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CALLING ALL NBA 2K16 PLAYERS : A Message From the Head Commishes of NBA 2K16 at WGL

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Welcome to WGL’s 2k community. We run active, competitive and long lasting online associations, on XB1 and PS4. I, myself. Go by Chef, I oversee the 2k division of WGL with my brother Solomon. We have 2 kinds of leagues to offer you this year for NBA 2k16(regular and Fantasy Draft). All leagues are 56 games(meaning you play each team twice), 7 minute quarters, Hall of Fame and simulation sliders. Our leagues are very active. So we ask if you sign up, that you be able to play 7 games a week minimum. There’s no max, play as much as you want. But minimum 7 games a week. We Look forward to playing with you guys. Sign up and bring your A game!! – @ChefWaites



You ever watch your favorite NBA team(s) play on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday and think to yourself, “Man, if I could put my favorite PG on a team with my favorite PF, it’d be magical”? Well, THIS is the league for you. The Fantasy leagues gives you simulation style basketball with a fantasy draft twist. Put together a team of players from your favorite college/alma mater or take players from your favorite NBA team and mix them with your favorites from others.

This will be the 1st year, on next gen, that we run Fantasy leagues on NBA2k16 and we plan on making it competitive, fun, and as close to NBA play style as possible. Looking forward to competing and watching you guys compete on the virtual hardwood on this year’s edition of NBA2k. -@SonofSolomon




Best Players. Best Leagues. Greatest Competition In the World

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