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Street Fighter V New Battle System

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Today, a trailer and many details for the new Battle System in Street Fighter V dropped and I must say it looks very interesting.

We call this new addition the “V-System” which consists of the V-Skill, V -Trigger and V-Reversal which all can be used based on how full your V-Gauge is.

The V-Gauge fills as you take damage, very similar to the Ultra Combo meter in Street Fighter IV.



V-Skills are character specific moves that can be activated at anytime by pressing MP + MK and do not use any V-Gauge. These skills could make your character move faster, deal more damage or take less. It all depends on who your pick


V-Triggers are unique abilities that use the entire V-Gauge. Activating the V-Trigger, which “allows access to a characters full potential”. They are made as comeback mechanics similar to Ultra Combos HOWEVER they will not be like Ultra Combos.


V-Reversals are unique counterattacks that use one stock of the V-Gauge. Similar to “Alpha Counters” from the Street Fighter Alpha series


Critical Arts are the new Super/Hyper Combo system in Street Fighter V. Very Cool, Very Beautiful, Very Deadly.

Stay Tuned to WeGotLeagues.com for more info!

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