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All Or Nothing Madden

All Or Nothing Midseason Power Rankings By Commish @Jayme_Fuentes & @KevTaughtMe

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We are at the half way mark of the 2015 NFL season and it’s time to revisit our Power Rankings! Taking an In Depth Look at each team in WGL’s PS4 All or Nothing Freestyle league from the Best to the Worst. Learn about the team, the user, the scouting report, and projections for the remainder of the season!

1.New York Jets (Nick) 5-1 (Previously 13th)


Pun’s Take: Nick has shown promise from the beginning, but now has earned his spot at the top half way through the season as he has run through his opponents with the NFL’s 2nd leading rusher Chris Ivory and NFL’s 4th most prolific rushing attack in terms of yards gained. The real question was how would he handle the top competition, but with a recent victory over the Patriots (Justino), he has answered all questions about his game. The Jets are playing disciplined football as they are the 3rd least penalized team in the NFL and are 5th in the NFL in Red Zone efficiency. Can he continue this success, or will he succumb to the pressure of being the top ranked player in the league thus far?

Jabbo’s Take: If the Power Rankings were only about the record, I would just show you guys the standing. The NY Jets are on fire right now, and have knocked the block off the previous #1 team. This defense is stacked and the offense is dominant as well as time consuming on the ground. It’s scary to see Chris Ivory moving like that with his running power, but get used to it. This Jets team promised us a win over the Patriots and a fight for the Division, and right now they are tied for 1st place. Expect another tough showdown, and then another in the playoffs. My reason for this jump is the victories these Jets have over quality opponents. The Jets team has knocked off the Redskins & the Patriots. There are undefeated team(s) left, but those teams’ strength in schedule remains to be seen as a threat.

2. Arizona Cardinals (Tripp) 7-0 (Previously 5th)


Pun’s Take: Undefeated and running through his opponents thus far! Tripp began the season with a BLOCKBUSTER  trade when he acquired Tamba Hali from the Kansas City Chiefs (Chandler). Tripp’s defense has always been stout and with that addition to the defense of the Cardinals no one doubted his defense would continue to dominate. Currently, his Cardinals have the TOP defense in the NFL with a total of 74 Points Allowed through 7 games. The real question going into the season was would the offense be able to do its part? To everyone’s surprise it has more than done its part! Led by Carson Palmer with a QBR of 114.2, 1959 yards and 20 TDS to 11 INTs, the Cardinals offense is lighting up the scoreboards and showing no signs of slowing down as they have the 4th highest passing attack in terms of yards gained! It will be interesting to see how the NFC West shakes out because they currently share the lead for the division with the Seahawks(Mole). Will Tripp be able to keep the momentum going? This team is built to win now and most definitely will be in contention for the playoffs!

Jabbo’s Take: Tripp hasn’t played much of anybody quite yet, but has dominated his opponents well. He stands undefeated with the 2nd best team in his division, which is why he sits at #2 over our next user.

3. Seattle Seahawks (Mole) 7-0 (Previously 1st)


Pun’s Take: There is no surprise here, as the Seahawks are undefeated and not showing any signs of weakness. The Seahawks have bulldozed through their opponents with great offense and physical defensive play! The surprise is the passing attack. DangeRuss Wilson has been playing great football and its being recognized throughout the league as he was a recent winner of the NFC Offensive Player of the Week Award, with a QBR of 113.3, 2001 yards, and 15TDs to 9 INTs, and his favorite target has been the GINGER GIANT Jimmy Graham, who is 3rd in the NFL in receptions and leads the team with 42 through 7 games. The legion of boom is still terrorizing opposing offenses by forcing turnovers giving the Seahawks the NFL’s 5th highest turnover differential. With that effort, the Seahawks defense is currently the 2nd Best defense in the NFL in terms of Points Allowed with 90 through 7 games. There is no doubt that Mole will be in contention for the NFC’s # 1 seed and no one would be happier to have the road to the Super Bowl to go through Seattle than the 12th man. It will be very interesting to see if anyone can spoil the Mole’s plans.

Jabbo’s Take: Mole has been moving forward in a dominant effort, but there have been times where the Hawks were pushed to the limit by teams that supposedly stood no chance. A non-convincing 45-42 victory over a struggling Packers team. Aside from that, he has not played a team that was sitting over .500. While we wait for a true test, Mole sits at #3 poised to move up.

4.New England Patriots (Justino) 6-1 (Previously 2nd)


Pun’s Take: Justino and his Patriots are in the honeymoon stage of a marriage as they are unbeaten thus far. Justino and his defensive scheme has made this defense 5th in the NFL in terms of Points Allowed and 1st in Turnover Differential. Furthermore, this team doesn’t beat itself as it is the Least Penalized team in the NFL. Offensively, Tom Brady is still at the top of his game and with the play “BUCS Y SAIL” being your “Bread and Butter” as well as calling that play at least twice every set of downs, it’s hard not to be. This is the“Patriot Way”, find a weakness and exploit it to your heart’s content. Fortunately for Justino and the Patriots’ offense, this is a Freestyle league with no restrictions on play calling. Gronk has yet to be contained as he is tied for 2nd in the NFL in TD Receptions which has also helped the Patriots become the Top Offense in the NFL in terms of Redzone Efficiency. Something to keep an eye on is, will Justino will open up the offensive playbook as the season goes on?

Jabbo’s Take: I feel as though Justino has a very simplified offense AND defense. The personnel is perfect for what he’s doing, and the new catch controls help him take advantage of Shane Vereen in the flat. The Jets offense kept up with the Patriots, and the defense stepped up at the right time. You may have to watch the film to see what Nick did to Justino to make him go into his 5 WR set, but if you paid attention, then  you too can slay the dragon.

5.Jacksonville Jaguars (Punisher) 6-1 (Previously 7th)



Jabbo’s Take: Pun has at least one notable victory over the Buccaneers. Leading the rushing attack with TJ Yeldon, and a solid defense.. He demands credit for doing this with the consensus worst team in the game.

6.Tampa Bay Buccaneers (Jabbo) 4-2 (Previously 3rd)


Pun’s Take: Jabbo is not undefeated as predicted in the preseason rankings, but he is a formidable opponent. He is a student of the game and it shows as he has the Bucs at 4-2. Mike Evans has had a great start to the season as he has won an NFL Offensive Player of the Week Award. The biggest improvement from last year has to be Jabbo’s GM skills as he has been making many moves to improve this roster to make a run for the ship. The Buccaneers have acquired the likes of Eric Weddle from the Chargers (DJ), Charles Woodson from the Raiders (Brandon) , Antonio Brown, and Bud Dupree from the Steelers (Owen). Jabbo is going through growing pains with his rookie quarterback Jameis Winston, but he has built a great supporting cast around his young QB to further solidify him being a contender in the playoffs.

Jabbo’s Take: After two tough losses I’m struggling to stay afloat amongst “The Elite”. Troublesome Jameis Winston is either winning games or losing them and we need him to clean up his act going into the later games of the Season. The favorite of the NFC South has a tough Falcons opponent and a Panthers opponent who took big strides early, knocking the Buccaneers defense down play after play en route to a big upset victory. The second half of the season will see huge implications for these guys in a stacked NFC. The seeding at the end of the year could mean everything.

7.Dallas Cowboys (Buddee) 4-2 (Previously 11th)


Pun’s Take: At number 7 is “America’s Team”. This is not by mistake as Buddee has quietly had a great start to the season with his Cowboys. Offensively, Dez Bryant is on his way to another pro bowl as he currently tied for 2nd in TD receptions with 7 through 7 games. Buddee has the cowboys firing on all cylinders in the GREEN ZONE ranking 3rd in Red zone efficiency in the NFL. Buddee has been taking care of the football on offense and taking the ball away on defense as his team is currently ranked 3rd in Turnover Differential in the NFL. Buddee has also been very busy on the phone with other GMs across the league as he has made a lot of moves to improve his roster acquiring Janoris Jenkins and Mark Barron from the Rams (Khaze) and Derrick Johnson from the Kansas City Chiefs (Chandler). Buddee is well on his way to making the playoffs again and as he will tell you, he’s been to the super bowl many times in the past.

Jabbo’s Take:  The phenomenon of Buddee’s regular season glory is continuing, with only 1 loss to Justino as of Week 7. Granted, he was gifted a Week 1 sim win vs Chino, who is also in contention for the NFC East title. He has a star studded team, but there are a number of users who may not allow his success to run too deep into the playoffs. Tripp, Mole, Chino, Henn, and especially myself all will have something to say about Buddee seeing a Super Bowl.

8.Oakland Raiders (Brandon) 5-1 (Previously 15th)


Pun’s Take: Brandon has made a case to be in the Top 10 as he started his Rookie season with WGL with a bang at 5-1. This is incredible as the Raiders has the 2nd worst passing attack in terms of yards gained and are middle of the pack in rushing yards gained. So whats behind the Raiders success? Brandon has the defense playing lights out as they are currently 3rd in the NFL in total yards allowed thanks to the best run defense in the league through week 6. The only question is, how will Brandon handle tougher competition and the pressure of the playoffs if his success continues?

Jabbo’s Take: Now listen, if this was about being an owner or making trades or even thinking logically or at least just saying words about football trades and decisions that make sense, the Raiders would be last. On the field though, the Raiders have been convincing after a good Preseason Prediction also. I said that the kid could play, and he has held that down for me so far. He currently has command in the AFC West. He’s played the CPU more than anybody, so it takes a little bit of credibility from his record.

9.Minnesota Vikings (Big Lloyd) 5-1 (Previously 27th)

Oct 13, 2013; Minneapolis, MN, USA; Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson (28) breaks the tackle of Carolina Panthers cornerback Melvin White (23) in the second quarter at Mall of America Field at H.H.H. Metrodome. Panthers win 35-10. Mandatory Credit: Bruce Kluckhohn-USA TODAY Sports

Pun’s Take: Big Lloyd is quietly having a great rookie season as well with WGL. Behind Adrian Peterson and a great defense he has began the season at 5-1. The Vikings defense through the first 6 weeks has allowed a stingy 69 points which is good enough to be 2nd in the NFL in terms of Points Allowed. Add in being 4th in the NFL in Red Zone efficiency and 3rd in the NFL in Turnover Differential and he is off to a great start to his rookie campaign.

Jabbo’s Take: Going top 10 from not mentioned at all? Not bad Big Lloyd. Solid defense mixed with Adrian Peterson is obviously a problem. But if you stop AP, will Lloyd’s offense fall apart?

10.Atlanta Falcons (Jon Spruill) 4-3 (Previously 19th)


Pun’s Take: A surprise in the top 10 is Jon Spruill, who has had some big victories on his way to starting the season 4-2 in defeating the Washington Redskins (Henn) and the New York Giants (Chino). Jon has his falcons playing stout defense and balanced on offense. Defensively, Pass has his players playing with a lot of confidence and as a result his safety Ishmael has been awarded NFC Defensive Player of the Week. The only concern is can Jon Spruill get his team over the hump and into the playoffs in a tough division and even tougher conference?

Jabbo’s Take: Pun is right, Spruill has taken down some good users early, and he most recently knocked down the next user on this list. He’s only a game behind in the NFC South. However 2k has been getting most of Pluto Nash’s attention recently, so we expect to see a sharp decline in his game.

  1. New York Giants (Chino) 4-3 (Previously 6th)

Pun’s Take: Chino has had one of the more disappointing starts to the season. Chino is a solid user with great defense and a balanced offense. It is only a matter of time before he gets the G-Men playing at a high level consistently. Chino has had a couple tough losses to the Atlanta Falcons and the Dallas Cowboys and it won’t get any easier as he is in a tough division and a tougher conference. Can Chino overcome this tough start to the season?

Jabbo’s Take: He promised us the NFC East and barely sitting at 4-3 is a huge step back from what we were supposed to see. We know what he said, but as for now it seems as if Chino has lied to us again. There is still another half of a season to be played though. Who knows what will happen, maybe he’ll start to click and finally tell the truth.

  1. Tennessee Titans (Pass) 4-2 (Previously 10th)

Pun’s Take: Pass has continued to have success and even with the Titans, who have one of the least talented rosters in the league, he has them 2nd in the AFC South. Pass is a solid balanced player who prides himself on his defense and it shows as he has the Titans defense ranked 4th in Turnover differential in the NFL. His star cornerback Jason McCourty is currently leading the NFL in INTs with 7. Pass definitely has his Titans playing at a high level, but ultimately his success will depend on the progression of rookie quarterback Marcus Mariota, who has shown a lot of promise, but needs to be more consistent. Pass should be a playoff contender, the real question is will he be able to take the AFC South title or will he have to settle with a wildcard slot?

Jabbo’s Take: Pass is a good user, but often finds himself on the sour end of things to close to season. If he can keep up steam and limit his casualties going forward he will still have to battle Pun for a playoff stop. In an AFC that lacks a lot of top heavy winners, Pass will probably be there in the end, but he looks good in midseason form. His press man defense can be beat with talented wide receivers, but can other users make waste of it every week until it’s too late?

  1. Kansas City Chiefs (Chandler) 4-3 (Previously 12th)

Pun’s Take: Chandler has a solid start to the season, but like his internet connection, has had some consistency issues. Furthermore, Alex Smith needs to become more consistent as he had a nice start to the season, but recently has fallen off now with a QBR of 83.4, thrown for 1588 yards, and 15 TDs to 12 INTs. There has also been some questionable moves from the Chandler trading away star Linebackers Tamba Hail and Derrick Johnson. It will be interesting to see if Chandler gets over the hump and takes the AFC West.

Jabbo’s Take: The kid is over .500 and is fighting for an AFC Wildcard spot. Just behind the Raiders, Chandler is seeing a pretty easy schedule. That’s something he will admit. His biggest tests will be in his own division, fighting to take the AFC West from the grasps of the Raiders. Can he? Well, after some of his trades the crowds may disagree, but I expect to see these Chiefs in the AFC Wild Card.

  1. Washington Redskins (Henn) 3-4 (Previously 4th)

Pun’s Take: A regular to the top 10 is Henn, but he is falling from grace QUICKLY. This year he is taking on a tougher task by taking ownership of the Washington Redskins and with a 3-4 start to the season, it has definitely been challenging for Henn to get on a rhythm. Henn has been trying to find starting QB for the future, but has still managed to maintain offensive efficiency in the red zone ranking 2nd in the NFL. Henn has also been very active making roster moves to get players to fit his scheme. One blockbuster trade was the one where he acquired Golden Tate from the Lions (RyteonQ). Henn will only continue to grow with this roster and definitely be in the mix for the NFC East title.

Jabbo’s Take: We have all seen Henn bounce back from adversity with teams before, but it has never seemed this bad. It looks as if every week we expect him to pop up and return to form, but every week he gets knocked down or has too close of a call with a mediocre opponent. I do think he will find it, I’m just not sure when. He was the clear favorite to take the NFC East from a promising Chino & Buddee, but with Buddee in 1st place and Henn in 3rd, nobody is quite sure if this Redskins team has the heart to pull through late in the season.

  1. Green Bay Packers (Evan) 4-2 (Previously Unranked)

Jabbo’s Take: This Packers team is being slept on.. It’s 3 points away from a huge upset victory over Mole’s Seahawks, and that would make them 5-1. It is an impressive Freshman year, but will it continue moving forward? I’m not sure. I’m definitely looking forward to the Packers vs Seahawks matchup we might catch if this team makes a Wild Card spot. Or if this team knocks Big Lloyd’s Vikings off their high horse and takes the North. Let’s watch and see.

  1. Carolina Panthers (Rahmels Unk) 3-3 (Previously unranked)

Pun’s Take: BOSSHOGTOPDOG has recently taken over his beloved Panthers and has wasted no time in making a statement with an impressive victory over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers (Jabbo). His read-option scheme, however will can only take this team so far. Will the coach and Madden veteran be able to add to his offensive scheme to threaten for the NFC South title?

Jabbo’s Take: This old man whipped my ass. He ran a veer option cycle like Remember The Titans, and we couldn’t do anything about it. So moving forward, other teams will probably have to adjust to this accordingly. Uncle Hog will have to open up his playbook to move forward in the NFC South, but he already has a win against the expected Champ.

  1. Indianapolis Colts (JayNasty) 4-3 (Previously 20th)

Pun’s Take: JayNasty has had a nice start to his season. JayNasty made a BLOCKBUSTER trade to obtain Todd Gurley and has NOT looked back. Behind Gurley, the Colts have the NFL’s 3rd highest rushing attack in terms of yards gained through 7 weeks. With that said, the Colts currently have a very balanced attack as they are 4th in the NFL in passing TDs with 19 through 7 games. Can this offense be enough to get the Colts back into the playoffs?

Jabbo’s Take: He’s over .500 but stuck in a division behind the Jaguars and the Titans. Jay needs to climb up a notch (or two) to contend. I believe in you Coach Jay.

  1. Cleveland Browns (Duggus) 4-3 (Previously Unranked)

Jabbo’s Take: Please don’t ask me how this happened. I don’t know. However, this is the same Duggus who made the playoffs Season 1 of Madden 15. It is also Duggus who made a guy quit the league in Season 2. So, as much as I want to be surprised, I think we may have all forgot that he just had it in him. Soon as he gets past all those dial-up noises his playstation has to make to get online, he might, somehow, possibly, win the AFC North? I can’t believe I’m saying this. Oh, and he beat Rah.

  1. Buffalo Bills (Ross) 3-3 (Previously 18th)

Pun’s Take: Ross has had some success to begin the season. Offensively, it is all about Shady McCoy as he leads the team in receptions through 7 weeks with 35. Ross also has his team playing disciplined football as they are ranked 2nd in the NFL in least penalized teams. Ross is off to a good start, but will need to play more consistent football to get his team over the hump.

Jabbo’s Take: I’m impressed because Ross has switched up his game from his usual ways. McCoy being a leading receiver is either screen/flat abuse, or it’s an inability to read the field and forcing the check down often. As the season goes on we will see if this offense can hold up.

  1. Cincinnati Bengals (Juice) 2-4 (Previously 32nd)

Pun’s Take: Juice was off to a decent start this season and is now starting to see the AFC North title slip away. This is partly due to his pass happy offense. The Bengals passing attack is all they got going on offensively in Cincy as they have the 4th lowest rushing attack in the NFL in terms of yards gained. All this while switching starting quarterbacks, as Philip Rivers is now the signal caller for the Bengals. Philip Rivers is 2nd in the NFL in Interceptions thrown with 20 through 7 games. If Juice wants to contend for the AFC North, he will need to protect the football.

Jabbo’s Take:  20 Interceptions in 7 games is unacceptable and I’m mad that I have to write about it.





The following players are still trying to figure things out this year. There are a few surprises here because of the success some of the players have had in Madden 15, but they have struggled to adjust to the new game this year. If these players want more than just a participation medal they must improve their game. Fortunately for them and all players in this list, it is still early in the season and with some time in the lab they most definitely will find their identity and improve. One thing is clear this year and that is that this league has been very competitive to start the season and it shows as there are a lot of teams around the .500 mark.

Detroit Lions (RyteOnQ) 21st

Baltimore Pigeons (Rah) 22nd

Houston Texans (TonygetDubs) 23rd

Philadelphia Eagles (Endokron) 24th

Denver Broncos (Danny) 25th

New Orleans Saints (RoddyDowneyJR) 26th

San Diego Chargers (DJ) 27th

St. Louis Rams (Khaze) 28th

Chicago Bears (“Legend”) 29th

San Francisco 49ers (Pacman) 30th

Miami Dolphins (Musik) 31st

Pittsburgh Steelers (Owen) 32nd

Best Players. Best Leagues. Greatest Competition In the World

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