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WGW Extreme Rules Preview

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Greetings and welcome back, WGW Universe! There’s been nothing but action since you’ve last seen us, and the road has led us straight to a night sure to be FULL of havoc and mayhem (heh)…it’s time for EXTREME RULES!



At Payback, Russ Snow put the stamp on his quest for WGW gold. In an unprecedented display of dominance, he defeated Kevin Youngblood and became the World Heavyweight Champion. Everyone thought the former champ was done for, including the WGW Medical Team…but the ever-defiant Lionheart returned with a vengeance: “You’ll have to kill me to keep me down,” he declared. Invoking his rematch clause, KYB upped the ante by making this a Last Man Standing match–where The Boss just might HAVE to kill Youngblood to keep him down for a ten-count. Can the Champ retain, or will KYB regain his spot at the top of the mountain?



Intercontinental Champion Vertigo silenced the naysayers at Payback when he defeated both Real Deal Ricky and Miles Legend in a Triple Threat match to retain his title. Even still, he couldn’t quell the fighting spirit of his latest challenger. Miles Legend fought through a grueling series of matches on Smackdown, cutting through the upper echelon of WGW’s talent to earn a one-on-one rematch against The Demon. The caveat? It’s a match that Miles Legend has never competed in: a Tables match. Can the Legendary one tap into an inner demon of his own and overcome this new challenge?



Russ Snow isn’t the only member of The Management who has been on a tear lately; Chris “The Cannon” Cunningham hasn’t lost a match since Payback (an event he was excluded from due to a slump). This newly found fire carried him to victories over some of the top-ranked talent on RAW–including the #1 Contender to the World Title, Kevin Youngblood himself. The brash superstar used this momentum to stake his claim for the Pure Title–a challenge the current champ, Joe West, doesn’t take lightly. The Prodigy vows to silence Cunningham in a playground befitting of the master of the White Trash Bash: an Extreme Rules match!



“Give Me Landon Kelly.” “Give. Me. Landon. Kelly!” The pharaoh has ventured deeper and deeper into the dark recesses of this fixation, going as far as to adopt Kelly’s name and mannerisms…even his signature moves in the ring! Begging everyone he could for One More Match with the self-proclaimed Face of RAW, he finally earned his chance at retribution by making it into the 4-way Pure Title Ladder match at Payback–a match where his only goal was to prevent Landon Kelly from winning. Having been denied gold, Landon Kelly finally granted The Pharaoh a match–albeit on his terms. Tonight, Landon Kelly faces the Pharaoh for what may be the final time in a Cage match with high stakes: the winner is automatically entered into the upcoming Money In The Bank match, but the loser has to LEAVE RAW!



The Seventh Sanctum has spent every waking moment since Payback preparing for a rematch against Tag Team Champions Buck Nasty and Solomon “The Assassin” Striker–a second chance at capturing the Tag Team Titles. The rug was pulled out from under the shadowy group, thanks to a decision from the Board: this match is now a Management Process match, but instead of it being a title match, it’s now for a title SHOT. And if Slade and Bowen fail to defeat The Management at Extreme Rules, they will never get a shot at the titles so long as Buck and The Assassin are the champions!



Amidst a pair of losing streaks since Payback, these two young bulls are on the verge of fading out of the title picture. RAW GM Black Tunney ordered this match as a “proving ground” of sorts: the winner of this match remains in the conversation for the Pure Title, but the loser will have some serious catching up to do on his quest for gold.



In a battle of upstart tag teams, WGW’s newest sensation the DreamTeam (Dallas Love and The Wiseass) takes on the ever-dangerous Brute Force, comprised of Bruce “The Axe” Stubbs and Real Deal Ricky. Can one of these teams jockey for position and work their way into a Tag Title shot?


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