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WGW: A Message From the Authority

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Welcome to the showcase of the immortals! WGL proudly presents year two of its WWE 2K wrestling league! Last year was a huge success and and this year with the game’s new modes and additions, we couldn’t wait to start it up again! This year, we’ve added a new coat of paint to the league and we’ve also renamed it “WGW”, so this will be a new experience for everyone!

Last year the league was ran by our own ShaggyBlack (@Shaggyblack) and this year he is at the helm once again. He and his staff will insure that everything is running smoothly and kept fair because that’s what’s best for business! Also last year, we’ve had so much fun on the Xbox One, we have decided to open up the doors for the PS4, which will be ran by Dugger (@DuggusChrist)!

It feels like a brand war will be brewing this season! Last year WGW was a turnout no one saw coming that completely reeked of awesomeness. This year with edition of the PS4 league, WGW will only get better. New additions to the game will make the league better and with our original content such as streamed pay-per-views, rankings, and my weekly interview with WGW superstars “The Shoot” WGW once again aims out to prove that this is the best damn league in WGL.-@DuggusChrist




If you got something to prove then this is the best place to do it. Sign up and JUST BRING IT!




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