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WGL All Or Nothing Midseason Power Rankings By Commissioner @Jayme_Fuentes

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We are approaching the trade deadline of the 2016 NFL season and it’s time to revisit our Power Rankings! Taking an In Depth Look at each team in WGL’s PS4 All or Nothing Freestyle league from the Best to the Worst. Learn about the team, the user, the scouting report, and projections for the remainder of the season!

1. Seattle Seahawks (Mole) 7-0


Coming in at number 1 is the defending super bowl champion Mole, who has yet to lose since Season 1 of AON, where he went a perfect 19-0. He has had a few close calls during his reign of terror, but for the most part the Seahawks have continued to be dominant. The Legion of boom is has been a very tough on opposing offenses as they are leading the league in INTs (22), Points allowed, and total yards allowed through 7 weeks. Not only is the defense  playing great football, so is the offense lead by Russell Wilson, who has won Offensive player of the week, is 3rd in passing yards, and has put up a QBR of 142.2. The offense is very explosive as they are 2nd in PPG with just over 43 points a game. Furthermore, they are tough to beat as they don’t beat themselves. The Seahawks have the 2nd in least giveaways in the NFL. However, they have shown vulnerability as the star QB is 2nd in the league in fumbles thus far. Will anyone be able to stop the Hawks before Mole rides on to the sunset?


2. Jacksonville Jaguars (Punisher) 5-1




3. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (Jabbo) 5-1

TAMPA, FL - SEPTEMBER 14: Linebacker Lavonte David #54 and Linebackers Coach Hardy Nickerson of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers during the game against the St. Louis Rams at Raymond James Stadium on September 14, 2014, in Tampa, Florida. The Buccaneers lost 19-17. (photo by Matt May/Tampa Bay Buccaneers)

At number 3, we have the Bucs owner Jabbo. Jabbo has had a great start to the 2016 campaign at 5-1. The buccaneers have been an offensive juggernaut this season as they are averaging 46 points per game, which is leading the league. It is hard to argue that Jameis Winston isn’t an elite QB as he has the Bucs currently 3rd in the NFL in passing yards per game and 4th in total yards per game. Jabbo’s only defeat was to the Arizona Cardinals (Tripp) in a game that was decided by 1 point. Jabbo has the Buccaneers comfortably in 1st place of the NFC South and I expect them to make a run for home field advantage as a showdown with the Seahawks (Mole) towards the end of the season should decide it. It is hard to find any areas of improvement with this offense, but the rushing attack is currently ranked in the bottom half of the league (20th). It will be interesting to see if this offense can keep blowing up the scoreboard.

4. New England Patriots (Justino) 5-1


At number 4 we have the defending AFC Champions, the New England Patriots. Justino continues to put up huge offensive numbers even with the retirement of Tom Brady. His successor Jimmy Garoppolo has been slinging the ball and put up huge numbers on his way to being 2nd in passing TDs, 1st in passing yards, 1st in 1st downs gained, and 3rd in PPG. Garoppolo hasn’t stopped there, he has also set a new record for single game passing yards. Garoppolo has not wasted anytime getting on the same page with Gronk and it shows as he is leading the league in receptions and yards. Justino has consistently put up huge numbers offensively and is on his way to another AFC East division title. Will anyone be able to slow the Patriots down?


5. New York Giants (Chino) 6-1 


Coming in at number 5 are the G-men led by Chino. The Giants have had a great start to the season even though having a tough schedule thus far. The success the team has had is a credit to the defense of the Giants as they are a force. They are putting a hurt on opposing offenses as they are tied for 1st with 21 sacks, 3rd with 18 ints, 3rd in run defense, and 3rd in total yards allowed. Not only is the defense dominating, but Eli Manning is having a great season thus far. He is has a QBR or 102.3 and has been awarded offensive player of the week. The Giants are firing on all cylinders and it shows as the offense currently has a 100% 4th down conversion rate on 8 attempts! The Giants have also made headlines by acquiring Jamal Charles from the Chiefs and are now loaded on offense. The question will be, can the Giants continue to make noise and contend for the #1 or #2 seed in the playoffs?


6. Oakland Raiders (Brandon) 6-1


The RAAAAIIIIIDDDDERSS are back to being a AFC Contender all thanks to their owner Brandon. The Raiders have had an impressive start to the season. This start to the season is in large part to the defense as they currently are rank 5th in points allowed through 7 weeks. There are many stars on that Raiders defense, but no one has stood out more than the second year star DE Khalil Mack as he is currently 2nd in the NFL in sacks. On offense the team is efficient as the team is 5th in the NFL in least giveaways. The raiders look to have a formula in place to succeed, play great defense and don’t give the ball away. Will this success continue for the Raiders? Will they be able to make some noise in the playoffs? We will soon find out as they are on their way to a consecutive AFC West title. 

7. Washington Redskins (Henn) 5-1


Henn sits at number 7 as he has his Redskins balling! Currently second behind the Giants in the NFC East. The Redskins have been quietly shredding defenses as they are 6th in the NFL in points per game and 1st in rushing yards per game. The rushing attack is led by Alfred Morris and the passing attack is led by the second year quarterback Garret Grayson. Grayson has been a very solid quarterback for the Redskins as he has the offense ranked 4th in redzone efficiency. The Redskins will continue to be tested this season as they are in one of the toughest divisions in the league. Can Henn continue his success and take this roster of unknowns into the playoffs? Its a tall task, but Henn is one of the most consistent users in the league and therefore deserving of this spot. 

8. Minnesota Vikings (Big Lloyd) 6-1


The Vikings led by Big Lloyd are at the 8 spot. The Vikings are quietly creating havoc and are leading the NFC North comfortably. This is in large part due to the defense as they rank 2nd in run defense and 5th in INTs. The defense is very tough to beat, but so is the offense. The offense led by Adrain Peterson is 1st in rushing TDs, 5th in 1st downs gained, and 2nd in redzone efficiency.  This team has been balling on both sides of the ball. The Vikings look to become a force to be reckoned with in the playoffs this season at this rate. It will be very interesting to see how the Vikings match up against other NFC teams in the top

9. Tennessee Titans (Pass) 4-2


Pass comes in at #9. He has had a solid start to the season and that is thanks to his solid user play. Offensively the rushing attack led by 2nd year running back Bishop Sankey, who is 3rd in the NFL in rushing, has helped lead the titans to be 2nd in average rushing yards per game. The titans have been without their star young quarterback Marcus Mariota as he has been out with a broken collarbone. The offense has not missed a beat however as they are 4th in the league in 1st downs gained. With Mariota coming back from injury soon, the Titans should be a threat not only to get into the playoffs, but make some noise if he can overcome some bad play calling at times.

10. Philadelphia Eagles (Brannin) 4-3

Redskins Eagles football

Brannin has the Eagles off to a good start this season. This success the Eagles are having is due to Colin Kaepernick, who after being traded from the 49ers to the Eagles has found new life in this offense. Kaepernick is currently 3rd in passing TDs and 2nd in passing yards in the NFL. After the fire sale the Eagles had, they found themselves having to replenish the roster through the draft and boy have they hit on at least one of their picks. Osej Shead, the rookie WR has taken the league by storm as he is 3rd in receiving yards and averaging an unbelievable 36yds per reception! Shead has won an offensive player of the week award and was 40 yards away from breaking the single game receiving record. The one question is, can this passing attack hold up against tougher competition?

11. Indianapolis Colts (JayNasty) 4-3

The Indianapolis Colts come in just outside the top ten at number 11. They have had a nice start to the season. The offense has been a huge part of the success as they are 3rd in the NFL in rushing TDs thanks to the contributions of star RB Todd Gurley. The offense is very efficient as well as they rank 3rd in redzone efficiency. Gurley has been just about unstoppable as he is averaging over 148 rushing yards per game. The question remains, can JayNasty’s passing attack come through when it is needed? Also, can the defense get some pressure on opposing quarterbacks as they are currently 2nd worst in the league in sacks thus far.

12. New Orleans Saints (RoddyDowneyJR) 4-3

The New Orleans Saints come marching in at number 12. RoddyDowneyJR has had a decent start to the season. They have just found ways to win. Offensively, they don’t stand out in any offensive category statistically, but one stat that they are 1st in is the least giveaways thus far in the NFL. Defensively the Saints are tough and Calais Campbell continues to be productive as he is 3rd in sacks. The Saints will be looking to sneak into a wildcard spot in a very competitive NFC, but if they get into the dance, they can potentially upset other teams.

13. Buffalo Bills (Ross) 3-3

The Buffalo Bills are at the 13 spot. Ross has quietly put together one of the best defensive units together this season as he has his defense ranked 1st in pass defense and 2nd in total yards allowed. Accompany that with the fact that the Bills are the 5th least penalized team in the NFL, they are a tough team to move the ball on. Offensively, the rookie quarterback Derek Nelson is showing promise as the Bill are T-5 in Redzone efficiency. If the offense could match the play of their defense the Bills would be in great shape.

14. Dallas Cowboys (Buddee) 4-3

“America’s Team” comes in at 14. The team does not lack talent on either side of the football as Buddee has put his GM skills to work to put together on of the most talented rosters in the league. All the moves have resulted in a solid offense and defense. The defense is 4th in points allowed thus far, but the offense has seen the rushing attack come through as Giovanni Bernard is 5th in rushing yards. Bernard has also won an offensive player of the week award. At quarterback, the Romo era has come to an end and now Kevin James is the successor. The rookie is still adjusting to the NFL, but does have the offense T-5 in redzone efficiency. In a tough division, let alone conference, it will be interesting to see if the Cowboys can put enough wins together to make the playoffs.

15. Cleveland Browns (Duggus) 3-4

The Cleveland Browns led by Duggus are at the 15 spot. This may be a controversial pick here, but Duggus has put together a very talented roster and it has paid off dividends. Although the under .500 record currently, they lead the division in large part to their rushing attack led by Demarco Murray. Currently ranked 2nd in rushing TDs and 2nd in rushing yards the offense is tough to slow down as they have also gained the 3rd most 1st downs in the NFL thus far. The only thing holding the Brown down would have to be the inconsistent play of their QB Robert Griffin, who leads the NFL in fumbles and in turn the team is 5th in most giveaways. This division will be fun to watch throughout the remainder of the season.

16. New York Jets (Nick) 3-3

J-E-T-S JETS! JETS! JETS! are number 16. This is very surprising due to the success this team had last season ranking 1st in the power rankings a year ago at this time in the season. Nonetheless, the Jets are still playing solid football even thought the record may not indicate it. They are 1st in Redzone efficiency in the NFL, but have been there the 3rd least in the league. The offense has struggled to get the passing game going as Bryce Petty is struggling in his sophomore season. Defensively, they hold their ground against the run as they are ranked 1st in run defense thus far.

17.Houston Texans (Quan) 3-3

Houston Texans come in at number 17. Houston is under new ownership and have seen some success. Offensively, Deandre Hopkins is lighting it up as he is 2nd in receiving yards and has won an offensive player of the week award. Defensively they have been a headache to opposing quarterbacks as they are 2nd in the NFL with 21 ints thus far. The offense led by rookie QB Brady Redmond has them 4th in average points per game. In a tough division, will the Texans be able to make the playoffs at the wildcard spot?

18. Arizona Cardinals (Tripp) 3-4

Another surprise here at the 18th spot, the Arizona Cardinals. The Cardinals have had a tough schedule early on and will continue to fight to earn a spot in the playoffs. Currently the rushing attack led by Andre Ellington has the Cardinals ranked 4th in rushing TDs. The passing attack led by Zach Mettenberger is ranked in the lower half of the league. If the Cardinals can get the passing attack going, they will definitely be in the mix for a playoff spot.

19. Kansas City Chiefs (Chandler) 3-4 

The Chiefs are at the 19th spot. Chandler has his offense putting in work this season as quarterback Nick Foles is 5th in the NFL in passing TDs. The rushing attack is not far behind as it is just outside the top ten in the NFL in rushing yards per game.  Unfortunately, they can be a bit inconsistent at times as they are 3rd in the NFL in most giveaways. Chandler is playing for a wildcard spot at this point as the Raiders are sitting comfortably in 1st place in the division.

20. Baltimore Ravens (Rah) 2-4

 The Baltimore Ravens finish up the top 20. Rah has had a disappointing start to the season after making the playoffs a season ago. Offensively the Ravens are solid all around as the passing attack paired with the ground game has the Ravens ranked 10th in total yards per game thus far. I expect Rah to get his act together with this talented roster and compete for the division and a playoff spot in the AFC when all set and done.


The following owners are off to a less than stellar start of their 2nd season in All or Nothing. There are a few surprises here because of the success some of the players have had last season, but they have struggled to remain consistent. Others have still remained at the bottom of the cellar since the beginning of last season. If these players want to look forward to more than the offseason and the draft, they must hit the lab and improve their game. Fortunately for them and all players in this list, it is still early enough in the season for them to turn things around and become a threat or at least play the spoiler role for other teams contending. One thing that is becoming clearer and clearer is there are a few elite and “consistent” users in each conference and likewise there are a few who are still trying to get a winning streak together for the first time in the 2 seasons in this league.

21. Carolina House Cats (Rahmel’s Unk) 

22 – Green Bay Cheeseheads (Evan) 

23 – Detroit Cubs (RyteOnQ) 

24 – San Diego Sparks (DJ) 

25 – San Francisco 24.5ers (Pacman) 

26 – Miami Goldfish (Musik)

27 – Atlanta Birdies (Jon Spruill) 

28 – Denver Donkeys (Danny)

29 – Pittsburgh Givers (Owen)

30 – Cincinnati Kittens (Juice)

31 – Chicago Pooh Bears (“Legend”)

32 – St. Louis Lamb (Khaze) 

Best Players. Best Leagues. Greatest Competition In the World

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