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The Shoot with Hacksaw Duggus: WGLWWE Season Two Preview

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“This ain’t no time for actin’, this ain’t no time for games, this ain’t no time for uncertainty”
What a debut season! First and foremost on behalf of everyone at WGLWWE, I deeply thank you all for tuning in, and making this debut season as great as it was, and MAN what a WrestleMania!  It was an event for the ages that you can tune into anytime via our twitch archives located on the WGLWWE twitter page, but with the dust beginning to settle it is time to move on from WrestleMania, and look ahead to season 2!
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Alex Perez is STILL your WGLWWE World Heavyweight Champion after miraculously finding a way to beat his former Bullet Club members Hunter Sullivan and Peign, in what many consider one of the greatest triple threat matches in history. Now that he’s conquered his former brothers, what is next for the champ? How will he reshape, and create bullet club 2.0? He’s already recruited a new member in up and coming prospect Byson, will he find a 4th member to join him along with Joe west? Speaking of Joe, with his lost to Shadow Ninja at WrestleMania what’s next for Joe? Will he ever decide that a title is more important than a club and challenge for the world title?
As for the challengers how will the two fare now that they’re no longer apart of the club? With Hunter, this could be a blessing considering he was very unsuccessful while with the Bullet Club, and seems to be much better suited as a lone wolf. Peign however has achieved most of success as a member of the Bullet Club. Now that he has no club behind him, and no one in the locker room trusting him, Will he thrive? Will him and Hunter potentially come together with no one else to turn too?
With the Bullet Club rebuilding it’s time for some shakeups to happen. The question is who’s next? There are tons of superstars who can take that next step including long reigning Intercontinental Champion Shadow Ninja. You have to wonder at some point does he get tired of carrying the white and gold strap, and decide it’s time to sink or swim and go for the most prestigious title in the business? Will someone else step up and take Shadows spot as the number one guy in the mid-card scene?? You can surely look at guys such as Gannon, who gained a lot of attention after his dramatic, and phenomenal WrestleMania performance against The Undertaker.
What about the U.S. Champion Dangerous David? The U.S. Title was introduced as a way to establish your name while moving up the ranks. After a couple of solid title defenses will he seek his way up the ladder? Will someone else rise from the ranks of the unknowns? Will we see newcomers who cause havoc on the current roster? There are so many questions that can be answered, and so many questions that have yet to be asked.  You get the sense that season 2 is the start of a new day here in WGLWWE. The powers that be are always looking over but with changes abound, teams breaking up, new teams forming the possibility of a potential tag team title division abound, who will emerge victorious as we stroll through season two? Who will be Mr. Money in The Bank? Who will win the chamber? How soon will we see title changes? All these questions and more will be answered soon enough.
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