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WGW Presents: The Shoot

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I woke up this morning feeling different. It was an excitingly different feeling that was buzzing throughout my stomach. I checked my calendar and noticed today was november 9th. it hit me.

Today is the day…Today is the beginning of the revolution…The WGW revolution.

WGW is what the wrestling gaming world needs. The best gamers are here, the best league owners are here, nothing beats what’s about to transpire over the course of time, but there will be so much content that I need not to blab on about it.

That said, with the opening card launched today it’s only fair that the most talked about weekly interview in the universe returns new and improved, that’s right I’m talking about The Shoot. SlackJaw Duggus needed to head back to Japan, and with respect to the Japanese government, I will not discuss anything about him from this point on. That Leaves me Duggus Cole here to take over the reigns and make this better. Over the past few weeks there were rumblings on the dirt sheets about what exactly WGW was cooking up, big things were looking to be forming so I hopped on the chance for an exclusive interview. That being said after failed connection after failed connection (no one I know is the plug) I was able to get in touch with WGW owner Shaggy Michael’s and we scheduled a sit down interview with a twist…

I would be interviewing himself and two other individuals.

So I made the trip the big WGW headquarters in Stanford, CT to get the scoop. There I met Shaggy, Black TunNey and Duggus Bischoff (wrestling families i tell ya) and before I spoke Shaggy explained that these two are his handpicked General Managers for his two weekly shows that will be running. The roster is so filled with talent that he felt the need to do a split…forget my Explanation I’ll let them speak for WGW.

Shaggy Michaels- Owner of WGW

Now that me and you have finally met, tell the WGW universe and WGL readers who you are.

SM- I am the one who runs the joint, signs the paychecks, and make the stars. I am Mike “Shaggy” Michaels.  

Talk about your assessment of this year’s roster.

SM-This year’s roster is some of the best I’ve seen. From top to bottom, I’ve collected some of the best talent from around the globe. This season shall be very interesting.

You decided to split the rosters up into two shows. Raw on Mondays, and SmackDown on Thursdays. Talk about what led to this decision to go with the brand split.

SM- I decided to go that route because, we have a bunch of talent. I was afraid if I didn’t do the brand split, some talent would of gotten lost in the shuffle. In order to counter that, a draft was declared. So both shows will have their own talent, and it will be up to the talent to put themselves over.

Tell us more about the GM’s Black TunNey and Duggus Bischoff, Why did you pick these two? Were there any other applicants? How much control do these guys have?

SM- I felt that both of these men were the best men for the job. Out of all the people that came to me for the job opportunity, these two made the best impression. Their knowledge of the roster and business, will help WGW succeed as a whole. As for control, they can run their show how they want but at the end of the day, they answer to me.

What can the WGW universe expect from this upcoming season?

SM- Big things.


Black TunNey- Raw General Manager 


Now Mr.TunNey I’ve never met, nor have I ever heard of your name before, so tell the WGW universe, and also me, about yourself.

BT- I am life-long student of the game, an avid fan of all aspects of the Business, and a champion of all things home-grown.

Breakdown how you becoming a GM came about.

BT- I was a late entrant last season, but I quickly saw what WGW was doing–and more importantly–where WGW could go. After the season ended, I approached Shaggy and offered to help build the kingdom, and here we are.

What do you think of fellow GM Duggus Bischoff?

BT- Duggus is a cool guy and a great in-ring personality. I think he’s a bit too consumed with the glitz and glamor of the biz, though, and that’s where we differ. I’m a workhorse. I don’t need the fame, I don’t need the accolades. I simply show up, and go to work. Everywhere I’ve been, I’ve made my moves quietly and let my handiwork speak for itself. Everything I’ve put my hands on PROSPERS. WGW Raw will be no different.

Are there any superstars you have your eye on as the draft gets closer?

BT- Well, of course the winner of the WGW World Championship tournament will probably be at the top of both of our draft boards. With my early favorite Mike Lee going down to injury while training, I’m thinking Damien Obsidian has a real shot at winning it all. His run with the IC Title last season was unparalleled and there’s no better time than now for him to jump to the next level. I’ve also been watching the pre-season dark matches closely and there are quite a few newcomers who have caught my eye, as well…but I’m playing my cards close to the vest, so to speak…

What will make Raw better than SmackDown?

BT- What makes Raw better than SmackDown will be the same thing that makes WGW better than all the other perpetrators out there: QUALITY. I pride myself on being passionate about what I do, and the Raw roster will stand on the pillars of passion, work ethic and respect that will carry WGW for years to come,with Raw as its proud flagship.


Duggus Bischoff – SmackDown General Manager

13879 - logo smackdown wwe

Well it’s obvious that I know you, but just like Shaggy and Black, tell the WGW universe and WGL readers about who you are.

DB- I forget sometimes we know each other…JUST KIDDING! I’m an avid wrestling fan who’s traveled the world following the sport I love, and now leader of the blue brand that is SmackDown.

How did the GM position come about?

DB- Me and Shaggy go way back so when word got around that he was looking for a GM I immediately tossed my name in the hat. We don’t always get along, and that is well documented, but we respect each other and I know what he can do and he knows what I can do.

What are your impressions on Raw GM Black TunNey?

DB- He’s not me. Is he a good person? Absolutely. Will he lead Raw to great heights? Absolutely, But when it comes to the business and assessing talent he is not me. I choose SmackDown because no expects the blue brand to be anything but a secondary show. I won’t get into the details of what’s in store, but the men who will be chosen to represent the blue brand will be superstars who will take the the flagship show reigns and never let it go. Plus I already defeated him when I won the rights to the number one pick, what more can I say?

Speaking of the superstars, with the draft coming up, who do you have your scouting eyes on?

DB- It’s not all about wrestling. You can’t judge these guys based off that. I’m looking for the total package, and also who excels in areas, but can also improve in areas that need work. Not every guy can cut a promo, but thats fine if you’re willing to work on it. We all took a setback when Mike Lee got hurt but the show goes on. With me having the number one pick theres an easy, but wildly misguided presumption that I will draft the winner of the WGW Championship tournament, and let me just say thats a big fact NO. Being the champion has its perks but in our business you can lost the belt at any given moment. Tune into the draft and just watch me work.

Finally, What will make SmackDown better than Raw?

DB- The talent, and My superior GM skills, but most importantly the talent. These guys will show out week in and week out. I don’t know what will go down on Monday’s but every guy on my show will get equal opportunity to shine. One superstar will not carry this show, the entire roster will, and with that said the blue brand will reign supreme.


Safe to say these three gentlemen and the talent they will lead are ready to rock! Tune into wegotleagues.com for more upcoming WGW content!

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