The Authority for getting screwed out of the WHC once again…you could hear him shouting “IT FEELS SO GOOD!” in between chair shots. And what did WWE do? Let Triple H make the return as the badass babyface who gets revenge against the dastardly villain at the Royal Rumble.



After it’s all said and done, Roman will be a three-time champion after tonight, and most of the crowd (and viewership around the world) will be groaning, and we’re all gonna be praying for the return of Crossfit Jesus.


D: I truly have no idea how this match is going to go. It has the same feel as last year. A part-timer as champion going up against the man WWE wants to be the new face of the company. Yet the way it went down last year wasn’t how anyone expected to be, so why wouldn’t you think that would happen again? What we do know is that it’s all of a sudden a no disqualification match which also helps see how the Rock is going to factor in with his appearance. It looks like it’s going to be 2014 Royal Rumble 2.0 with Rock helping his real-life cousin Reigns once again get the win. Regardless of the fan reactions, and if he’s booed by 100,000 people, can Roman Reigns and Triple H put on a better match than Lesnar and Reigns last year? There’s no money in the bank briefcase to be cashed in, so there won’t be any possible outside interference (we think). Here’s to a great main event that hopefully doesn’t leave us feeling unsatisfied. Roman Wins? 

Who will have match of the night?

Q: Either the ladder match or that AJ Styles/Chris Jericho match. More so going with the latter

C: Hell In A Cell will be Match of the Night. Two veterans in a storied gimmick match that has severe implications and a compelling story behind it.

D: Divas match hands down.

Who will be the breakout star?

Q: Honestly, I’m going with Zack Ryder. This is a man who is in his first Wrestlemania match in ages and has an opportunity to show that he is really hungry and actually belongs where he is at. While I don’t see him doing top of the ladder spears, this match will damn sure be more memorable that being in and out in the Andre The Giant battle royal

D: They’re already stars, but tonight Kevin Owens and Sasha Banks will become legendary.

Surprise predictions? 

Q: The surprise predictions? I don’t have any outside of what we do know… but in the immortal words of Sting “the only thing that’s for certain is nothing is for certain”

C: John Cena returns at Wrestlemania. I’m leaning towards him figuring into the outcome of Shane vs. Taker, but he may also come out for some sort of interaction with The Rock and/or Stone Cold.

D: Somehow, someway, Bray Wyatt becomes WWE World Heavyweight Champion.


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