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WGW Royal Rumble Preview

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Greetings, WGW Universe, and welcome back! Hold onto your seats as we begin our Road To WrestleMania with…The Royal Rumble!



In a shocking turn of events, Russ Snow (the only two-time World Champion in WGW history) was dethroned–during a Money In The Bank cash-in by The Pharaoh! Upon winning the World Heavyweight Championship, the Prophet of Giza promptly put an “insurance policy” of sorts in place to ensure a long reign, introducing the First Lieutenant of his Royal Army: Omega Ortiz. While The Boss opted not to immediately invoke his rematch clause, there is one man who has emerged as a threat–the Riot Squad’s resident Maniac, Luthor King. Can the self-proclaimed “Mr. Main Event” wrest the title from The Pharaoh, or is this truly the start of a Golden Era in WGW?



Buck Nasty became WGW’s first ever dual champion by holding both the Tag Team Titles and the WGW Intercontinental Championship, which he earned by defeating Vertigo in the first ever Tables, Ladders and Chairs match. Since then, he’s lost the Tag Title…but he’s held on to the IC Title by any means necessary. Meanwhile, the merger of RAW and Smackdown’s rosters has really shaken up the secondary title scene, as the Pure and Intercontinental titles are now open to all WGW Superstars! Former Pure Champion Landon Kelly has quickly seized this opportunity and aims to take the IC Title for his own!



On the other side of the aisle, “The Anarchist” Alex Perez has reigned as WGW Pure Champion with pure mayhem in his wake. The Master of the Deathmatch has issued a challenge to the locker room for a brave soul to step into his playground at the Rumble, and it was answered by “The All Powerful” Slade. Can the Red Giant defeat AP in an Extreme Rules Match, or is Perez truly “Death-proof?”



Over the past few weeks, we’ve seen a strong alliance form between fierce rivals Joe “The Prodigy” West and “JT Money” Jordan Todd; they seem to have bonded over the numerous wars they’ve fought against each other, and have decided to come together and take the tag division by storm. At the same time, we’ve seen the ascension of The Dream Team, as they managed to finally dethrone The Management for the Tag Team Titles. The Rainbow Warrior and The Timb God now look forward their greatest challenge yet, as they face two world-class athletes in their own right in the newly formed “5 Star.”



A longstanding tradition, The Royal Rumble pits 20 of WGW’s best and brightest against each other in an over-the-top-rope battle royale to determine the Number One Contender to the WGW World Heavyweight Championship–at WrestleMania! Russ Snow has entered the match to re-establish his dominance here in WGW, but what will happen when he runs into the enigmatic newcomer Omega Ortiz? Can Landon Kelly and Vertigo, who teamed up at the Civil War special event to oust Black Tunney from his post as General Manager of RAW, continue to co-exist in the Rumble? What surprise entrants lie in wait? Find out the answer to all these questions and more THIS WEEKEND, at the WGW Royal Rumble! As usual, keep it locked right here and at @WGW_WGL on Twitter for all of the latest news!



Written by: Chris L.

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