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All Or Nothing Madden

All Or Nothing League News With Henn Schefter Vol. 2 (@HennDash)

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It’s been a while.

9 weeks to be precise – and as this wild wave of GMs has showed us – a lot can happen in 9 weeks. After waiting one more for good measure and observe the impacts of these changes, we’re ready.

Last we spoke, it was preseason. The GMs were literally two days into their new positions. And.. well, we remember what happened.

Plane ticket sales were at an all time high.
Broken leases ran rampant.
Side ho availability reached levels unbeknownst to man.

So, let me ask you, if they did that in two days, what do you think they did with 9 weeks?

What better time to recap than the aftermath of the trade deadline?

Below, I’ll highlight some of the biggest trades made this season, the implications the move has on both teams and overall the winner of the trade.




Tennessee Titans & San Diego Chargers

Tennessee sends:
2016 1st round pick
2017 2nd round pick

San Diego sends:
CB Jason Verrett

What this means for the Titans: They get a corner that they needed to help solidify their secondary. That nice I guess..

Whats this mean for the Chargers: 1st round draft pick this year AND a 2nd round pick next year??!? He gets two potentially HUGE future talents if he knows how to scout.

Winner: Easily the Chargers. This is the definition of over paying.



San Diego Chargers & Tampa Bay Buccaneers

San Diego sends:
S Eric Weddle

Tampa Bay sends:
S Bradley Mcdougald
2017 1st round pick
2016 2nd round pick

What this means for the Chargers: Pieces. Chargers accumulate more picks with this deal. High picks. This team could have a ton of talent.

What this means for the Bucs: One of the best rated safeties in football. A true leader on the defensive side of the ball that makes the whole defense better.

Winner: Chargers – yet again. Eric Weddle is up there on the list of the most overrated things in the world. Right next to avocado and the Toy Story franchise.



Baltimore Ravens & Chicago Bears

Baltimore sends:
WR Steve Smith Sr.

2016 1st round pick

Chicago sends:
WR Kevin White

What this means for the Ravens: Again, this game is dominated by WRs. In this trade, Baltimore nets a tall, fast and young WR. Kevin White’s raw (pause), and if he doesn’t get touches (pause) chances are he won’t progress well. Put the ball in his hand and let that man become a star.

What this means for the Bears: Steve Smith is a savage and a player I respect. 1st round picks are important, and could turn into (I say this again) a star player. Bears get some heart on their offense finally, so that’s a nice added bonus.

Winner: This trade could really go both ways. It depends on how Baltimore uses White and how Chicago uses that pick. I have more faith in Baltimore, so I’m leaning that way.



Cleveland Browns & Philadelphia Eagles:

Cleveland sends:
QB Johnny Manziel
WR Josh Gordon
MLB Craig Robertson

Philadelphia sends:
RB Demarco Murray
RT Lane Johnson
MLB Mychal Kendricks

What this means for the Browns: First of all, who spells their name “Mychal?” Whatever. Browns upgrade at the MLB position. They also get beefier up front and potentially add a running game (pause). Everyone knows the only way to really continuously win in the NFL is to play defense and run the football. Browns get better at both with this move.

What this means for the Eagles: They get a package deal on one of the most coveted QB-WR combos in the league. Should help them stretch the field considering Bradford can’t do it with his weenie arm.

Winner: Browns. Manziel’s coveted yes. Why? I’m not sure. What people fail to realize is that he’s not good – at least not in Madden. This is what I call overpaying for a name. Essentially the Eagles downgraded at the LB position to get Gordon and a QB they coulda probably drafted in the third round next year. No wonder the GM that made that move is no longer with us.



St. Louis Rams & Buffalo Bills:

St. Louis sends:
2016 1st round pick

Buffalo sends:
WR Percy Harvin

What this means for the Rams: Literally nothing. They got a slot receiver that’s going to get hurt.

What this means for the Bills: He should be in jail for this. This is actual robbery.

Winner: Percy Harvin? Really? Khaze is the new Chandler.



Dallas Cowboys & San Diego Chargers


Dallas sends:
2016 7th round pick

San Diego sends:
QB Phillip Rivers
CB Brandon Flowers

What this means for the Cowboys: “Hey, I got some Chinese food leftover from yesterday and TD bank pen. Can I get Dez?”

What this means for the Chargers: What in the blue blazes were you thinking? A 7th round pick. An actual 7th round pick. I don’t even need to snap here because once the other owners get a reminder of this…

Winner: Collusion

And then he turns around and does this.

Dallas Cowboys & Cincinatti Bengals

Dallas sends:
QB Phillip Rivers

Cincinatti sends:
QB Andy Dalton
2016 2st round pick

What this means for the Cowboys: -___- Ultimately traded a 7th round pick for a 2nd round pick, Andy Dalton and Brandon Flowers. Seems legit.

What this means for the Bengals: They get a Quarterback I guess? I dunno. Shoulda just made him hold Rivers contract.

Winner:  Cowboys win at life. Thanks San Diego, appreciate that one.

Oh, we’re not done with Dallas yet. Jerry’s replacement has been busy.

Dallas Cowboys & San Francisco 49ers:

Dallas sends:
DE Greg Hardy
OLB Geno Hayes

San Fran sends:
T Trent Brown
MLB Navarro Bowman

What this means for the Cowboys: Finally, a somewhat respectable trade. This is essentially the swapping of defensive superstars. Navarro Bowman fills an area of need in the middle of the field for Dallas. The loss of Hardy hurts, but the addition of Bowman helps even more.

What this means for the 49ers: Hayes may start for them, so that’s a bonus. With the loss of Aldon Smith, they needed a pass rusher. But did they give up too much? I sternly believe in the heart of your defense. Bowman can be that player. Hardy cannot.

Winner: Hardy throws women on sofas filled with AK-47s. Hardy HAS a sofa filled with AK-47s. Who is he? Dude is weird. Wouldn’t want him in my town. Dallas wins.



Houston Texans & St.Louis Rams

Houston sends:
QB Brian Hoyer
2016 1st round pick
2016 3rd round pick

St. Louis sends:
QB Ben Roethlisberger

What this means for the Texans: Do you have any idea how hard it is to spell Roethlisberger? There aren’t many elite QBs in the league. They get one of them, and that’s huge. These guys come along once in a blue.

What this means for the Rams: Honestly, I think this GM just likes to trade. It’s how he gets his jollys off. Somehow, he got Roethlisberger, and now he’s passing him along. They collect some valuable picks in this deal. Charged a good price.

Winner: Like I said, elite QBs are a rarity in this league. And guess what, having one makes winning a lot easier – even in a video game. Will that 1st round pick turn into an elite QB? Eh, probably not. The 3rdround pick? Almost definitely not. Brian Hoyer? Well, you know the answer. Texans pay the price, but they win here.



Oakland Raiders & St. Louis Rams

Oakland sends:
WR Amari Cooper
CB D.J. Hayden
OLB Jeremiah George
2016 1st round pick
2016 3rd round pick

St. Louis sends:
CB Joe Haden
WR T.Y. Hilton
2016 2nd round pick
2016 4th round pick
2016 5th round pick

What this means for the Raiders: Need a 5-hour energy to break this one down. Ok, so the Raiders get a top 5 corner in the league in Joe Haden and an offensive player that’s going to stretch the field in Hilton. Two studs at their positions. They also manage to reciprocate some picks in the deal.

What this means for the Rams: They get the coveted Amari Cooper. That’s what this was really about honestly. That, and the fact that he loves to trade because..well..he had Haden. Not only does he get Amari, he nets D.J. Hayden to step into that corner role and two high picks.

Winner: Slaughter on the front of the Raiders. They blew the Rams away in this trade. Amari Cooper – another example of the power of a name.

And just when you thought the Rams were done….



St. Louis Rams & Pittsburg Steelers

St. Louis sends:
WR Tavon Austin
2016 1st round pick
2016 2nd round pick
2016 3rd round pick
2016 3rd round pick
2016 3rd round pick

Pittsburg sends:
WR Martavis Bryant
G David Decastro
OLB Arthur Moats

What this means for the Rams: Means he’s the new Chandler.

What this means for the Steelers: They made a bad trade earlier this season. Bounce back strong with this one. Basically net a whole draft.

Winner: Steelers. Far and away. Rams sent an entire draft away for a McChicken – no leaf.

Speaking of Chandler… whats our boy been up to?

Detroit Lions & Kansas City Chiefs

Detroit sends:
DE Ziggy Ansah

Kansas City sends:

WR Jeremy Maclin
2016 7th round pick
2017 5th round pick

What this means for the Lions: Maclin’s a pretty good receiver. And those picks could turn into some nice rotation pieces. But will he miss Ansah on his defensive line? That’s the real question. Come to think of it, doesn’t he have Desean Jackson too? And Kenjon Barner….? It’s almost like he’s trying to rebuild them into the….. nah, that’s not possible

What this means for the Chiefs: Chandler’s getting better at this trading thing. Capitalizing on a fan. Classic move Chandler. Classic moveeeee.

Winner:  Chiefs. Ziggy’s a monster. Their defense is already pretty solid. He’ll help to put them over the top.

And finally…

Atlanta Falcons & Dallas Cowboys

Atlanta sends:
WR Julio Jones
HB Devonta Freeman
2016 7th round pick

Dallas sends:
WR Terrance Williams
WR Cole Beasley
CB Tyler Patmon
2016 1st round pick
2016 2nd round pick
2017 1st round pick

What this means for the Falcons: It means they get a lot of players and some high picks. T-Will, Beasley and Patmon are young and capable of developing into something. Nothing like Julio Jones, but this is football and in football one person doesn’t win games. The picks will turn into good players as well. Could be a championship team building trade for them right here.

What this means for the Cowboys: The Cowboys and Rams GMs should link up and discuss the best “house throwing” strategies they can come up with. He gets a top 3 WR in the league to go opposite his other top 3 WR in the league. Scary sight.

Winner: Atlanta takes this one. Not by much though. Julio is a beast, we know this. But he paid a hefty price. May come back to hurt him, may not. Never know. People love making stupid trades with the new Jerry. Yet somehow he always claims its their idea….interesting

And that’s it. My phone is off. Trades are finished. Look at these rosters. You would think these GMs literally did a fantasy draft.  It’s been an amazing season, and I can’t wait to see how the playoffs pan out. See ya’ll next season.

Best Players. Best Leagues. Greatest Competition In the World

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