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WGW Presents: The Shoot with Russ Snow

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Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to another edition of the shoot with yours truly Mitch Saxton. We are a few days away from our 2nd pay-per-view event Extreme Rules. Of course we will have all the live streams for you on twitter via the @wegotleagues account and the WGW account @wgw_wgl. The main event of the evening at Extreme Rules will be a rematch from the previous ppv Payback, but with a new twist this time…

That’s because we have a new champion. 

It wasn’t just an ordinary title change. It was a glorified beat down from one man to another. To my eyes, it was a bit disrespectful for the champ to even show up if this was the performance he was going to give, but I’m hopeful there will be a better showing by him come this Sunday. To that, I congratulate the new champ Russ Snow on a performance no one saw coming. A rookie hasn’t dominated like this in a long time. He gives the universe a fresh face, he’s a man who just wants to show up and kick ass. It was a privilege to interview him and I hope you enjoy.





You know why you’re here, What’s up Champ? How’s it feel?

It feels great. I would ask you how you’re feeling but you wouldn’t know what being a champ feels like.

Your rise has been fascinating thing to watch, In a league where the best talent from around the world came together, it was an unknown rookie out of nowhere who became the top dog, tell the WGW universe about your rise.

Ironically enough, I was an investment banker and wanted to pick up a hobby. Some hobby huh?

You’re the leader of The Management, the most dominant group WGW has seen. Talk about your group and your members.

We’re talking about a bunch of wealthy guys that could buy your family if we wanted to. We came here for gold and that’s exactly what’s happening.

You are the face of the SmackDown brand, tell me about your GM and what’s your relationship like with him?

You know, that guy is a work of art. Here I am, tearing through the competition, and he books me a fight with fucking Savannah Jack? There has to be some screws loose up there.

Your championship match was basically a squash match. You dominated Kevin Young Blood. Did you expect that to happen?

Of course I knew. He was a paper champ and doesn’t even deserve to be in the same arena as me.


For the past few months you’ve had a “thorn” in your side in Real Deal Ricky. Many in the back claim he politics his way to matches and has been asking for a shot at you while not doing much to earn it. Last week on SmackDown you finally went up to your GM and demanded a match with RDR which went how we all expected it to go. Now that you’ve washed your hands with him, what exactly are your thoughts on Real Deal Ricky?

Here we go again, this guido Real Deal Ricky whining again. Gets chance after chance to prove himself and fails yet again. The GM gives this guy a title shot and he blames somebody else for his downfall. After every loss, he goes running to the GM ‘but I’m Russ Snow’s only loss.’ He’s gonna hold on to that forever but continue to fail and try to use my damn name to get relevant again. How long is he gonna claim those imaginary fans of his wanna see him lose again? I’m just waiting for him to claim he deserve a shot at my title, that’ll be the day, and trust me I know he’ll make that claim despite what I did to him last week.

You’re the champ now, no longer the hunter, you are now the Hunted, any words for the guys in the back?


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