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WGW SummerSlam Preview

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Greetings, WGW Universe! It might be a bit chilly outside, but the temperature is about to rise as we enter WGW SummerSlam! There have been some shake-ups of epic proportions and WGW has been rocked to its very core!


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At Money In The Bank, the unthinkable happened: Russ Snow managed to LOSE his coveted World Heavyweight Championship when Joe West scored the pin against Vertigo in a Triple Threat Match. The Boss immediately invoked his rematch clause against Joe the next night on RAW–and ended his title reign at just under 24 hours! Joe, boasting that his lifetime record against the Champ was now all knotted up at 2-2 (albeit those two victories were not in one-on-one competition), and invoked HIS rematch clause…in an Iron Man Match, where the man who scores the most pinfalls or submissions in 15 minutes will emerge victorious! Can The Prodigy prove that his victory at MITB wasn’t a fluke? Or will Russ Snow continue his reign of dominance over WGW?


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After Joe West won the WGW Heavyweight Title at Money In The Bank, he was forced to vacate the Pure Title. In response, a set of pools took place on RAW to determine new contenders for said title. Newcomer “The Anarchist” Alex Perez found himself facing Landon Kelly in a final bout for the championship, but fell victim to the self-proclaimed Face Of RAW in a climactic 2 out of 3 Falls Match that was one for the ages. Now, the two men clash one more time, for one more fall, here at SummerSlam. Can Perez bounce back and earn championship gold here at WGW, or will Landon Kelly use him as a stepping stone to become “The Greatest Pure Champion Of All Time?”


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The WGW Intercontinental Title has developed a reputation for being mired in controversy, ever since the enigmatic Vertigo (or Deucalion, or The Demon–whichever personality he’s going by these days) was gifted the championship by Bowen via “Finger Poke Of Doom” as he unveiled the Seventh Sanctum several months ago. Lately–even though Bowen is one half of the WGW Tag Champions (after the Management “retired” the belts and “re-debuted” them as watches and shoes), he’s been expressing growing discontent about how he put his own title aspirations aside for “the greater good.” Meanwhile, the OTHER half of the Tag Champs, Slade, has been running roughshod over the Smackdown roster in singles competition and believes HE is the rightful #1 Contender to the IC Title, even if his brother-in-arms is the champion! This past week, tensions have heightened and tempers flared to a fever pitch, and the Seventh Sanctum dissolved before our very eyes–prompting the CEO himself to call a bombshell of an audible: The Tag Title Unification Match scheduled between Bowen & Slade and The Management has been POSTPONED. Instead, Bowen and Slade test their mettle against their former leader Vertigo as he defends his precious Intercontinental Title in a TRIPLE THREAT MATCH! Who will emerge from this battlefield as “the very best, like no one ever was?”


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As one faction has seen its demise over the past several weeks, WGW has seen another one rise. Three former Smackdown stars–WALLACE, Luthor King and Real Deal Ricky–were traded to RAW and enjoyed a newfound revitalization in their careers. However, simply winning matches didn’t seem to be enough for the trio. They banded together to form the Riot Squad, and their first victim? Jordan “JT Money” Todd. Tonight he seeks retribution as he faces off against the Riot Squad’s resident Maniac, Luthor King in a match where Falls Count Anywhere!


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The other two members of the Riot Squad also have a chance to cause havoc at SummerSlam, as they square off against the DreamTeam of “The Rainbow Warrior” Dallas Love and his partner “The Wiseass” Jay Omega. The winners of this match become the #1 contenders for the WGW Tag Titles–but will they face Slade and Bowen, who defeated the DreamTeam for the “new” Tag Titles on RAW? Or will they face the Management–the team that never lost the gold in the first place?

IC #1 Contender match

Rounding things out, we have another match with high stakes happening tonight as The Pharaoh takes on Crossfit Duggus to determine a new #1 Contender to the Intercontinental Championship. Having earned one title shot already in the form of the Money In The Bank briefcase, The Golden One looks to diversify and the only man standing in his way just so happens to be The Fittest Of Them All.

Buck v Ricardo

In spite of the fact that his title match was postponed, Buck Nasty of the MGMT has still been looking for a fight and issued an open challenge. One man rose to the occasion: the high-flying Ricardo Ramon! The Thunderbolt looks to make a serious impact in his WGW PPV debut!

Solomon v Aiden

In other cross-brand action, Smackdown has seen the emergence of a new superstar: Aiden, the “American Dream.” Abiding by a mantra of upstanding moral quality and being a positive role model for the kids, he’s set his sights on one of the most brash, arrogant Superstars in WGW: The other half of the “MGMT Tag Champions,” Solomon Striker! Tonight we will see whether the Dream can take down The Assassin, or if he’ll succumb to a Red Arrow like countless others!


This edition of WGW SummerSlam is shaping up to be a HOT one; you may want to grab some ice! And don’t forget to stay tuned in on twitter (@WGW_WGL) for updates, Twitch links and commentary!


K off!

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