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3 & Out Madden

3 & Out Year 3 Mid-Season Rankings by @ViptheBreh

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Here it is fellas. 3 & Out Year 3 is mid way through the season and we have our power rankings set. Special thanks to Dot for helping me with the Rankings. ENJOY !!

  1. Niners (VIP) 7-1
    Coming off a miraculous super bowl win against the Titans last season in 3 & Out, Niners picked up where they left off. Off to a 7-1 start they look to repeat as champs. Couple close games so far this season, we’ll see if they can withstand everyone’s best shot weekly.
  2. Browns (Brannin) 6-1
    Brannin having another great year with his Browns. 2nd year QB Vander Weatherspoon will look to lead this team throughout the year. A lot of signature wins in his first half of his schedule. 1994 was the last playoff win for this franchise. Will they finally win their first playoff game?
  3. Panthers (X Factor) 6-1
    X Factor is off to a hot first half after being eliminated in the Wild Card year 2. 1st in points allowed. Nominated for best defensive player and best GM, he is for sure showing he is capable of going far this year. *Dabs
  4. Broncos (BH) 6-1
    When BH is ready to run a game, he is READY to run a game. 1st in the league in rushing yards allowed. He’s continuing his hot start and making a strong case for winning his division beating Raiders 20-6. Oh boy.
  5. Falcons 6-1
    We are hearing less “madden giving him the game dawg”, “BRUH THATS A PICK”, and “Ok Madden, ok….” Which means Sid is having a good year with the Falcons! Gunna see how this plays out in a tough NFC South division.
  6. Saints (ATM) 5-2
    ATM is looking at 3rd place in the NFC south but it doesn’t takeaway his performance this season. Last year’s NFC Championship contender looking to make noise again.
  7. Giants (Schwick) 6-2
    A lot of young talent on this team. Schwick has his Giants leading the league in INTs. Alex Riley leading the league with 27 passing TDs. Also putting up 40 + points each of his last 4 games. Scary in all areas.
  8. Patriots (Dallas Keys) 5-2
    Keys making the league notice his play. Gronk leading the team with 40 receptions putting him one of the top leaders in the league. This might be the surprise team to make their first post season appearance in 3 & Out.
  9. Packers (Joker) 5-3
    Joker had a good offseason. Drafted rookie QB Cody Jordan who is having a good rookie year with a QB rating of 94.9. Beating Chef last week was big. Can he continue to pile up Ws in the NFC North?
  10. Titans (Isiah) 4-4
    Losing to a heart breaking game winning TD in the Super Bowl to VIP, Isiah is looking to bounce back year 3. Mariota is leading the league in passing yards. A couple of losses were games off sims but we are still aware of his performance in the league.
  11. Bills (Wayne) 4-3
    Wayne with top wins vs Panthers and Broncos. Lesean McCoy is leading the team in rushing yards and receptions. He looks like a top 1 fantasy option every week.
  12. Ravens (Monday) 5-2
    Monday is thinking playoffs for this team. OG member is looking to come out one of the top teams in the AFC. Off to a good start but he has tough test coming up at the Browns and Texans.
  13. Texans (Dot) 4-3
    Dot looking to bounce back after a terrible loss to the Browns week 7. This team has more talent than they did last year. Looking forward for the week 8 matchup vs Nap, who he already beat week 5. Trash talk is real there
  14. Raiders (Tone) 4-3
    Year 1 Super Bowl winner coming off a tough half of the year schedule but still has this team over .500. Look for him to go on a winning streak here soon.
  15. Lions (Trap) 4-3
    Will Drew Brees ever retire??? At 38, Trap is still putting up numbers with him. Leading this team to a 4-3 record, Trap is looking to make noise in the NFC North. Key game coming up week 8 when he squares off with X Factor.
  16. Colts (Nap) 4-3
    Nap making a case in the AFC South. At 4-3, this team looks to be a sleeper in the AFC. Let’s see if he backs up the trash talk vs Dot week 9.
  17. Vikings (Chef) 4-4
    Chef off to a slow start after being a top seed in the NFC last year. Heading into a bye week, Chef is looking to regroup this team and have a strong 2nd half of the season.
  18. Cardinals (Bruce) 4-3
    Rookie QB Kurt Preister is having some growing pains in this Cardinals offense but is still managing this team to a winning record. Adding Trufant to pair up with Peterson, he will look to rely on his defense as well.
  19. Seahawks (PJ) 4-3
    We are seeing a different team this year from PJ. A much improved offense with the adding of rookie speed receiver Deontae Ramsey, helping out Wilson in the passing game. Also leading the league in rushing TDs.
  20. Jaguars (Selfmade) 4-4
    A .500 start for Selfmade and still battling in a tough division with Isiah, Dot and Nap. A signature win vs Isiah was enough to fit him in the top 20. Tough schedule for him after this bye week.
  21. Monarchs (Jarrett) 4-3
    New user Jarrett taking over the London Monarchs is off to a solid start. Most wins against lower tier teams but we are will have a better feel of his play the rest of the season.
  22. Dolphins (Slim) 3-4
    Another new 3 & Out user looking to make competition in the AFC East. Some tough loses earlier in the year and the schedule gets even tougher for him.
  23. Bucs (Tim) 2-5
    Rough start for Tim. 3 game losing streak lead him to cut Big Ben. Ben leads the league in INTs thrown. After acquiring him in the offseason, Tim said it was time for Mike Glennon to take over. Let’s see if this will spark the team.
  24. Jets (Justin) 2-5
    Bad start in NY. Jets is last in the league in total offensive yards. Schedule gets even tougher.
  25. Bears (Duce) 2-5
    In 4 games this year, his offense was held under 10 points each game. 2nd year QB Drew Blount still struggling to find his rhythm.
  26. Chiefs (Will) 2-6
    Averaging 8.8 PPG. Shown some flashes but Jamies Winston might be stealing more crab legs soon.
  27. Eagles (Paul) 2-6
    Paul still struggling. Leading the league in penalties. He picked up Big Ben in free agency so we will see if he will provide some positivity.
  28. Redskins (Weav) 2-5
    Another new 3 & Out user is cleaning house in Washington. Season is over but is looking forward next year with 5 1st round draft picks.
  29. Cowboys (BG) 1-7
    Last win was a AP vs the Rams week 1. Since then a 6 game losing streak. Last in points allowed. Rough.
  30. Rams (Charles) 0-8
    Went from competing in the NFC west year 2 to winless year 3. A lot of issues to be handled in the offseason. Nick Foles might be out the door.
  31. Bengals (Pat) 0-7
    Another winless team. Some of these losses were close games but Pat has to figure out a way to get this team to compete again.
  32. Steelers (Barry) 0-8
    Even when Barry thought he had it all when he posted the “boob deflate” picture in the chat, he still remains winless. Prayers up.

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