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Street Fighter V Tournament

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WGL’s first Street Fighter V tournament is coming soon.


• Sunday, February 28th at 1pm ET

• Standard Double Elimination

• FIRST to Three (Not best out of 3) to advance

• FIRST to Five (Not best out of five) for the finals to crown our champion


• You have 5 minutes to start your match once it’s your turn, if you/your opponent does not start the match in time, the late party will be disqualified. If both members are unable, both members will be disqualified

• Any disconnects will result in a loss for the player who disconnected. If it is the first round of a match and no player has taken damage yet, the match will simply be remade.

• Champion will receive a prize

• Entry is free


Are you ready to Rise Up?


For entry tweet @WeGotLeagues, @Juiceman513 or @ninjaduce!!


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