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NBA 2K Past Is A Present League

Past Is A Present XB1 2K Fantasy League Power Rankings by Commish @SonOfSolomon_

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1. Cleveland Cavs (Solomon) 18-3 – Lead by King James & ‘01 Shaq Deisel and bench lead by Chef Curry *does cooking dance*, this team has jumped out to a fast lead for front runners in the east. With a win differential of 20.4 PPG, it’s clear this team has championship dreams and ambitions.

2.Minnesota Timberwolves (Holiday) 22-5 – With ‘05 Nash and Andrew Wiggins in the open court, it’s easy to see why this team has started hot and leads the west. Nash with 23ppg and 13 ast and Wiggins with 22ppg and nearly 2stls to go with KAT’s 14ppg, 11rpg, and 2bpg, this is a hard team to compete against.

3.Utah Jazz (Jela) 21-11 – Giving The T’Wolves stiff competiton is The Jazz. With John Wall at the helm, avg 28 and 12ast, and ROY candidate Kristaps (22ppg 8.5rpg) the Jazz are putting the west on notice that theyre REAL. Being top 5 in assist and Points vs TO in the league has gotten this team the leagues 3rd best record.

4.Oklahoma City Thunder (Tunez) 9-3 – At 9-3, this Thunder team has been locking down the paint with THUNDEROUS (I know, corny, right?) shot blocking, leading the league with 8.2 bpg. Scoring lead by their Big 3, Durant (27ppg), Russie (18.5ppg), and Ibaka (16ppg) this team has found a way to make name for themselves in the west

5.Detroit Pistons (C Hodge) 9-3 – With ‘92 MJ leading this team in PPG at 24.6, this Pistons team has found a way to place themselves to 3 in the east. Having 6 players in double digit PPG, it’s clear to see that they’re sharing the sugar out in the Motor City. Their league leading 10.4 3pt made at 43% per game makes the hard to defend on the perimeter.

6.Dallas Mavericks (Big Curt) 14-7 – ‘07 Yao Ming is here to prove he’s one of the greats! Leading this team offensively with 25ppg, he’s also carrying this team defensively with 11.4rpg, 2.8bpg, and 2.8 steals (yes, steals) per game. With the help of Dirk at 19.6 ppg, this team has been scaring some teams out west.

7.LA Clippers (Halftime Supreme) 9-6 – This team subtracted CP3, but added the talents of ‘95 Shawn Kemp, Jimmy Butler, ‘88 Isiah Thomas, and ‘03 Rip Hamilton. You’d think with a roster like that, he’d be a tad better, but he’s been keeping himself in serious contention for a good playoff run, as the Clippers do in real life. The “Close, but no cigar” gang.

8.Chicago Bulls (JayB) 11-7 – Equipped with Grand Mama, Klay Thompson, and Mr. Return D. Rose, the Baby Bulls have scrapped and clawed their way to a 11-7 record. Being 2nd in the league in offensive rebounding (3rd in 2nd chance points) and total rebounding per game, it’s clear that they clean up the glass like Rashad in ATL out in Chicago.

9.Orlando Magic (Carter) 14-8 – Being one of the only users to claim a win against the Cleveland Cavaliers this season, the Magic, lead by the outside shooting of ROY candidate Super Mario and ‘07 Ray Allen, have snuck up on a lot of teams. We definitely expect them to be a contender in the playoffs out east.

10.New Orleans (Buck) 13-10 – Captained by MVP candidate Anthony “The Brow” Davis, the Pelicans of New Orleans close out our top 10. 2nd in the league in FG%, this team just doesn’t take bad shots. Also with leading the lead in rebounds and 2nd in BPG, the Pelicans come out to defend and rebound keeping them right in the hunt for the western playoff race.


11.Memphis Grizzlies (ShardDaGawd) 18-13
12.Miami Heat (MT) 12-9
13. Philadelphia 76ers (WillPrice) 7-6
14. Atlanta Hawks (Spottie) 14-12
15. San Antonio Spurs (Jefe) 8-9
16. Golden State Warriors (AdamG) 4-6
17. Charlotte Hornets (DeuceDeuce) 4-6
18. Toronto Raptors (NotoriousAP) 8-10
19. Washington Wizards (Monday) 5-10
20. Sacramento Kings (HawkinsDion) 8-12
21. Houston Rockets (Fla) 5-11
22. NY Knicks (Bills) 6-14
23. Denver Nuggets (Vacant) 13-17
24. Brooklyn Nets (Munch) 7-12
25. Indiana Pacers (Ruthless Duke) 4-10
26. Milwaukee Bucks (Swish) 3-7
27. LA Lakers (Waites Man) 3-7
28. Phoenix Suns (Sid) 3-13
29.. Boston Celtics (CjTheGoat) 4-18
30. Portland Trail Blazers (Tre) 3-13

Best Players. Best Leagues. Greatest Competition In the World

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