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4 Down Territory Madden

Season One Predictions: 4 Down Territory (XB1 Freestyle League)

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The patch has finally has finally dropped and rosters are dropping tomorrow. After a successful opening tourney we now have an idea of who will be elite and who will need a few lab sessions to get on point. This league is no holds barred. Play your game. No sim rules to hinder your play style. Bring your best. And all 32 users are ready to showcase their stick skills along with great GM ability. Because not only do you have to know how to play Madden on field, being able to scout and maneuver cap around along with finding the best FA for you scheme for your play style in the offseason can kepp you in the running for a Super Bowl or put you in the draft lottery. Here are the first season predictions for 4 Down Territory:


NFC EAST Winner: Zetram (Cowboys)

NFC SOUTH Winner: Landova 2 Five (Falcons)

NFC WEST Winner : Black Rob 002 (Seahawks)

NFC NORTH Winner : Slick 71 (Packers)

Wild Cards: Buddee (Cards), Detroit x Melo ( Panthers)


AFC EAST Winner: MichaelAim330 ( Bills)

AFC South Winner: Dom (Titans)

AFC West Winner : RJ ( Chiefs)

AFC North Winner: Lang ( Ravens)

Wild Cards : MerkWildcat ( Patriots) , El Co ( Chargers)


NFC Championship:  Landova 2 Five (Falcons) over Zetram (Cowboys)

AFC Championship:  Dom (Titans) over RJ ( Chiefs)


Landova 2 Five (Falcons) over Dom (Titans)

Make sure you follow @WeGotLeagues on twitter for updates on the leagues along with league game twitch announcements. Good Luck to all our users!!

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