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GET YOUR VOTES IN: WGL Madden Mid-Year Awards Poll

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As we approach 3rd and 4th seasons in our leagues, the WGL Madden commish staff decided we should do a mid year poll of who is the best in certain categories on each system. Each commish gave up to 3 nominees for each category from their league. So if you see your name , make sure to salute your commish. And here is the fun part, The actual winners are voted on by the users. You may see someone who deserves their spot up here, you may not. But you have the power to vote on who is the winner! Polls are open until Sunday December 5th Noon EST. We will reveal the winners on the following Monday!!!


Xbox One Nominees

[poll id=”23″][poll id=”24″][poll id=”25″][poll id=”26″][poll id=”27″][poll id=”28″]



PS4 Nominees

[poll id=”29″][poll id=”30″][poll id=”31″][poll id=”32″][poll id=”33″][poll id=”34″]

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