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WGL Fight Club: Breaking the 1st Rule

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The first rule of Fight Club is don’t talk…… To hell with that! Let’s talk FIGHT CLUB! WeGotLeagues is bringing you the WGL Fight Club video blog. Hosted by yours truly(NinjaDuce), CoreyBliss, and TilloniusMonk.

Allow us to educate you (maybe) on the rules and lessons of Fight Club and the Fighting Game Community. With special guests, tournament talk, and the latest news from around the FGC, The Rules of Fight Club will be here to bring you the best information and hype from around the fighting game community. Through Google Hangouts, we plan to have 2 live shows every month. With 2016 looking to be a big year for fighting games we can’t wait to see what is to come.

Our 1st show “Breaking The 1st Rule” airs LIVE at 10pm ET on Thursday night 1/14/2016 . Watch at the youtube channel below:




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Hello there gamers. I'm Duce, your friendly neighborhood Ninja. Console gaming since the atari days. Currently living in the Arizona desert.

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