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Hard In The Paint : PS4 NBA 2K16 Power Rankings

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We’re here with the first rankings of the 2k16 PS4 sim league, since the schedule is open the records may be different but bear with me here.

  1. The self proclaimed 6god, the Raptors are boasting a league best 25-5 record, Leading the charge is the 2 headed monster Vic Oladipo and Vucci Mane…Watch out for the pick n roll (Kendal)
  2. Leading the west with the last pick of the draft picked teams is the Blazers and video game Dame! Idk hows he doing but with a 26-10 record he is leading the west. (Drew)
  3. The Spurs are a consistent bunch in the video game as they are in real life. Somehow they were able to add Bradley Beal and Enes Kanter without losing LA,TD or Tony Parker. 2nd in the west with a 21-8 record. (Nigel)
  4. The Chicago Bulls have found a way to battle to the 2nd seed in the weak eastern conference with a 18-9 record. With addition of Tony Allen, Jonas Val and Corey Brew Expect a diverse game from them (Malik)
  5. Harden is a man on a mission and hes trying his best to lead his team to the promise land. Averaging the most points in the league he got the Rockets sitting in 3rd with a 28-16 record (Nick)
  6. Lebron James!! Only thing needed to be said, a 9-4 record has them 3rd in the East. (Mole)
  7. Pelicans have traded AD and added Russel Westbrook. Watch out for the deadly guy and his crew of shooters. They boast a record of 20-9 (John S)
  8. AD and KD tandem here is nothing nice, you gotta watch 2 of the top 5 theyre still learning how to play with one another (pause) but theyre over .500 and have a 11-6 record (Capellen)
  9. Sac Town seems to be back in a playoff race, this team will shoot you out the gym or Boogie you to death either way get ready for a long day. They have a 11-7 record (Afoultogive)
  10. To finish the top 10 Melo and ROY front runner Kristaps are holding down the 4th spot in the East with a 8-5 record, watch for them boys in NY (Jovan)
  11. Sitting right outside the top 10 but is ready to make a splash are the twolves. They will hound on you defense and get that fast break poppin. Word on the wire is Wiggins is looking to challenge for the scoring title this year. Sitting in 7th in the West at 12-10 (Its Melo)


If you aren’t on the list try harder, get over .500 and play hard!

Best Players. Best Leagues. Greatest Competition In the World

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