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WGW Presents: The Shoot (Special Trade Alert)

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“When the grass is cut, the snakes will show”

Mitch Saxton here!, and the quote above could be how six WGW superstars currently feel. After the conclusion of the Extreme Rules PPV, concerns were growing within the the WGW locker room after Monday Night Raw was strangely delayed. After reports surfaced that SmackDown GM Duggus Bischoff was seen arriving to the arena WITH Raw GM Black Tunney, the roster knew something was up. 

Turns out they were right.

In a shocking trade, six superstars swapped shows. Real Deal Ricky, Luthor King, and Wallace were sent to Raw from SmackDown, while X and Showtime were sent from Raw to SmackDown. Later on in the night, Pharaoh lost to Landon Kelly in a “Loser leaves Raw” match,which resulted in Pharaoh joining team SmackDown. While each superstar was preparing to make their moves to their new homes, I was able to catch up with them and gather their thoughts.

Let’s just say they let their feelings be well known. 


RDR is now on Raw. Will a change of scenery help?

RDR is now on Raw. Will a change of scenery help?


First off exactly how did you find out you were traded?

PHARAOH-Well that’s a dumb question.  That incompetent buffoon I call the Raw GM made my match a “Loser leaves raw” match. It’s was the most anticipated match in Raw history. When I lost the match by a fluke that insect had the gulls to send away his most valuable talent. Next question!

REAL DEAL RICKY-It was piss poor handling of the situation in general. I didn’t hear about it until I started receiving phone calls about my tag team breaking up. It started there, then kind of turned into “your partner doesn’t want you, now the company doesn’t want you.” That’s when I decided to contact my agent, John Bon Jovi, who informed that he had just gotten word from Mr. Bischoff that they were trading me to Raw.

WALLACE-Lol you know that’s a funny story actually, so I was in the performance center getting ready to do some standard inverted lateral leg presses, and this dude in a rainbow colored onesie taps me on the shoulder and says welcome to show, lol it was so crazy because I didn’t know who the fuck that was

SHOWTIME-Well I was drinking Saki on my Suzuki in Osaka Bay, and I get a call from my agent. When he told me i was traded the first thing I asked was “is my incentives still in my contract?” and he said no SMH.

LUTHOR KING-Lol funny you ask that. Here I Am, sitting at home, getting bathed by a beautiful woman, and I get a call from some idiot that says they work for Duggus Bischoff, telling me to call Duggus ASAP. So I grab the phone and give him a ring, and I get some other idiot telling me i was traded to Raw

X-I was notified by the Raw GM himself in the back.


How did you feel about it at first? Shocked? Angry? How did you think I felt?

P-I am the premier talent of Monday night Raw. That crooked GM manipulated everything to ensure I lose that match. I was livid! The Pharaoh was suppose to destroy Landon Kelly in an extreme rules match.  I won that right fair and square but the GM took that away from me. It was the screw job of the year.

RDR-Initial feeling was more relieved. I was given a role when I signed my first contract which I didn’t really agree with, but I knew it was right for the start of my career. Mr. Bischoff had booked me to be this pretty boy and that I was going to be the face who tried to take out Russ Snow. I was fed up with being somebody that i wasn’t so I was excited for a fresh start at Raw.

W-I can’t say I was shocked, all respect to my former GM but the dudes either a douche bag or jealous of these massive triceps…Do you know why they capitalize WALLACE?

S-I felt sorry for Raw actually. Wins and losses aside I’m one of the most popular wrestlers in WGW no matter how u slice it… my name ring bells from Mississippi to Philly , Albuquerque to Chi town. I bring em out… bring em out. Raw losing me is detrimental to their brand like seriously what stars is over there other than my son JT money? ?…………………… exactly

LK Well if i didn’t know any better i would feel anger, but after a few min I felt relief, Relief i no longer had to deal with that JACKASS Bischoff trying to ruin my career.

XAt first I was angry, I was pissed to be quite Frank,But now after seeing the talent on SmackDown I’m happy with this outcome.


Wallace didn't have the most touching words for his former GM.

Wallace didn’t have the most touching words for his former GM.


Why exactly do you think your GM traded you?

P-He was jealous.  He knew my potential. He knew that Giza was slowly taking control of his show and I was knocking down his favorites one by one. You don’t understand the backdoor politics on raw. Giza don’t believe in politics.  I’ll actually tell you a secret.  Did you know that the Raw GM wanted me to take a fall so his chances to win the ladder match at Payback would Improve? If I agreed then he would’ve given me Landon Kelly one on one. But guess what? I took that offer and super kicked it into Cunningham’s jaw and EARNED my shot at Landon Kelly. When Ian Jacobs lost at payback he had it out for me ever since.

RDR-Honestly I’m not going to make any accusations. He had his reasons and I’m thankful for the decision. It happened for a reason.

W-He says I needed a change a scenery… I heard his kids needed a father

S-I hate to be the one to gossip but the GM traded me after a night out on the town, we went after the same Lady at a bar and she chose to see what Showtime was all about. I caught my flight the next morning to Osaka Bay, then I got the text so you do the math… BUT you ain’t hear that from me though.

LKYou know, I’m getting real sick of these dumb ass questions Mitch, If you ask another one I’ll take that cameraman there and beat your ass with him…why else would I get traded? I got traded because I was ready to raise hell and whoop ass until I got what I deserved, and Bischoff is a piece of crap who rather tuck his tail between his legs and hide instead of facing me like a man

X-Because I was starting to heat up. He couldn’t have a guy like myself who has a W-L record like I do beating some of his top guys. It wouldn’t be best for business.

You’re going over to a new show, What’s your outlook and where you’re headed and who’s over there?

P-I’m going to be champion.  I’m too smart,  too talented to fail. Everyone fears losing to the Pharaoh. I even Beaten the current Intercontinental champion my first match here in WGW. Every week the man to beat is The Pharaoh. I’m the most talked about superstar in WGW. Now that my obsession with Landon Kelly is over, The Era of Giza will begin.

RDR-As I said before, it’s a fresh start. My new contract allows me to be myself. I don’t have to pretend to be somebody I’m not anymore. As you can see I got rid of that pretty boy look. I feel free again. I’ve been going back to Jersey to train with my older trainer, Master Yugioh. He was the one who prepared me to be the grand champion of the Jersey fight club that began my career. Being able to have him ground me and find myself again has been huge! I won my debut match so I’m excited about that. Definitely looking forward to the future.

W-I welcome the opportunity to flex the muscle on what seems to be a worthy cast of opponents

S– I’m tired of losing period. I Feel i didn’t concentrate on my craft as much as I should’ve at Raw and that changes now. This will be a new showtime… a more vicious a showtime, a showtime thats not hesitant to bend the rules. I will get the job done by hook or crook.

LKI thought SmackDown was passed the limit with pieces of trash until I first set foot on Raw, you’ve got nothing but a bunch of clowns walking around calling themselves wrestlers. Easier for me though, so the people can finally see what true wrestling is about. But Raw won’t be that way for long, SOON, things on Raw will never be the same, and you can bet your house on that.

X-I’m heading to the top.. I have a intercontinental championship qualifying match already and after that I will go on to win and become your NEW WGW Intercontinental Champion.


What are your thoughts on the show you’re leaving?

P-That show will never be the same. Jobbers are going to earn championship matches unproven. Whether they admit or not,  they are going to miss The Pharaoh. The match quality will decrease and their ratings will head straight to the underworld. I feel nothing for Raw. They are going to be sorry for letting me go.

RDR-It’s in the past. I have a few close friends over there that I wish the best to, the others I am sure I will see them again in the future.

WEnough questions about that show, WALLACE is Raw

S-Gonna be hard filling that time slot where 15 min of fame used to be… they also got no hoes over there.. u know the hoes go where showtime goes

LKI want the people on SmackDown to hear me, and hear me well, After i get done with whooping the ass of everyone on Raw, I’m going to comeback. And I’ll whoop the janitors ass, the secretary, the jackass selling tickets, the dumbass selling popcorn, then I’ll stop and get a beer, a shot of whiskey, a pint of tequila, then I’ll beat up the sound guy, the pyro man, the announcers, the time keeper, and anybody else that gets in Luthor Kings way of whooping Duggus Bischoff ass up and down the arena.

XThey can all kiss my ass


You know everyone will read this. What do you have to say to the GM who traded you?, and to the GM who traded for you?


P-To the Raw Gm, I know you are salivating due to the fact that I can’t make you look bad anymore. You haven’t seen the last of The Pharaoh. When I become world champion I’ll come back to Raw and shove that championship in your face and make you regret sending me away. To the SmackDown GM,  Stay out of my way, and don’t repeat the same mistakes. Book me with respect and I’ll take SmackDown to the Royal Moon. I am The Pharaoh  “Ruler of Eygpt” “Protector of the Sands”. Giza will claim the soul of everyman who dares chant her name. My reign begins now! And there is nothing anybody can do about it.  The Sands!!!!!!….have spoken.

RDR-To Mr. Bischoff, thank you for the opportunity to begin my career. To Mr. Tunney, thank you for the opportunity to begin my legacy!

W-To GM Black Tunney, your welcome…

And as for the Mr Bischoff he can….

*phone rings

Oh, I’m sorry I gotta take this

*Wallace walks to the exit*

“Yea wassup Loree how are the kids……”

S-To Black Tunney who traded me: i need my $75 dollars friday .. if i don’t get that all hell is gonna break lose. and To Duggus when u see me in the streets holler at a playa.

LKTo that piece of crap Bischoff, i got a nice, shiny, can of whoop ass I’m saving for you when you finally get some balls and want to face me. And to my new GM, and EVERYBODY on Raw, enjoy Raw while you can..because soon….The Revolution will begin…and nobody can save your ass then…because……RAW….IS……..OURS!!!!!!

XI have nothing to say to him. He ditched me and I could care less about him, and that damn show. X is here to take SmackDown to the next level. The scrubs of Raw as I said earlier can KISS MY ASS


To most of the roster this trade doesn’t change much. No one here is viewed as a big time player for the most part. Change is a beautiful thing sometimes, and maybe the GM’s thought this is what these six superstars needed. Tune and find out!

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