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3 & Out Madden Primetime Players League

XB1 Madden League’s Top 25 User Rankings

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Wassup users of PPL and 3&O and everyone else who reads this post and have been keeping up with our Madden leagues. Both PPL and 3&O have completed at least 4 full played seasons and are in their 5th Season. So after all the games that have been played thus far, the Commishes and Co-Commishes of each league have come up with a Top 25 between the two leagues. This initial rankings rewards users from each league for their accomplishments up to this point of their league. The rankings will change as the users that are in the rankings beat other users that are ranked and/or lose to other ranked/unranked users. If you are unranked in these initial rankings, you’ll have plenty of time to play yourself into the top 25. And if you are ranked, don’t get too comfortable because you need to continue to win to stay ranked and/or improve your ranking. The Rankings will be updated every Sunday. The criteria to determine this initial ranking is as follows:

  • Super Bowl Winner
  • Super Bowl Participant/Loser
  • Playoff wins
  • Division Titles


TOP 25

  1. Goose (PPL; 2x Super Bowl Winner)
  2. Carter (PPL; Super Bowl Winner)
  3. VIP (3&O; Super Bowl Winner)
  4. Florida (PPL; Super Bowl Winner)
  5. Brannin (3&O; Super Bowl Winner)
  6. Dot (3&O; Super Bowl Winner)
  7. Tone (3&O; Super Bowl Winner)
  8. ATM (3&O; 2x Super Bowl Participant)
  9. Buck (PPL; Super Bowl Participant)
  10. Isiah (3&O; Super Bowl Participant)
  11. Bruce (3&O; Super Bowl Participant)
  12. Adam (PPL; Super Bowl Participant)
  13. TD (PPL)
  14. Tunez (PPL)
  15. Schwick (3&O)
  16. Wayne (3&O)
  17. Bosse (PPL)
  18. Jai (PPL)
  19. MT (PPL)
  20. Joker (3&O)
  21. Donny (PPL)
  22. Selfmade (3&O)
  23. Q (PPL)
  24. Chef (3&O)
  25. Jef (PPL)


  • Pun (3&O)
  • Sid (3&O)
  • Weav (PPL)
  • Spanish Savage (PPL)

Congrats to the Users who made the initial Top 25! And best of luck the rest of the way. Lets finish this Madden year off strong.


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