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MADDEN LEAGUE MEMBERS: WGL Madden Leagues Need to Know Guide

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THE TIME IS HERE!!! With the patch dropping and rosters dropping on Friday, its time for the 2016 WGL Madden League Season to kick off !!! Here are a some need to know things before the season starts:

  • Leagues will begin either Friday September 10th or Saturday September 11th (Commish Decision)
  • Leagues will be on 48 hour advance.
  • Please schedule your games in Groupme DM so if a person misses a scheduled time or doesnt respond to you within 48 hours you can receive the AP. ( Without any proof the games will be a straight up sim)
  • This year  all AP games against the CPU will have to be twitched and no Supersim. This keeps the balance in the league and stats.
  • If a rule is broken the Sim To Win option will be used against you.
  • All games are encouraged to be twitched. Each league will have mandatory games that need to be twitched for Game of the Week, Rivalry Games,etc. (Commish Decision)


Beginning of the Leagues

  • Each league will vote on playing preseason games and how long each advance between preseason games.
  • Because of the way CFM is setup this year, the CPU will make cuts for your team before you enter. You are allowed to pick up only those players who were cut from your team that was on your initial roster at the start of the CFM. ( Players cut by your team before the roster update and league start in FA do not count.) This will be monitored by your commishes.
  • FREE AGENCY IS NOT OPEN INITIALLY. Each league will do a FA draft using the reverse order (32-1) of the team selection draft order. Each user will be allowed to pick one player. After the 32 users pick FA will be open. This will be monitored by commishes.
  • Their are no trade rules or vetos you are able to trade however you want.


  • Offseason week advances (Resign, FA Weeks,Scouting Week) will have a advance schedule determined by your commishes.
  • Draft date and time will be voted on by the users in the league. Commishes will give a few dates and the date with the highest amount of votes will be when it takes place.
  • Start of the every season after the first, all FA dealings and  decisions on playing preseason games will be handled by the commishes. Whether its a vote within the league or just a commish decision will be handled within just the league.

League Rules

League rules are in place to keep the league integrity intact. Whether its Sim or Freestyle that you are in please make sure you know the rules. The CFM Rules are for all leagues, make sure you know those as well. Below is a link to all the rules in a downloadable document and where it is located on the site:




End of the Year Tournament

Each leagues commish will tally up records and accomplishments (big game wins, rivalry wins, beating a higher in seaon ranked opponent,etc.) for seeding in our end of the year tourney. For more info on the tourney check it out here.


To all users new and old, get ready for a fun action packed year of Madden with WGL. Good luck to everyone on their quest for SB rings and a spot to determine the Madden 16 WGL Champ!!!

Best Players. Best Leagues. Greatest Competition In the World

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